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A Dozen Women Scientists You’ve Never Heard Of

Dr. Alice Hamilton: pioneer in industrial medicine in the U.S
Dr. Florence Rena Sabin: pioneer in the movement to change the aim of medical study from the cure to the prevention of disease.
Dr. Lise Meitner: Pioneer in nuclear physics. First scientist to recognize that the atom could be split to release tremendous amounts of energy.
Dr. Leta S. Holilngworth: Pioneer in the science of clinical psychology. An early fighter for women’s rights.
Dr. Rachel Fuller Brown: Chemist. Co-discoverer of the antibiotic nystatin, the first antibiotic effective against fungus diseases.
Dr. Gladys Anderson Emerson: The first to isolate vitamin E from wheat germ oil and study its functions. Studied the possible relationship of nutrition to cancer and arteriosclerosis.
Dr. Maria Goeppert Mayer: Nobel Prize winner in physics fro her shell theory of the nucleus of the atom.
Dr. Myra Adele Logan: Pioneer in medicine. First woman surgeon to operate on the heart. First black woman to be elected a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons
Dr. Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin: Nobel Prize winner in chemistry in 1964. Determined the structure of important chemical compounds of the body by cyrstallography.
Dr. Jane C. Wright: Pioneer of chemotherapy. First black woman to be appointed to a high post in medical administration.
Dr. Rosalyn S. Yalow: Nobel Prize winner in medicine, 1977, for her discovery of radioimmunoassay
Dr. Sylvia Earle Mead: Marine biologist who led the first US team of female aquanauts in the Tektite Underwater Research Project 

Hi, I’ll be auditioning for the role of Earl Hunterson and I’ll be singing You and Me, But Mostly Me from The Book of Mormon.

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Picture the scene. Eighth grade. Tiny baby earlgraytay- young, scrappy, hungry, and with a chip on their shoulder from being the Weird Kid who was constantly in and out of trouble.  

Tiny baby EGT has an American History teacher that we’ll call Mrs. B. Mrs. B. was very loud and very Long Islander and liked baby me for being just as nerdy about history as she was (though I think she occasionally wanted me to stop blurting out all the answers so that the other kids could learn something.) 

We did a Mock Constitutional Convention wherein every kid in the class got the part of a delegate. If you were quieter and/or needed to watch more than talk, you got an obscure delegate and could mostly watch.

If you were a blabbermouth, like me, you got Alexander Hamilton.

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So, I was really proud of myself, because Alexander Hamilton was a big important guy who talked a lot and had a lot of opinions

My mom helped me make a terrible tiny Hamilton cosplay. I had a frilly shirt and buckle shoes and I distinctly remember putting my hair in the rattiest boy-ponytail in the history of boy ponytails.

 I spent like three days reading over all my notes and vibrating intensely, and vowed I would give, like, the best performance ever, and do all the arguing. 

Unfortunately, there was a flaw in my clever plan. 

The flaw in said clever plan was that everyone else in my class was in eigth grade. They thought history was a thing you slogged through to get an A, and no one else was as into this as I was.

So, I basically had the floor for the entire mock Convention. 

I seem to remember spending a lot of time talking about the National Bank and making compromises with imaginary opponents because our TJeffs and our John Adams and just about everyone else were wayyyyy happy to let me talk and get graded for my performance. 

tl;dr: Imagine an AU wherein Alexander Hamilton wrote the entire Constitution single-handedly because no one else showed up. 


Hallbar Tower, Scotland

Hallbar Tower, formerly also known as Braidwood Castle, stands in the wooded slopes of the Fiddler’s Burn, a mile east of its confluence with the River Clyde at Crossford in Lanarkshire.

The barony of Braidwood was first granted to John de Monfod in 1326, by Robert the Bruce. In 1581, the barony was transferred to Harie Stewart of Gogar, brother of James Stewart of Bothwellmuir, who was briefly Earl of Arran during the insanity of the third earl, James Hamilton. The tower was recorded at this time, making it likely that it was built in response to James V’s edict that “tours of fence” be built on all lands over £100 Scots in value.

