Request: okay so I saw how your requests are open and yay! and could I request a Bucky x reader? like something about how he loves flirting with her and getting her flustered because she’s kinda shy, and she thinks it’s nothing but he really likes her? sorry if it’s too specific.- anon

Bucky Barnes X shy!Reader

Word Count: 1312

Warnings: None? 

A/N: Hi! I hope this is okay. I’m a terrible flirt, so I did my best with this!! I hope that you like it, and that it’s nice a fluffy after my last one-shot. Feedback would be awesome! :) xo 

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this genius accidentally put ear drops in her eyes so I decided to go to the eye doctor and make sure there wasn’t any damage on the surface

when I got there they asked me if my eyes could hear better now

I’d like to thank the incredibly talented @kelslk for this stunning commission of a scene from Celestial Navigation where Steve and Tony have their first dance.  I love how well the moment is captured by the art.  So much pining!

These are the days of the endless summer
These are the days, the time is now
There is no past, there’s only future
There’s only here, there’s only now

“Shall we?” Steve asked. Tony couldn’t have answered if he’d tried.  Instead, he just nodded and stepped towards where Steve stood.

I’m supposed to show him how to do this, Tony thought, feeling a hysterical laugh try to work its way out of his throat.  One of Steve’s hands slipped around to splay against the small of Tony’s back, heavy and warm where it settled at the base of his spine. The other encircled Tony’s hand and held it up, just below Tony’s eye level.

Oh, Tony thought, breathing out a long rush of air.  Okay.  He could do this.  Oh, God, how was he supposed to do this?  He wet his lips and craned his neck back to look up at Steve, who was looking down at him with half-lidded eyes, mouth slightly parted like he was about to say something, though the silence stretched on until Tony cleared his throat.

“Okay, so, you just sort of can move backwards and forwards, like this,” Tony instructed, shifting his feet against the planks of the deck.  “Then to the side.”  Steve mimicked the movements of Tony’s feet, picking up the simple steps in no time. “See, you’re a natural,” Tony whispered, voice cracking on the end.

“Just needed the right partner,” Steve responded after a beat in a deep, husky tone that went straight through Tony and coiled low in his belly, filling him with an impossible heat that left his mouth dry and heart pounding in his ears.  Tony dropped his gaze to just over Steve’s shoulder, where the canopy of stars spread out over the mountains.

I’m in love with him, Tony thought dizzily as the world tilted in front of his eyes, then righted itself.  The idea flooded through him, warming his limbs and sending a spasm through his chest that he realized was what it felt like when you forgot to breathe.  It wasn’t exactly a revelation, not really.  More like something he’d known, but just now remembered.  Like it had always been there, waiting for starlight dances, drawings of his robots and to be told it wasn’t his fault to unlock the memory.   Some kind of quest he hadn’t known he was on, and he’d finally found all the pieces.

Quickly (Smut)


Request: Airplane sex and some fluff.  

Word count: 4,5745

Faint, slightly irritating rumbling sounds rang in my ears, slowly pulling me out of my otherwise heavy sleep and forced my sore eyes to blink a few times, before being able to open them fully. At first, everything seemed blurry and the noises surrounding me seemed rather unfamiliar. 

Slowly, waking up fully, I found myself laying in Shawn’s lap with my feet across the empty seat, I should have been sitting in. 

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the taste of your cherry chapstick

Summary: Punk!Phil has a crush, so when Pastel!Dan is manning a kissing booth for a school event, he finds himself showing up with a pound in his pocket.

Word count: 5364

Warnings: food

A/N:  Special thanks goes to Harley (@danslester) for giving me the idea for this fic and encouraging me as I was writing it, and to Gisele (@fringegaps) for reading it over and promising it was okay to post. (Also let me know if you’d be interested in seeing more of this version of Dan and Phil because they were fun to write and I have a few ideas.)

