earl grey with lavender

Faerie Meals

Dishes used with ingredients that attract faeries, which can be used as offerings or simply enjoyed for yourself and others.


  • Earl Grey & Lavender Loaf Cake - (main ingredients) brown sugar, Earl Grey, dried lavender herbs or extract, cinnamon, and fruit if desired. 
  • Rose Cake - (main ingredients) golden sugar, vanilla, rosewater, frosting, and crystallised rose petals to garnish.
  • Elderflower Cake - (main ingredients) golden sugar, ground almonds, elderflower cordial icing. 
  • Poppy Seed Bundt Cake - (main ingredients) vanilla, sugar, almond extract, poppy seeds.
  • Lemon & Thyme Cake - (main ingredients) golden sugar, ground almonds, lemon zest, and thyme leaves.


  • Sunflower Bread - bake a bread mix with sunflower seeds. 
  • Faerie Butter - (main ingredients) cooked egg yolks, rose water or orange blossom water, icing sugar, softened unsalted butter.
  • Pansy Petal Pancakes - whisk a regular pancake mix and add pansy petals. 
  • Candied Violet Biscuits - bake sugar cookies and garnish them with crystallised violets and icing. 


  • Dandelion Wine - (ingredients) dandelion petals, water, lemon juice and zest, white grape juice concentrate, sugar, white wine yeast, and yeast nutrient. 
  • Elderberry Wine - (ingredients) elderberries, campden tablets, sugar, wine yeast, yeast nutrient, and water.

Note: always check for full recipes and cautions.

Orzula's "Hug In A Mug" Lavender Earl Grey Tea

Hello lovelies! 💕 Today I’ll be showing you what my s/o calls a “hug in a mug”. I love to make a cup of this after a long day, for a special treat, or even just because! 

I was originally inspired by Starbucks’ London Fog Lattes. But, tbh, I think these taste way better. 

  You will need: 

  •  1 bag of your preferred Earl Grey blend 
  • Culinary grade lavender buds (If you do not grow your own, your local grocery may have it. If not, try Amazon!)
  • Vanilla extract
  • Milk (The type is up to you, but for extra oomph, try vanilla almond milk!)

🌟 Our stove is not working properly at the moment, so I have been making mine in the microwave like a pleb. I also use a separate mug than the one I intend on drinking out of, for steeping.

🌟 Place your tea bag in the mug, along with one teaspoon of lavender buds. Add just enough water to cover the tea bag and stick it in the microwave for 40-50 seconds, depending on the strength/setting you have that sucker on.

🌟 While your tea is doing its thang, in the actual mug you intend to use, pour in your milk to taste. Because I’m a lunatic, I drink mine with a shit ton of the stuff. Go nuts. Just be sure you have enough room for the actual tea. Add one or two teaspoons of vanilla extract to your milk. Again, I am a crazy person, and use two. Give it a quick whirl with a spoon to mix it together.

🌟 By this point, the tea should be ready to come out of the microwave. Be careful, your mug might be hot to the touch. I usually use ceramic mugs, so they tend to feel like Satan made them. Set it aside and cover with a paper towel to give it time to steep.

🌟 While your tea is still taking its sweet time, pop the milk/vanilla blend in the microwave. Another 40-50 seconds, folks! Once that’s done, get that glorious goodness outta there. Next is the fun part.

🌟 CAREFULLY strain your tea into the mug with milk. I’ll use a paper towel as a strainer when my actual one is dirty (Dishes? What are those?). It should catch the buds and tea bag from falling in. At this point, you can either chuck the used tea bag and lavender into recycling, or put it aside to dry out and use in future workings.

🌟 Give your tea a healthy stir, and voila! You made a hug in a mug! This drink is already pretty sweet. However, if it is not quite to your liking, feel free to throw a pinch of sugar in there.

I really hope you enjoy this drink as much as I do! If you want to get fancy and foam your milk or, I dunno, make it on a stove or with a kettle - go for it! You do you, boo boo. I just love that it’s quick, easy, and downright delicious.

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โ˜€ Calm & Happy tea โ˜€

What you need:

☀ 1 teaspoon earl grey tea (banishing negativity)
☀ Quarter teaspoon culinary lavender (calm)
☀ Half teaspoon culinary dried rose petals (happiness and calm)
☀ Optional: Honey (to taste) (happiness)
☀ Optional: Milk (to taste) (happiness)
☀ Optional: Rose quartz (self love)

What to do:

Boil enough water for your favourite mug

Measure out your tea ingredients and put into a strainer, teapot or teabag (whatever your preferred method is)

After you pour the water let it steep for 4 minutes. If you’re using rose quartz then put your crystal next to your teapot or mug while your tea infuses!

