eargasm. (=


Only use that voice when we are alone, Cullen

Is it just me? Because that particular voice when he said ‘Inquisitor’ sounds so..sensual~  (It is right after we assigned him a war table mission)

Slowly I turned into a pervert after joining Dragon Age fandom….

A bit of messy comic after a long while! Experimenting with new lineart style here and there. and WHY ARE YOU SO HARD TO DRAW CULLEN?! I HATE YOU!! (….N-no nonononono Wait! Comeback to me Cullen! I’m joking!)

 And biiiiiigggggg thanks to @cantkeepmyeyesoff for ALL of her amazing Cullen screencaps! I used this screencap for reference. 

The sex version of Visitation Of The Ghost is what I’m here for. THE SECOND VERSE THO

If you have not yet heard “The Last Unicorn” in the form of a gregorian chant, then you have not yet fully lived.

Sing (Vocals Only + Empty Arena)
My Chemical Romance
Sing (Vocals Only + Empty Arena)

Sing (Vocals Only + Empty Arena)

Sooo, this one’s a bit different. It’s an empty arena edit, my first one actually.

And, instead of using the original song, (with music) I decided to make it as an acapella empty arena thingy. Idek haha

So, hope y’all enjoy this!

**Dedicated to those emos who didn’t get the chance to see MCR performing live on stage. It’s okay. Me too. Let’s virtual hug. 




*virtual hugs*

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