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Get to know me meme: [1/5] antagonists - Millennium Earl (D.Gray-Man)

“I’m creating Akuma for people’s own sake. It’s so ugly, isn’t it? This symbolises a person’s suffering in their heart. You think an Akuma is simply a weapon I create, but an Akuma is made from a person’s heart. ♥”

I was curious enough about what was going on those 4 spoiler pages to try translate them best I could (with what little knowledge I have) so my attempts made at 6 AM is under the cut for spoilers

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a-ravenclaw-marauder  asked:

Hi! Um, can I ask for a headcanon where everyone, even Rai, takes care of Franken after a fight? I mean, Frankenstein takes care of everyone even when he's literally dripping blood himself. It would be nice to have someone take care of him once in a while :3

Hi there :)

Thanks for asking, buuut… I’m kinda crap at character characterization and making headcanons, so you might want to ask some fans who actually write Frankenstein, since they might have a better grasp on his characterization, sorry.

Since I assume you are looking for some fluff stuff, who says they’re not already taking care of him? He doesn’t really need to be dying for the others to take care of him. It can be little things, like Seira bringing him a cup of coffee when he’s busy working on his projects, or Tao doing some of the school paperwork for him so he could spend more time with Rai, or… I’m out of ideas, but you get the point.

PS: I think there was this one fic, whose title escapes me right now because my brain is currently functioning on 2h of sleep and 6 coffees, where Raizel actually takes care of Frankenstein. Frankenstein overworks himself, so Rai has to intervene, grounds him, forbidding him from doing any chores for a while, and takes care of him. Broken Plates was the title??? Broken Cups? Maybe??? I dunno. It was Broken something, for sure, I’ll update the post with a link when I’ll remember.


Needing to chill from college so badly so made some horrible edits of how– perhaps, Bad!Orl would look like. Now I think I’m ready for a round 2.

I miss you, sweeties. I’ll be back next Weed-nes-day, I swear.



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