Once it’s done, you can add your honey and milk if you’re using it

Sit down with your mug of tea in your favourite spot where you live and then read a book, have a bubble bath, listen to music or watch something that relaxes you and makes you feel happy! If you’re using the rose quartz you can sit with that in your lap or next to your mug too

🌛💖☕  Find Peace and Love Tea Spell  ☕💖🌜

This tea spell is something I often do when I’m starting to feel stressed about life and need a reminder of the good things about it. It will also open you up to love from all around, including self love. The optional ingredients help to amplify the spell if you need an extra boost. Otherwise, just the tea on a rough day will do the trick!

You will need:

Earl Grey Tea ~For stability, expelling negativity, healing, peace, happiness, eases stress, and provides restful sleep

Lavender ~ Peace, sleep, protection, love

Honey ~ Stability, love, sweetens the disposition

Milk ~ Peace, health, want for nothing


Red Candle ~ Health, protection

Rose Quartz ~ Love, eases stress

Clear Quartz ~ Draw away negative energy, and to amplify the spell

1.       Candle and quartz’s should be near the cup of tea and yourself throughout the process

2.       Combine earl grey tea with lavender (sometimes earl grey will come with lavender. If so, you do not need the extra lavender.)

3.       Steep tea in boiled water for 5-7 minutes

4.       Stir in as much or as little honey as you like, with intentions of finding love and peace in your life. Dwell on that.

5.       Add as much milk as you like, again, setting your intentions

6.       Take a moment to enjoy your inner peace and the amount of love you have within your life.

7.       Enjoy!

๐ŸŒฟ๐Ÿบ Wolfsbane Potion ๐Ÿบ๐ŸŒฟ

a harry potter inspired potion for when you find yourself transforming or reverting into something that disturbs you, to aid and ease those moments and help you back to your preferred self

“Professor Snape has very kindly concocted a potion for me,” Lupin said. “I have never been much of a potion-brewer and this one is particularly complex.” He picked up the goblet and sniffed it. “Pity sugar makes it useless,” he added, taking a sip and shuddering.

🌿 this blend of tea mimics the scent of wolfsbane/aconite without using it

🐺 1 tsp lavender

🌿 1 bag earl grey

🐺 thin pear slices

🌿 ½ tsp orange zest

🐺 a few drops of vanilla extract, to taste

🌿 steep in new moon water for 3 minutes

🐺 add cream to taste, but sugar will render it ineffective

🌿 don’t even try to use wolfsbane/aconite in this, it’s poisonous

Vegan Earl Grey Cupcakes with Tea & Lavender "Cream Cheese” Frosting

I’ve always been a big lover of tea, but especially recently I’ve been obsessed with Earl Grey. I often find myself getting a nice London Fog instead of a coffee. These cupcakes were only bound to happen. I was struggling to find what to bake for a Christmas party when these suddenly popped into my head.

They were a little bit tricky to nail! I knew that to make these I was going to start out with a vanilla base recipe then add the tea, but HOW is the question. I started out by steeping some extra strong tea and allowing it to cool. I then added some of it to vanilla batter but it then became too runny, so I added a little bit more flour but then the mixture became to glutinous and the flavour wasn’t very strong. They ended up baking okay, they achieved nice domes and the texture wasn’t awful, it was just too dense for my liking and it tasted a little bland. Instead of steeping the tea, I decided to just add the leaves directly into the batter. I used my vanilla cupcake recipe and emptied 4 teabags into the mixture. Once the batter was mixed I was concerned with how they’d come out because I didn’t taste a strong earl grey flavour but the batter consistency was right so I stuck them in anyway. 10 minutes into baking, the most wonderful tea aroma filled my house and I immediately knew they were going to work. The tea just needed some heat to activate the flavour and they turned out so good. I served them at my Christmas party and everyone raved about them. Whenever I bake something, my plan is to make it “not taste vegan”, and these were just that. I also made a vegan cream cheese frosting and infused with with more tea and lavender.

The texture on these is amazing. I used my go to vanilla cupcake recipe and the flavour of the earl grey tea just sank so well into them. They are light, fluffy, and moist. Heres what you’ll need to make them:

CUPCAKES: (makes 12)

1 ¾ cup all purpose flour
1 cup cane sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 cup unsweetened almond milk
½ cup coconut oil
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
4 Earl Grey tea bags
Mix the sugar, almond milk, coconut oil, vanilla, tea and vinegar together until smooth. Then add the flour, baking powder and baking soda and mix until just combined. Bake at 350 C for minutes and you’re set!


¾ tub vegan butter (Earth Balance)
½ tub Daiya cream cheese
2 tsp vanilla
4 cups icing sugar
Strong brewed tea infused with lavender petals
Whip the butter and cream cheese together until fluffy and well combined. Then add the icing sugar 1 cup at a time until the frosting is fluffy and smooth. Then add your vanilla and tea to taste. This will make enough frosting for 12 cupcakes if you pipe a swirl on them like in the picture, but you can half the recipe if you want to spread them on. I sprinkled mine with some dried lavender, but get creative!


