Kawaii Zodiac Aesthetics
  • Aries:Shooting stars, capsule machines, Pochacco, chiptune music, ring pops, kandi bracelets, space hoppers
  • Taurus:Bento boxes, Totoro, strawberry prints, pearlescent blush, kigurimis, frilly headbows, bell collars
  • Gemini:Decoden phone cases, bunny prints, animated emoji, Little Twin Stars, maid cafés, disney balloons, seifukus
  • Cancer:Sleepy moons, cat cafés, galaxy prints, Nyan Nyan Nyanko, chocolate bar purses, frothy milkshakes, puffy stickers
  • Leo:The nyan pose, pom-pom hair ties, Hello Kitty, nail deco, fairytale castles, mochi, animal-ear hoodies
  • Virgo:Magical girl wands, cookie prints, tamagotchis, My Melody, macarons, heart aprons, oversized jumpers
  • Libra:Tea cups, plushie backpacks, dangle charms, Purin, juice boxes, poké balls, ice cream sundaes
  • Scorpio:Lace parasols, Badtz-Maru, doll head necklaces, anime figurines, eyeball bows, panda cookies, circle lenses
  • Sagittarius:Dolly lashes, forest prints, Arpakasso, princess crépes, stripey thigh-highs, plastic ponies, antler crowns
  • Capricorn:Plaid miniskirts, jelly shoes, Rilakkuma, cupcake motifs, frilly ankle socks, vintage toys, marble soda
  • Aquarius:Bubble tea, purikura machines, lollipops, Cinnamoroll, pastel tutus, popping candy, rainbows
  • Pisces:Unicorns, seashell handbags, mermaid prints, jellyfish umbrellas, Mamegoma, peep-toe wedges, syrup dripping motifs

spaceprincely asked:

how would the 2ps show affection through subtle gestures?

2p!america would do things like brush strands of your hair behind your ear, zip up your hoodie/ jacket for you, or pull up your shirt if he’d noticed it drooped down a bit too low; basically anything to keep you conservative and show that you’re his and his only.

2p!china would try to please you without expecting anything in return. surprise back-rubs, other massages, and basically anything else that you would shyly ask for.

2p!england would often bring you pastries or candies if he knew you were having a bad day, or do other cutesy things like leave you love notes in your purse when you’re not looking for you to see later.

2p!france barely shows any indication of his emotions already, so any gesture from him would be rare. but when those times come, it would be him simply looking into your eyes to say ‘i love you’, because he hardly ever admits it.

2p!russia, just like 2p!france, is not a romantic person at all. he’d show you he cares by asking or offering to meet/ hang out with your family, and try to act less heartless by playing with young children and attempting to keep a smile on his face, because he’s usually wearing a stoic expression.

2p!italy would write you poems or songs and serenade them to you, pamper you like a princess, and always keep that charming gentleman personality around you if it was a side of him that you really liked.

2p!germany would let you know that you’re in charge. he’d even suffer though a ‘chick flick’ with you and try his best not to complain throughout it.

2p!japan isn’t too good at romance, but he’d do what he deemed ‘classic’ such as sending you flowers with cute little anime drawings on the cards, perhaps of a character that reminded him of you. also, probably an erotic message written on it. he isn’t shy.

2p!canada would do very basic, subtle gestures, but since he’s usually very apathetic about everything, any gesture from him would actually mean a whole lot and show that he really cares. opening doors for you, choosing to walk on the outside of the sidewalk (discreetly protecting you from possible tragedy), kissing your forehead, etc

2p!romano would let you know every day how beautiful he thinks you are and how he loves you no matter any flaws or insecurities. he’d remind you not to worry about your body, weight, or appearance at all… as long as you still wear trendy clothes.

2p!austria is normally an aggressive and sadistic person, but around you he’d show a softer side, and sometimes do things he usually wouldn’t– such as holding your hand, stroking your face, cuddling you from behind, etc

2p!prussia would always send you ‘good morning’ or ‘good night’ texts to show you that you’re the first thing on his mind when he wakes up and when he goes to bed. he’d always remember anniversaries and tell you every day how wonderful you are and acknowledge how lucky he is to have you.