earl sigvard



The character Lagertha is fantastic, in so many ways. It’s no secret to anyone that she’s a total bad-ass! The best of the shield-maidens we get to see.

Lagertha is such an inspirational figure, it’s so amazing to see such a powerful, strong minded and a ‘take no shit’ female character. When she left Ragnar and became an abused wife to Earl Sigvard you could half expect Ragnar or Bjorn to come to her aid and rescue her killing Sigvard. Instead we got to see Lagertha take care of buisness herself.

We always here about the man who made himself king from a farmer, but what about the woman who made herself Earl from farmers wife?

She’s such a strong figure who will stand tall against anyone, even Ragnar! She’s exactly what females needed, it’s great to see such a strong female figure and role model for so many!