Costa Rican Fuzzed-Up Garage Rock

Las Robertas from San Jose is the kind of band that everyone love to love.
Its members have fancy aestethics, they drag inspiration from generally beloved bands and genres, they play with prowess and efficacy a transversal genre in between rock'n'roll and shoegaze and as well don’t display any caustic or snob feature.
In a certain way, Las Robertas are innocuous hipsters, and in my opinion there’s no offence in it. I’m only saying that they look like people that love their passion and their passion won’t bother you in any way (unless you put yourself in front of their amps during those earblasting riffs) as long as you let them live it.
Furthermore - guess what? - Las Robertas’ tunes are amazingly nice, a collection of jangling, hazy, uptempo tracks that knows how to both entertain you and surprise you.

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