Master craftsman for over 40 years, Baaba Heru Semahj presents JoyAri™* Distinct and elegant, JoyAri™ are emblems of honor, loyalty and respect, bringing universal Afrakan thought and concepts into the present day.

*Ari is an ancient Nubian-Khemetic term meaning to make or create. Joy speaks for itself - JOYARI™

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Latest headwrap is this pattern.  Took a couple hours to knit, even though I used the abominable Lion Brand Homespun.  Shuts with a vintage brass button.  I do like the variant colors in the yarn.  Will take a better pic tomorrow.

Those who take accountability for their actions, let go of excuses and outward thinking, and take control of their lives take the path of KHEPERA. Transformation/Coming into Being is a challenge that few souls accept…

Scarab Kemet Band featured in sterling silver with amethyst stone. FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE!

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First day done! Note to self: make a running playlist so that you don’t randomly go from “Boom, Clap” to “Velichit dusha moya Gospoda” because the Rachmaninov Vespers are literally my favorite but they don’t work well for running. Also, wear a frickin’ earband because it is colder than you thought.