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“Luke, you can destroy the Emperor. He has foreseen this. It is your destiny. Join me, and together we can rule the galaxy as father and son.”

-Darth Vader, “The Empire Strikes Back”

Tyki Mikk stuffing his pockets with leftovers from his dinner with the Earl one day before going back with his human friends, cuz he knows they eat what they can get, and often that isn’t nearly enough.
Tyki stealing silverware from some aristocratic party to sell it and get his friends better clothing for the upcoming winter.
Tyki risking his neck just to steal one of Road’s least favorite toys for young Eiz’s birthday. Road noticing all those little details and connecting the dots with ease, but she still chooses to let it slip by because it isn’t doing anyone any harm, and it reminds her of the human side of herself she used to have, ages ago.

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I know you're into many art forms so I'm curious, do you cosplay? if yes, may we see some? and if no, would you ever try it?

I used to back in the con days. Went as the Earl from d'grey man one year and Integra from Hellsing another (no pictures remain). usually came along as costume fixer for the rest of the group. Doubt I’d do it again, cosplaying is hard, hard work. Eternal Respect for cosplayers 🌺


                                                                 When will I die?

“Frigg, the wife of Odin, has already made a decision. But it has not yet been vouchsafed for me. Come back another day, Earl and shield-maiden, and perhaps I may tell you exactly the moment of your death.”

Yo, everybody, we have a FUNK EMERGENCY!!

The grand, glorious return of the funkiest rapping duo on this side of the galaxy needs YOUR HELP!

Toejam and Earl: Back in the Groove’s Kickstarter has only 5 days left to make another $60,000 and reach its main $400,000 goal!

Toejam & Earl is a SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive classic from the far-off year of 1991. It was a really unique game at the time, combining elements of roguelike RPG’s and simpler action/adventure games. Other developers only picked up on this idea recently with games like The Binding of Isaac and Rogue Legacy.

TJE had a few sequels, but Back in the Groove is the first one that will really bring back the gameplay style of the original. Decked out in their old-school hi-tops and jamming to some funky slap bass, Toejam & Earl will navigate the multiple levels of the weirdest planet in the galaxy, known to some as “Earth”. There’s cooperative play, quirky enemies and NPC’s, and a cool hip-hop aesthetic. I’ve seen plenty of Kickstarters succeed here; help this one out!

Here’s the link again! I and many other funklords would appreciate your pledges big-time! If you can’t give anything, at least reblog so the word gets out!


The Full 7 Minutes

This is an ode to the beautiful i-dream-of-emus thanks for the spiffing prompt m’dear!

Thanks to everyone for support for Kismet, some of you made some truly amazing comments - so my most sincere thanks for that it was very motivational.  Here’s my other ramblings in case anyone’s interested; Ramblings

The lovely Dana is jolly holidaying, so the fab Kelly klbus has stepped up to the plate.  Thanks very much for the finessing lovely.

Ooooh and there’s some mild smut in here.🙈

The Full 7 Minutes

Stunned.  Yes, stunned was the word.  Rae couldn’t believe that after so many weeks of wishing and praying to go home, enduring constant questions about why she hurt herself and how she felt, she finally heard Dr Khan utter the words she had been hoping for.  He said she could go home! But instead of the elation she was expecting, she was just stunned.

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Beauty and Mr Charming: Chapter 8

TITLE: Beauty and Mr Charming


AUTHOR tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: romance / fluff 

FIC SUMMARY: After being let go of her temp job, Stella finds herself in a sticky situation when her flatmate, a bearded and poorly dressed man named Tom, leans in for a kiss and only finds cheek. Staying friends and not lovers, Stella is in complete shock when Tom completely transforms from looking like a slob to suddenly someone…hot.  Can she sort out her emotions for Tom in time before it’s too late?


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Thank you to all who have sent in messages and feedback! This is the second last chapter and I haven’t written the last one yet so this is a danger area. Let’s see if I have the motivation to write the last chapter this week. I would love to hear what you guys think! Much love :)

Chapter 1 \ Chapter 2Chapter 3 \ Chapter 4 \ chapter 5 \ Chapter 6 \ Chapter 7 

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