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Ariana Dancu // (insp.)


Walt Disney Library Sign-Out Cards (1943-85)

This is an interesting group of ‘behind the scenes’ items: Original library cards from the Disney Studio library featuring signatures from many of the legendary Disney animators.

Among the names included are Ken Anderson, Ollie Johnston, Milt Kahl, Marc Davis, Eric Larson, Ward Kimball, John Lounsbery, Roy Disney, Ben Sharpsteen, Dick Huemer, James Algar, Iwao Takamoto, Sam McKim, Roy Williams, Dick Kinney, Bill Justice, Bob Moore, Art Riley, Eyvind Earle, Harry Tytla, Ralph Hulett, Marty Skylar, and many more.



Channing Tatum - 1980 * Giancarlo Esposito - 1958 * Jason Earles - 1977 * Jemima Kirke - 1985 * Jet Li - 1963 * Jordana Brewster - 1980 * Kevin James - 1965 * Riley Voelkel - 1990 * Stana Katic - 1978 * Tom Welling - 1977