I’ve been practicing making my own candles for spell work, sabbats, or general enjoyment. Starting with samples, because I’m still figuring out the right blends. 

My favorites so far are the Coffee & Hazelnut one (for mornings), Vanilla & Lavender Earl Grey (The one in the tea-cup), and the the blue and white one which I call my “Moonspell” candle, made specifically for my moon work. 
Also in this are my Samhain and Mabon candle tests, a rosemary candle and one I call “Scarborough Fair”. 

I think candle making is a lovely way to practice my craft and it’s also really fun to just create them. Researching and deciding on which things to add in based on their purpose, along with pouring your intention into them, is a good way to hone your abilities.

I plan on giving larger versions as presents for the holidays, so it is also a low-key way to gift part of your magickal work to friends and loved ones as blessings, spells, or charms. 

House Aesthetics
  • Tag which house you are in the tags!
  • Hufflepuff: rosemary, having someone play with your hair, smiling at babies, fields full of sunflowers, chamomile tea, landscape paintings, film cameras, scrapbooks, tea lights, vinyl records, writing letters, big sweaters, lazy Sunday mornings, playing tag, bubble baths, summer, wandering through cobblestone streets, goodnight kisses, going for an afternoon bike ride, scraped knees, horseback riding, running to hug someone after not seeing them for a long while, freckles, climbing trees, disney movie marathons
  • Ravenclaw: stargazing, the smell of earth after it rains, misty mornings by the sea, earl grey tea, lavender, the smell of old books, charcoal drawings, braids, long conversations late at night, quiet afternoons spent listening to music, baking, owls, winter, open windows, getting so absorbed in a book you forget the world exists, snow globes, watching milk swirl into coffee, getting up early to watch the sunrise, the sound of rain on a rooftop as you try to fall asleep, keeping a journal
  • Slytherin: evergreen forests, sage, big dogs, spring, the stories behind scars, archery, fairy lights, staring at the moon, secrets kept between best friends, horoscopes, going on adventures, mountains, rainy mornings, love at first sight, rivers, fog, holding someone while they cry, piano, long train rides, pencil drawings, silver, castles, blushing when you make eye contact with someone you like, lace, sleeping in, pine scented candles, climbing into bed after a long day, writing stories, the start of friendships
  • Gryffindor: crackling fireplaces, brownies, singing with friends, big scarves, nutmeg, hot chocolate, museums, sculpting, playing guitar, autumn, birthmarks, brown eyes, love notes, polaroids, lockets, roasting marshmallows, vanilla tea, tight hugs, small cabins deep in the woods, homemade gifts, poetry, cuddling, big blankets, getting lost in your thoughts, home being people rather than places, the first day back at school, reminiscing, putting photographs up on a wall, pinky promises

arkhamhollow  asked:

Do you think the Rogues have favorite scents, like amortentia from Harry Potter?

This has been in my askbox for awhile and I finally finished my answer.


Jonathan Crane:
-Freshly baked pie
-Cigar smoke
-Old books

Edward Nygma:
-Hot chocolate
-Printer ink
-New car smell

Jervis Tetch:
-Earl grey tea

Harvey Dent:
-Hot coffee
-Clean linen
-General cooking smells

Harley Quinn:
-Hair dye

Pamela Isley:

Selina Kyle:
-Dryer sheets
-Nail polish

Waylon Jones:
-Lemon jam
-D e a t h

Oswald Cobblepot:
-Expensive cigarettes
-Salt water
-Crisp air

-Cotton candy

One of my favourite tea blends: Lavender Earl Grey Cream! Made by one of my favourite local tea maker, Tea Lani, it has Earl Grey, Lavender, Marigold and Vanilla. I decided to use the vintage sterling silver tea strainer that was gifted to me from my brother. It has a monogram L on it (I am named after a flower that starts with L!) and I shifted it to the left so that the tea visible in the cup mimics the current moon phase, which is Waxing Crescent. We’re also having a thunder shower here, so I caught a few drops of the rain into the tea. After spending some time going through a shedding phase of releasing a lot of negativity, I wanted to gather some energy for growth again.

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heya!! If your still feeling up too it, altar ideas for Hestia would be super cool!! Thank you so much!!

- Tea kettle
- Pigs
- Salt rock lamp (You can leave them on to represent a hearth)
- Knit or lace fabrics
- Rolling pin
- Something that reminds you of home
- Table fire bowl (x)
- Tea (chai or earl grey are my favorites)
- Photos of family
- White lily
- Lavender
- Chaste wood/leaves/flowers
- Cooking Herbs
- Olive oil
- Home sweet home needlepoint
- Candles (Brown, purple, white, Gold)

Altar Ideas
Amphitrite - Aphrodite - Apollo - Ares - Artemis - Asteria - Athena - Demeter - Dionysus - Hades - Hebe - Hekate - Hemera - Hephaestus - Hera - Hermes - Hestia - Khione - Persephone - Poseidon - Selene - Zeus