Braidwood, and Hallbar with it, came into the possession of Lord Maitland of Thirlestane Castle, later passing through the hands of the Marquess of Douglas, before changing hands again in 1681, when it was bought by George Lockhart of Lee Castle, whose estate adjoined Braidwood to the south. By the mid 19th century the tower was in ruins, but dereliction was prevented by Sir Norman Macdonald Lockhart Bt., the young laird of Lee, who had the tower restored in 1861. The tower was then leased, generating income for the Lockharts. The last tenant left in 1984, and the tower once again became semi-derelict but in 1998 the Lockharts made a lease agreement with the Vivat Trust, a historic buildings preservation trust. The trust agreed to restore and convert the Tower for use as holiday accommodation.

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Broadway’s 2015-16 Season: Revived Classics and Bold New Works

  • ‘The Color Purple’ (opens December 10, 2015): Cynthia Erivo, Jennifer Hudson and Danielle Brooks — all three making their Broadway debuts — head the all-black cast of John Doyle’s pared-down reimagining of the 2005 musical, based on Alice Walker’s epistolary novel about the hardscrabble lives of black women in rural Georgia in the 1930s. As with the show’s premiere (which ran for a little over two years), Oprah Winfrey is on board as a producer of the staging, which starred Erivo and was met by rave reviews in Londonbefore jumping to the Bernard B. Jacob Theatre.
  • ‘Shuffle Along’ (opens April 21, 2016): Audra McDonald stars as 1920s performer Lottie Gee in the backstage historical tribute (with the full title Shuffle Along, Or, The Making of the Musical Sensation of 1921 and All That Followed), written and directed by George C. Wolfe and choreographed by tap virtuoso Savion Glover. The new jazz musical at the Music Box Theatre traces the path to unexpected success and the creative legacy of the 1921 African-American revue Shuffle Along, which was conceived by FlournoyMiller and Aubrey Lyles and featured music by Eubie Blake and Noble Sissle, four celebrated vaudeville performers who had met at a 1920 NAACP benefit. 
  • The Gin Game’ (opens October 13, 2015): James Earl Jones and Cicely Tyson reunite onstage at the John Golden Theatre after nearly 50 years, thanks to Leonard Foglia’s revival of D.L. Coburn’s Pulitzer-winning play. The veteran actors will play Weller Martin and Fonsia Dorsey, who meet on the porch of their nursing home and strike up a friendship over a game of gin rummy. Though they bond over stories of their younger lives, Weller gets frustrated with Fonsia’s winning streak, and conversations intensify as they expose each other’s failures, disappointments and insecurities.
  • ‘Amazing Grace’ (opens July 16, 2015): The new musical at the Nederlander Theatre is based on the stirring history behind the world’s most beloved hymn, following one man’s journey that led to become part of the abolitionist movement. Directed by Gabriel Barre, the show features music and lyrics by Christopher Smith, who co-wrote the book with Arthur Giron. Josh Young, a Tony nominee for the 2012 revival of Jesus Christ Superstar, heads the cast as the son of a British slave trader, torn between loyalty to his father and the more humanistic views of his childhood sweetheart 
  • ‘Hamilton’ (opens August 6, 2015): Lin-Manuel Miranda’s buzzy off-Broadway import follows the political and personal fortunes of Alexander Hamilton and his dealings with figures like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison as they forge an independent nation. Directed by Thomas Kail, it uses rap, hip-hop, R&B and pop balladry to translate late-18th-century American history into a vigorously contemporary, multi-cultural urban vernacular and also stars Renee Elise Goldsberry and Jonathan Groff. After winning virtually every award for which it was eligible in its Public Theater debut, the show at the Richard Rodgers Theatre is already a Tonys frontrunner.