Naruto Hip-Hop Crossover [Group1]

Cole Uzumaki x Kendrick Uchiha x Ross Akimichi x Bino of the Sand x Earl Nara x ASAP Rock Lee x Dre Sarutobi x Parappa Hatake x Hopsin Hyuuga x Lupe Aburame

Purchase prints here: https://society6.com/robopeezy (Characters will be updated periodically. Message me if needed.) 

Artist: dotnova 

  • Solace
  • Earl Sweatshirt

“Time waits for no man, and death waits with cold hands, I’m the youngest old man that you know, If your soul in tact let me know…”

Favourite track of 2015 so far. Brutally honest rhymes over hauntingly beautiful beats. A pure representation of artistic expression in moments of the deepest pain.