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sun + moon combos and songs they remind me of ♡♡

(this is entirely based on my opinion and my own music taste so im sorry if u dont “relate” to your song or whatever)


aries sun, aries moon: xxx / kendrick lamar

aries sun, taurus moon: slater / tyler the creator

aries sun, gemini moon: sheezus / lily allen

aries sun, cancer moon: keep da o’s / tyler the creator

aries sun, leo moon: i aint got time! / tyler the creator

aries sun, virgo moon: aint it funny / danny brown

aries sun, libra moon: destinado a morir / miguel

aries sun, scorpio moon: gummy / brockhampton

aries sun, sagittarius moon: ifhy / tyler the creator

aries sun, capricorn moon: black skinhead / kanye west

aries sun, aquarius moon: the hills / the weeknd

aries sun, pisces moon: left hand free / alt-j


taurus sun, aries moon: hate it or love it / the game

taurus sun, taurus moon: wake and bake / fleece

taurus sun, gemini moon: gorgeous / kanye west

taurus sun, cancer moon: my kind of woman / mac de marco 

taurus sun, leo moon: loyalty / kendrick lamar ft rihanna

taurus sun, virgo moon: partyisntover / tyler, the creator

taurus sun, libra moon: chanel / frank ocean

taurus sun, scorpio moon: arabella / arctic monkeys

taurus sun, sagittarius moon: bad and boujee / migos

taurus sun, capricorn moon: fitzpleasure / alt-j

taurus sun, aquarius moon: from the dining table / harry styles

taurus sun, pisces moon: parking lot / tyler, the creator


gemini sun, aries moon: dna / kendrick lamar

gemini sun, taurus moon: goodbye weekend / mac demarco

gemini sun, gemini moon: super rich kids / frank ocean

gemini sun, cancer moon: air balloon / lily allen

gemini sun, leo moon: waves / miguel

gemini sun, virgo moon: bagbak / vince staples

gemini sun, libra moon: ryd / steve lacy

gemini sun, scorpio moon: boredom / tyler, the creator

gemini sun, sagittarius moon: enjoy right now, today / tyler, the creator

gemini sun, capricorn moon: element / kendrick lamar

gemini sun, aquarius moon: duckworth / kendrick lamar

gemini sun, pisces moon: dance in the water / danny brown


cancer sun, aries moon: beach house / duckwrth

cancer sun, taurus moon: answer / tyler the creator

cancer sun, gemini moon: sweet life / frank ocean

cancer sun, cancer moon: riptide / vance joy

cancer sun, leo moon: turf / aminé

cancer sun, virgo moon: her / tyler the creator

cancer sun, libra moon: in your eyes / badbadnotgood

cancer sun, scorpio moon: summertime / vince staples

cancer sun, sagittarius moon: it was a good day / ice cube

cancer sun, capricorn moon: fish / tyler the creator

cancer sun, aquarius moon: ispy / kyle

cancer sun, pisces moon: good guy / frank ocean


leo sun, aries moon:  surfin / kid cudi

leo sun, taurus moon: norf norf / vince staples

leo sun, gemini moon: rare panther / duckwrth

leo sun, cancer moon: summer / brockhampton

leo sun, leo moon: runner / kevin abstract

leo sun, virgo moon: new workout plan / kanye west

leo sun, libra moon: im dead / duckwrth

leo sun, scorpio moon: monster / kanye west

leo sun, sagittarius moon: king kunta / kendrick lamar

leo sun, capricorn moon: power / kanye west

leo sun, aquarius moon: ruff ryders anthem / dmx

leo sun, pisces moon: hollywood dreams / miguel


virgo sun, aries moon: swamp / brockhampton

virgo sun, taurus moon: thangs / steve lacy

virgo sun, gemini moon: devil in a new dress / kanye west

virgo sun, cancer moon: caroline / aminé

virgo sun, leo moon: doves in the wind / sza

virgo sun, virgo moon: okaga,ca / tyler the creator

virgo sun, libra moon: only girl / kali uchis

virgo sun, scorpio moon: awkward / tyler the creator

virgo sun, sagittarius moon: paranoid / kanye west

virgo sun, capricorn moon: i / kendrick lamar

virgo sun, aquarius moon: what you know / two door cinema club

virgo sun, pisces moon: cowboy / tyler the creator


