Cuddling with Tsukishima would include
  • “Oh, did you miss me that much?”
  • Him trying to act indifferent but being all giggly inside
  • You putting your head on his chest and him stroking you hair
  • Him sharing interesting facts he learned from the last dinosaur themed show he watched
  • You pulling him closer to you
  • Him whispering sweet nothings in your ear
  • His dinosaur plushie making you two company
  • You telling him how much you love him and him shyly returning your feelings
  • Sleepy talk about nothing particular
  • Him kissing you on top of your head
  • You playing with this gorgeous long fingers 
  • Him interlocking your fingers and kissing your hand
  • You tracing patterns on his sexy back
  • You lying your hands on his chest
  • Interlocking your legs
  • Him pulling his dinosaur patterned blanket over the both of you after you fall asleep