earhole party

9/29/2011 earhole party, ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!

today’s ipod shuffle!

1.The Olivia Tremor Control - define a transparent dream (from Live At the 40 Watt, 4/15/05)
2.The New Pornographers - if you can’t see my mirrors (from “Together”)
3.Neutral Milk Hotel - phone prank (from “Invent Yourself A Shortcake”)
4.The Sad Cobras - golden do (from the “Fifteen At A Time” EP)
5.WHY? - sanddollars (from “Elephant Eyelash”)
6.Kanye West - slow jamz (feat. twista & jamie foxx) (from “College Dropout”)
7.Wild Nothing - pessimist (from “Gemini”)
8.Snowglobe - december ghost (from “Oxytocin”)
9.Pavement - voguing to shane mcgowan (from “Stuff Up The Cracks”)
10.The xx - intro (from “xx”)
11.Calla - truth about robots (from “Calla”)
12.The Wrens - such a pretty lie (from “The Meadowlands”)
13.Eels - the medication is wearing off (from “Electro-Shock Blues”)
14.Elvis Costello & The Attractions - stranger in the house (from “My Aim Is True”)
15.Cotton Jones - soft mountain shake (from “Tall Hours In The Glowstream”)
16.Memory Tapes - run out (from “Seek Magic”)
17.Slowreader - politics, music & drugs (from “Slowreader”)
18.Mysteries Of Life - i just bet (from “Distant Relative”)
19.The Brian Jonestown Massacre - somewhere (from “Your Side Of The Story”)
20.Whiskeytown - mirror, mirror (from “Pneumonia”)
21.Sparklehorse - see the light (from “Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain”)
22.The Long Winters - scared straight (from “When I Pretend To Fall”)
23.Sleepybeef - hot white nights (from “One Of The Animals Ate My Strawberries!”)
24.Sparklehorse - come on in (from “Good Morning Spider”)
25.of Montreal - mimi merlot (from “Coquelicot Asleep In The Poppies: A Variety Of Whimsical Verse”)
26.Iron & Wine - fever dream (from “Our Endless Numbered Days”)
27.Neil Young - what happened yesterday (from “Mirror Ball”)
28.Supercluster - peace disco song (from “Waves”)
29.Yo La Tengo - happiness is a warm gun (from “I’m Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass”)
30.The Beatles - doctor robert (from “Revolver”)
31.Yo La Tengo - shrimp stories (from “The Sounds Of The Sounds Of Silence”)
32.Led Zeppelin - white summer’s black mountain side (from “Box Set Disc 2”)
33.Acid House Kings - drama inside (from “Do What YoU Wanna Do”)
34.Built To Spill - in the morning (from “There’s Nothing Wrong With Love”)
35.Elvis Costello & The Attractions - pay it back (from “My Aim Is True”)
36.Method Man + Redman - dat’s dat shit (feat. mally g) (from “Blackout!”)
37.Guided By Voices - alright (from “Alien Lanes”)
38.The Beatles - old brown shoe (emi 2/25/1969) (from “For No One: Private Recordings 1960-1969”)
39.Wavves - when will you come (from “King Of The Beach”)
40.Ghostface Killah - black tequila (feat. cappadona and trife) (from “Apollo Kids”)
41.Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - into the great wide open (from “Greatest Hits”)
42.The Glands - i can see my house from here (from “The Glands”)
43.The Young Sinclairs - #22 (from “Big Hits, Bum Notes and Tape Hiss”)
44.Archers Of Loaf - last word (from “Icky Mettle”)
45.63 Crayons - science (from “Spoils For Survivors”)
46.L'Altra - so surprise (from “Different Days”)
47.Guided By Voices - now to war (from “Mag Earwhig!”)
48.The Olivia Tremor Control - marking time (from “Music From The Unrealized Film Script, Dusk At Cubist Castle”)
49.Visitations - it’s superstition (from “Visitations”)
50.Pavement - kentucky cocktail (from “Stuff Up The Cracks”)
51.Jeff Mangum conversation with Robert Schneider (from “Beauty” demos)
52.Donovan - celeste (from the “Acid Drops, Spacedust & Flying Saucers” compilation)
53.Sonic Youth - hey joni (from “Daydream Nation”)
54.Yo La Tengo - nutricia (from “Genius + Love = Yo La Tengo”)
55.Fleet Foxes - white winter hymnal (from “Fleet Foxes”)
56.The Byrds - you won’t have to cry (from “Mr. Tambourine Man”)
57.800 Cherries - yellow microscope (from “800 Cherries”)
58.The Halo Benders - will work for food (from “God Don’t Make No Junk”)
59.OutKast - elevators (me and you) (dnp 86 remix) (from “ATLiens”)
60.Guided By Voices - crunch pillow (from “King Shit And The Golden Boys”)
61.Iron & Wine - teeth in the grass (from “Our Endless Numbered Days”)
62.The Radio Dept. - never follow suit (from “Clinging To A Scheme”)
63.Guided By Voices - the pipe dreams of instant prince whippet (from “Everywhere With Helicopters”)
64.The Apples In Stereo - rocket pad (from “Science Faire”)
65.The Black Swan Network - dusk at cubist castle (from “The Black Swan Network” EP)
66.The Thermals - not like any other feeling (from “Personal Life”)
67.Kind Of Like Spitting - you got served (from “The Thrill Of The Hunt”)
68.OutKast - we luv dez hoez (from “Stankonia”)
69.Guided By Voices - portable men’s society (from “Mag Earwhig!”)
70.Yo La Tengo - let’s be still (from “Summer Sun”)
71.Architecture In Helsinki - underwater (from “Places Like This”)
72.Eternal Summers - pure affection (from the “beko_cs01” compilation")
73.Guided By Voices - a good flying bird (from “Alien Lanes”)
74.Dexy’s Midnight Runners - until i believe in my soul (from “Toe-Ry-Aye”)
75.The Brian Jonestown Massacre - i’ve been waiting (from “Strung Out In Heaven”)
76.Broadcast - valerie (from “Haha Sound”)
77.Centro-Matic - flashes & cables (from “Love You Just The Same”)
78.Fablefactory - the fly (from “We Won’t Rock You”)
79.The Broken Family Band - kissing in the rain (from “Jesus Songs”)
80.Camera Obscura - swans (from “My Maudlin Career”)
81.Pavement - no life signed her (from “Slanted & Enchanted”)
82.The Olivia Tremor Control - green typewriters suite (live @ the varsity theater, 9/12/2011)
83.Sloan - step on it, jean (from “Raise Your Glass To The B-Sides”)
84.Grand Funk Railroad - i can feel him in the morning (from “Survival”)
85.Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti - helen (from “House Arrest”)
86.Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti - ghosts (from “Lover Boy”)
87.Neutral Milk Hotel - say goodnight (from “Shannon’s Monroe House Demos”)
88.Madvillain - money folder (from “Madvillainy”)
89.The Missionaries - nightmares (from “Dark Animals”)
90.Guided By Voices - are you faster (from “Mag Earwhig!”)
91.The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up - burning flag (piano) (from the “Burning Flag” Tour EP)
92.The Ladybug Transistor - oh christina (from “Clutching Stems”)