libra sun, aries moon: 911 / tyler, the creator

libra sun, taurus moon: to binge / gorillaz

libra sun, gemini moon: love lockdown / kanye west

libra sun, cancer moon: pink + white / frank ocean

libra sun, leo moon: tyrant / kali uchis

libra sun, virgo moon: ivy / frank ocean

libra sun, libra moon: lowridr / duckwrth

libra sun, scorpio moon: love galore / sza

libra sun, sagittarius moon: back pocket / vulfpeck

libra sun, capricorn moon: sweatpants / childish gambino

libra sun, aquarius moon: undercover martyn / two door cinema club

libra sun, pisces moon: american boyfriend / kevin abstract


scorpio sun, aries moon: dark red / steve lacy

scorpio sun, taurus moon: nights / frank ocean

scorpio sun, gemini moon: hive / earl sweatshirt

scorpio sun, cancer moon: thinkin bout you / frank ocean

scorpio sun, leo moon: better things / a$ap rocky

scorpio sun, virgo moon: loco / vince staples

scorpio sun, libra moon: fwu / partynextdoor

scorpio sun, scorpio moon: do i wanna know / arctic monkeys

scorpio sun, sagittarius moon: woman / harry styles

scorpio sun, capricorn moon: pothole / tyler the creator

scorpio sun, aquarius moon: electric feel / mgmt

scorpio sun, pisces moon: sunday / earl sweatshirt


sagittarius sun, aries moon: glitter / tyler, the creator

sagittarius sun, taurus moon: borders / m.i.a.

sagittarius sun, gemini moon: backseat freestyle / kendrick lamar

sagittarius sun, cancer moon: pilot / tyler the creator

sagittarius sun, leo moon: come around / m.i.a.

sagittarius sun, virgo moon: chick / brockhampton

sagittarius sun, libra moon: gamba / brockhampton

sagittarius sun, scorpio moon: the valley / miguel

sagittarius sun, sagittarius moon: hell of a life / kanye west

sagittarius sun, capricorn moon: feel good inc / gorillaz

sagittarius sun, aquarius moon: fluorescent adolescent / arctic monkeys

sagittarius sun, pisces moon: lost / danny brown


capricorn sun, aries moon: clint eastwood / gorillaz

capricorn sun, taurus moon: really doe / danny brown

capricorn sun, gemini moon: new person,same old mistakes / rihanna

capricorn sun, cancer moon: famous / kanye west

capricorn sun, leo moon: queer / brockhampton

capricorn sun, virgo moon: i will / danny brown

capricorn sun, libra moon: pink matter / frank ocean

capricorn sun, scorpio moon: fight / brockhampton

capricorn sun, sagittarius moon: humble / kendrick lamar

capricorn sun, capricorn moon: tell me what i dont know / danny brown

capricorn sun, aquarius moon: congratulations / post malone

capricorn sun, pisces moon: smuckers / tyler the creator


aquarius sun, aries moon:  alive / kid cudi

aquarius sun, taurus moon: solitude is bliss / tame impala

aquarius sun, gemini moon: school spirit / kanye west

aquarius sun, cancer moon: computerized emotion / yeek

aquarius sun, leo moon: deadcrush / alt-j

aquarius sun, virgo moon: rhinestone eyes / gorillaz

aquarius sun, libra moon:  ascension / gorillaz

aquarius sun, scorpio moon: sweet / brockhampton

aquarius sun, sagittarius moon: pursuit of happiness / kid cudi

aquarius sun, capricorn moon: 2seater / tyler the creator

aquarius sun, aquarius moon: loser / beck

aquarius sun, pisces moon: crack rock / frank ocean


pisces sun, aries moon: consideration / rihanna

pisces sun, taurus moon: find your wings / tyler the creator

pisces sun, gemini moon: sunny / brockhampton

pisces sun, cancer moon: drew barrymore / sza

pisces sun, leo moon: feels like we only go backwards / tame impala

pisces sun, virgo moon: empty / kevin abstract

pisces sun, libra moon:  pink toes / childish gambino

pisces sun, scorpio moon: where this flower blooms / tyler, the creator

pisces sun, sagittarius moon: xo tour lif3 / lil uzi vert

pisces sun, capricorn moon: breezeblocks / alt-j

pisces sun, aquarius moon: go gina / sza

pisces sun, pisces moon: bad religion / frank ocean


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