earl harlan

All the guest voices ever

in alphabetical order

Aliee Chan (Basimah Bishara) 

Annie Savage (Erika/Diane Crayton) 

Christopher Loar  (phone tree voice) 

Dan Bittner (Erika)

Desiree Burch (Pamela Winchell) 

Dylan Marron (Carlos)

Emma Frankland (Sheriff Sam) 

Erica Livingston (Maggie Pennebaker, phone tree voice) 

Felicia Day (Joanna Rey)

Flor de Liz Perez (Lacy from the water department) 

Hal Lublin (Steve Carlsberg/Erika) 

Jackson Publick  (Hiram McDaniels)

James Urbaniak (Leonard Burton) 

Jasika Nicole (Dana) 

Kate Jones (Michelle Nguyen) 

Kevin R. Free (Kevin)  

Lauren Sharpe (Lauren Mallard) 

Mara Wilson  (Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives in Your Home)

Marc Evan Jackson (Marcus Vanston)

Mark Gagliardi (John Peters, You Know, the Farmer)  

Maureen Johnson (Intern Maureen) 

Meg Bashwiner (Deb the sentient pyatch o’ haze)

Molly Quinn (Fey/Melony Pennington) 

Retta (Old Woman Josie) 

Symphony Sanders (Tamika Flynn) 

Thérèse Plummer (Erika)

Wil Wheaton (Earl Harlan) 

I’ve got something to say. Spew hate at me all you want, but at least hear me out first.

I’m frankly blindsided by the level of backlash WTNV and its writers have gotten for casting Will Wheaton, a straight actor, as Earl Harlan, a (most likely) bisexual character. I’ve read the posts about it, and some of the reasons people are upset over this are entirely understandable.

However, the level of vitrol contained in some of those posts is just too much. Some of you are acting like they killed a puppy right in front of you when all they did was cast an actor in a role. They are merely human beings. It isn’t their responsibility to be absolutely perfect in everything they do ever, nor should it be. Is it a little messed up? Sure, I can agree to that. Do they deserve to be hung by their toenails for it? Not so much.

Let me pose a hypothetical question. If you were casting someone in an acting role like this, and you had to choose between a gay/lesbian/bisexual/any other nonbinary sexuality actor/actress who couldn’t act themselves out of a paper bag, or a straight actor/actress who can act, has the type of voice that fits the sound you want the character to have, and has the benefit of being moderately famous, therefore bringing more attention to your work, who would you choose?


The Spooky Squad ft. Monopoly - based on this

Here we got Cecil narrating this whole disaster, Steve (who’s been in Jail the entire game because Cecil wont let him out and he’s just going along with it), Earl who is just having a hard time like always, Abby who is not good at accepting defeat, Janice and Roger who have dominated this game and kicked all the adults asses, and poor, poor Carlos… this has been going on for six hours… make it stop…



That one headcanon where pretty much everyone is an object head

*All canon things hold true in this headcanon*

*Psst- all characters are transparent and they have captions*

*Not an AU, not a TPOH crossover- just WTNV headcanons*

TL;DR Character Info (Will expand on when prompted)-

Cecil Gershwin Palmer: He is, as expected, an old radio mic. The model is unknown- Where does he come from? Regardless, he’s very content with his mellow voice.

Carlos the Scientist: GDI, Carlos! Yes, this outsider is actually human. He doesn’t need those crutches, since using crutches with that prosthetic arm is kind of hard. But he does like leaning on it and using it as his “scientific pointy stick. He lost his limbs in the name of science. It wasn’t in vain. Arm based on DARPA’s mind controlled prosthetics (2011 model), leg loosely based on Nike’s prosthetics.

Earl Harlan: Actually a bird cage. Very practical and nurturing of many different kinds of wildlife. He’s had many a bird nest in his head. Has issues with "letting go”.

Marcus Vansten: Yes, he is actually nude underneath that silk bathrobe. Like that goldfish in the fishbowl head of his, the outside world isn’t of much concern to him, unless it involves him.

Tamika Flynn: Your standard cute little bear trap…She will probably bring a rain of blood upon Strex. Probably.

Hiram McDaniels: Actually a five headed lamp  dragon. The purple head probably has a setting for “deep fry”. Or something.

Kevin (R. Free): Old school TV head, origins and models unknown. He doesn’t have much control of what he shows on his screen. Not really. Don’t ask questions that can’t be answered.

Steve Carlsberg: (What a jerk) Canon AE-1 film camera. Takes photos and journals…EVERYTHING. Mildly paranoid. Ugh, Look at that bathrobe over the t-shirt. Look at those socks worn with sandals.

Dio Strex: Dio, meaning god. A prismhead that filters and analyzes all information. Determined and self-reliant, hates interference. Actually really insecure and wishes to become the perfect… human.