earl strickland

So I kind of plotted this out several weeks ago, when I promised @marswithghosts a fic about rimming. It’s high time I kept that promise, don’t you think? It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything so I’m a bit rusty, and this is my first time dipping my toe into the Zimbits fic pool, so apologies in advance. Set back around 3.6 before Jack and Bitty came out to the Haus bros.

Oh, and inspired by this post by @ziimbits because I thought the exact same thing.

Characters belong to the incomparable Ngozi, I am only playing in the sand box.

NSFW under the cut, because rimming. Enjoy!

“Oh, my gosh, Jack! This place is gorgeous!

Jack felt almost shy as he held the apartment door open for Bitty, but found himself enjoying how his eyes were wide and aglow with excitement as he walked in and looked around. This was his first time visiting since Jack moved in, and he was both anxious for Bitty’s approval and eager to finally have him all to himself with no chance of being interrupted or discovered. The sweet scent of apples and honey reached him, and Jack felt something inside of him release and slide into place. For maybe the first time, the new apartment felt like home, rather than just a place he was staying.

Bitty was spinning around, wide-eyed, looking awed and still chattering away. “You sent me pictures but they didn’t do any justice! There’s so much space! I love what you’ve done to it! Oh, and just look at that kitchen!”

Jack chuckled as he took Bitty’s overnight bag off his shoulder and carried it towards his (their!) bedroom. “Haha, yeah, I kind of figured that would get your particular attention,” he answered as he started unpacking the bag and putting everything away in the areas he’d designated especially for Bitty when he came to stay. “We haven’t seen each other except for Skype for weeks now and I think you’re more excited about seeing my kitchen than you are about seeing me. I’m almost jealous!” Jack smiled when he heard Bitty snort delicately from the living room.

“I’ll have you know, Mr. Zimmermann, that I am plenty excited to see y– oh my gosh, is that a pool table? Jack! I didn’t know you played!” Bitty called back, sounding even more enthusiastic than before. Jack shook his head fondly as he finished putting Bitty’s clothes in the top drawer and stored his duffle bag in the closet.

"I play a little,“ Jack replied as he placed an extra toothbrush for Bitty next to his own in the holder, a keen sense of pleased satisfaction sweeping through him at the simple act. "Dad met Earl Strickland years ago when they were both doing work for the same charity and they became pretty good friends. He would visit sometimes and they would play together. I picked up on a few things.”

“Why am I even surprised, of course you learned from pool royalty,” Bitty retorted, sounding somewhat fainter than before. “I always liked playing pool growing up. Coach taught me when I was little. For the longest time we had to drive practically to Athens to go to a decent billiard hall, but a few years ago they finally opened a place closer to Madison.” Jack heard the sound of the cue rack cabinet being opened and closed again, followed by the pool balls being racked. Bitty’s things were put away and he’d been apart from his boyfriend long enough, so he quickly went to rejoin him. A game of pool might be fun, after all, and they could figure out what they wanted to do for dinner.

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