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The Characters of Night Vale, as explained by Troubled Birds

[image description note: all images are from The Minced Mockingbird’s Guide to Troubled Birds, and feature realistically painted birds on top of classical wall paper, with paper quotes on top. Image descriptions have the quote. I’d put what kind of bird it is as well, except I’m horrible with birds. Sorry!]


[image description: I had on my prettiest dress and he never even looked at it. “For God’s sake!” That’s all I could think of to say.]


[image description: The risk I took was calculated, but man, am I bad at math.]


[image description: Your eyes look tasty.]

Steve Carlsburg:

[image description: The ability to remain sober and gracious is, indeed, a form of mild insanity.]


[image description: Dealing with you is like herding cats.]

The City Council:

[image description: The drinks came. I wasn’t about to be sobered by anything like regret.]

Station Management: 

[image description: My mating dance is mostly seizures.]

Tamika Flynn: 

[image description: I’m three ounces of whoop-ass.]


[image description: Foie gras this, motherfucker!]

Jackie Fiero:

[image description: That’s a crazy idea. Insane. It doesn’t make sense. “You’ll do it?” “Of course,” I replied.]

Diane Crayton:

[image description: He told me that I would never forget him, as long as the two of us would live. His eyes demanded an answer. I had to overcome my desire to laugh.]


[image description: He gave them the heebie-jeebies. He had nothing else to give.]

The Man in the Tan Jacket:

[image description: Finally he gathered himself together and spoke. “What the hell?”]


[image description: “This is wonderful!” “This is going to be fine!” “I love this!” I was soon to change my mind, however.]


[image description: A meat cleaver, he thought. “Oh my God!” “Oh my God!” “Oh my God!”]

So, sometimes I wonder about Earl Harlan being like. A little bit bitter that Cecil chose Carlos. Like, he kinda avoids them, and then is actually kinda happy when Carlos goes to the Desert Otherworld, but hasn’t actually MET him until that one particular Thanksgiving, where he’s like “aw, yeah, I’m gonna tell this guy what for, he’s probably a total jerk and I hate him!”

And then he actually MEETS Carlos, and Carlos is super happy to meet him, like “Cecil told me all about you I’m so excited to meet you!! You’re like, a food scientist, and that’s so cool!!” And just generally being the ball of awesome and dorky he is, and being really sweet and affectionate to Cecil when he thinks people aren’t looking.

And Earl is just absolutely shellshocked by this and almost immediately is like “omg I was so wrong this man is the nicest and sweetest cinnamon roll to exist I can’t hate this guy and that isn’t fair.”


I’m also rather sad that Cecil and Earl were the kind of friends you’d say were ‘joined at the hip’ and now Cecil doesn’t remember. When people say that, they mean these two friends never go anywhere without each other. If you see them alone, you ask one where the other is and they would be able to tell you. They stay over at each others houses so frequently that they may as well live in each others homes. They tell each other secrets they wouldn’t tell their own families. They share powerful platonic feeling that may bloom into romantic feelings. 

But now Cecil remembers nothing. The friendship was cut short not because they ceased to feel close, but because something strange pulled them apart.

They could have had something.

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Cecil smiles nervously at Earl across the fake wood tabletop in the Barista District. “There’s so much I don’t remember,” he says, “like what we did on holiday that time your parents took us to…” his face displays confusion, “Florry-daw? Whatever. There was a beach. Not an ash beach like ours, one with sand and salt water and waves and people having fun.”

Earl smiles but manages still to look sad. He takes his friend’s hand across the table. “Ceece, it’s okay to forget things because some things are not worth remembering. There sure are things from that vacation that I want to forget.” He squeezes Cecil’s hand. “Besides, my parents took so many photographs it’s as if I have your memory from that week. I’ll bring them round if you like, show you and Carlos. Maybe you’ll remember some stuff.”

Cecil takes his hand back and laughs. “Oh! No. Carlos says he loves me for who I am, not who I was before we met. But,” Cecil looks into Earl’s evasive eyes, “come over anyway. He likes you as much as I do only he doesn’t know it yet.”

Earl catches Cecil’s steady gaze, grins and replies, “Okay! Tonight?”

I actualy have a progress
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I love this fandom with all my heart and I feel  sad because this fanbase is kinda ..dead?
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A Night Vale Theory

           So, I have a theory. While I listened to Welcome to Night Vale episode 78, I was intrigued when Cecil mentioned the fact that there was a steam locomotive in the back of Earl’s childhood photo. Thinking I might have been able to come up with an idea of exactly HOW old Cecil and Earl are I did a bit of research.

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