Laser Earbuds That Pulse To Your Music

Imagine taking a nice little jog in the evening with your own set of laser earbuds. These headphones not only support light up laser technology that pulse to the beat of whatever song you’re listening to, but they also have superior sound technology. Also if their Kickstarter campaign gets to over $1,000,000 they will make a version that pulses to your own heartbeat!


Here’s a possible awesome freebie! When you refer 5 friends, you can score a FREE pair of Earhoox for earbuds! You can even score Earhoox for LIFE if you refer 50 friends :D How crazy is that? All you have to do is pay only $2.99 for shipping and handling. They stated that they “ship all across the globe,” so it looks like this freebie is open internationally as well! This will end on October 20th at 8pm est. Feel free to reblog with your referral link posted so that your followers can help you. Or you can also comment on this Facebook post here with your referral link and tag your Facebook friends to help you out. If you’re signing up for this, please use someone else’s link so we all can get this freebie. Good luck :)


9mm Earbuds

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