Grey and gloomy Saturday? Us tea aficionados know that means it’s time to relax and try out DavidsTea’s new fall collection! I’m brewing some Persian Apple right now, but meanwhile here’s another review to keep you going.

The Earl of Lemon (White bai mu dan tea, Green tea, lemon peel, freeze-dried yogurt, marigold blossoms, natural flavouring): ***

I find these twists on the classic Earl Grey rather interesting. Instead of channelling bergamot, the Earl of Lemon takes advantage of the lighter and subtler flavours of white tea to channel lemon. The end result is rather like a lemon cream cookie; it doesn’t pack the punch of true lemon oil essence, but gives a mild and pleasant creamy lemon flavour. While lacking in pizzazz and in memorability, it’s not a bad way to wind up a stressful weekday.

Mini lemon cheesecakes with almond bases! The three with strawberries on them also have Earl Grey in them. Hopefully they taste good! #food (Stuck the recipe under the cut since I sorta merged three together and modified them a little bit.)

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anonymous asked:

What brand of greean tea do you always drink?

I usually go for Twinings (pure, earl grey, or lemon) and Lipton. But there was this tea from Japan that I really, really, really love. I just wasn’t able to ask our host family what brand it was. :<

Earl Grey Lemon Cheesecake (vegan, gluten free, raw)
By @glutenfreeveganpantry
Crust: 1 cup almonds & 1 cup medjool dates
Filling: 1 ½ cup cashews (soak 4-6 hours or for 20 min in boiling water), ½ cup coconut cream, ½ cup raw honey or agave, ¼ cup virgin coconut oil melted, ¼ cup fresh lemon juice, 1 tsp lemon zest, 3 tsp earl grey tea leaves
Garnish: ¾ cup blue berries
Crust: Add dates and almonds to food processor and process for 1-2 min until chunky dough forms, press the dough together with your fingers, if it doesn’t stick together because t is too dry add more dates, if too sticky add more almonds, firmly press crust to the bottom of your baking dish with your fingers or back of a spoon, ensure that it is packed evenly around the entire dish.
Cheesecake: Add cheesecake ingredients into a food processor and process on high until smooth and creamy, pour half of the batter over your prepared crust, tap the dish a few times to remove any hidden bubbles, to the remaining half of the batter add earl grey tea leaves and blend for one more minute, gently pour the earl grey batter over the lemon batter, careful not to mix the layers, garnish with blue berries, put in the freezer for 2 hours, let it sit on the counter for 20 min to soften, enjoy!!!

So my knee is getting better. I’m making a bunch of things for my birthday right now. I’m having a party at the arcade I’m working at, and I’m bring a lot of food. I’m making cupcakes right now. In addition to my usual vanilla, chocolate, earl grey with lemon curd, and nutella, I was going to add a matcha and red bean, and a chocolate coffee.