earl vincent phantomhive

Is Undertaker a former French reaper?

Ah! It just dawned on me! We’ve been assuming that Undertaker was from the London office, but what if he was from, say, the Paris office or something?

We have yet to hear his voice when he drops the funeral director act. As the funeral director, he speaks in a Londoner cockney accent, but once he reveals himself to be a former reaper? His voice, accent, and dialect change… But to what? He’s not speaking French to the earl or Sebastian (yet), but he recently went to France for some business he needed to attend to, according to Diedrich. You just know Undertaker expected Diedrich to blab (to the earl) about his visit to France….

Also consider what many of us have already pointed out: Vincent, Ciel, and Frances are all French names….

This would explain why Grell doesn’t recognize Undertaker, even though their reaper timelines cross….

Another reason I’m so excited about Book of the Atlantic. We will finally hear Undertaker’s other voice….

Vol XXII. Ch105. (Sob!) This scene kills me. This is actually the first I’m seeing of the official translation of this chapter. Interesting wording: “Poor thing. He burned down to the marrow of his bones.” “With that manner of death, he could no longer…” No longer what? No longer be revived? Reanimated?

And instead of “The earl of Phantomhive… is still with us…” It’s officially “‘Earl Phantomhive’… He… still lives….” Lives?!? Idk about living, but….