just finished my tape for the e6 town hall mixtape swap.

hopefully the smell from the scented colored pencils will last through the mail.

(120 minute tape)
side a:
1.Elekibass - electric waltz
2.Phosphorescent - when we fall
3.July - to be free
4.The Young Sinclairs - i don’t know
5.The Free Design - make the madness stop
6.Broadcast - minim
7.Casper Fandango & His Tiny Ears - all messed up over girls
8.The Russian Futurists - precious metals
9.Lilys - baby’s a dealer
10.The Sad Cobras - 250 lb lover
11.Visitations - jonathan, asshole
12.The Wave Pictures - strange fruit for david
13.Carrots - one, true, three, love!
14.The Sixth Great Lake - cannon beach
15.Sean Na Na - the princess and the pony
16.Sparklehorse - tears on fresh fruit
17.Pavement - the sutcliffe catering song
18.Don Lennon - Matthews Comes Alive
19.Portastatic - hurricane warning (ignored)
20.Brown Recluse - impressions of a city morning
21.Golden Shoulders - i will light you on fire
22.Beulah - SOS

side b:
1.Grape Soda - obvious signs
2.Eternal Summers - fall straight back
3.The Halo Benders - on at tip
4.Sloan - same old flame (alternate version)
5.Fablefactory - the chemicals of delaware (demo)
6.BOAT - kinda scared of love affairs
7.Kleenex Girl Wonder - why i write such good songs
8.The Hidden Cameras - smells like happiness
9.Guided By Voices - big school
10.The Apples In Stereo - she’s telling lies
11.The Glands - lovetown
12.The Brian Jonestown Massacre - wasting away
13.The Zombies - hung up on a dream
14.Gang Of Four - paralysed
15.Boys Lie - megadad
16.The Ladybug Transistor - oceans in the hall
17.The Radio Dept. - where damage isn’t already done
18.Donovan - sun
19.The Essex Green - trees
20.Love - dream