(Ao3 link)

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Heart on the Line (part 2)


You and Bucky had your differences in college, but now you need a place to stay and he needs a roommate, and in order to make ends meet, you two start a phone sex line together.  

“For a Good Time, Call…” AU

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count: 1545
warnings: finger fucking

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josh’s asleep and i’m horny so here we go

No Title, just a Bucky x Reader One Shot

Warnings: NSFW, wrote this for myself so the character is based on me (physical appearance)

“What’re your kinks?” Bucky draped his flesh arm over the back of the couch; it almost rested on your shoulders. 

“W-What?” You nearly choked on your water. “What’d you say?” 

“Your kinks.” Bucky motioned to the tv where a sex scene was starting. “I’m just curious, that’s all. You don’t have to share.”

“I, just, I…” You could feel a blush rising to your cheeks. 

“I’m curious about the twenty-first-century kinks women have.” He shrugged his shoulders. “Curious if mine are still, well, a thing women are into.”

“Y-You could share them with me, you know, uh, i-if you wanted.” You hated yourself for faltering with your words.

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Scared of Beautiful (2)

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 3993

Warnings: Mentions of blood and violence (during a fight). Smut. NSFW gifs.

Anon asked “You Made a List is so fucking cute, so many feels :)! I’m not sure if your requests are still open but could you do Bucky X Reader based on Scared of Beautiful by Frank Ocean? Can be smut (you’re amazing at it) if you’d like. Thank you and have a lovely day :)”

A/N: This was such a challenge for some reason but here you go. The sexual tension is unbelievable. Let me know if you want to be tagged HERE. Sorry about the tagging. I’m still trying to solve that issue!

Part 1

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When you dream like Ronan can, you get to be a light sleeper.

It’s so late it’s early on an autumn morning when he hears the soft sweep of his bedroom door opening.  It’s an unmistakeable sound, not like the skittering of something he might have pulled from sleep, which means that he doesn’t reach for the knife he has stashed under his pillow.  Habit makes his heart pick up its pace anyway, frenetic against the cage of his ribs for a long moment.

For a moment he thinks it’s Blue, but Blue isn’t that tall and doesn’t walk like that.  She also smells like sweet pastry and something floral, not like gasoline and cold air, like Adam Parrish does.  

Adam Parrish, who is breaking in Ronan’s room on a school night, puts his arm out for Chainsaw when she makes her low croak and flutters across the room to him through the pitch dark.  She lands on his forearm, scrabbling for balance in a way that must at least leave marks.  Ronan is familiar with the feeling; he’s added a few new scars high on his shoulder.

She mutters something to Adam very quietly, reaching out to run her beak along the hem of his shirt at his shoulder.  There isn’t anything quite so familiar as watching Chainsaw interact with Ronan’s friends, like a black feathery version of himself, except with less knowledge of social boundaries.  Adam puts up with her fussing for a moment before moving his arm so she hops off onto the desk.

“S’up,” Ronan says rather than asks, his voice a sleepy rasp.  Adam doesn’t respond, but he does come close enough to slump with his back against the edge of Ronan’s mattress inside the curve of Ronan’s body where he’s lying on his side. “You can get in.”

“Yes,” Adam agrees, but makes no move to join Ronan on the mattress.

“Hate to be the one to point this out,” Ronan says, after a minute. “But aren’t you meant to be in Massachusetts right now?”

“Observant,” Adam mutters. “I couldn’t sleep.”

“What, yesterday night?” It’s an eleven hour drive, give or take, between Harvard and here. Ronan can say that with great certainty, because he’s made it more than once.

Adam shrugs tightly, shoulders shrinking up to his ears and then dropping sharp and final. “For a while.”

“So you drove to Virginia.” It isn’t a question. 

“Are you enjoying stating the obvious?” He sounds annoyed, now.

“Just clarifying,” Ronan replies, with a turn of amusement. “I know how you feel about assumptions.”

Around them, the Barns are quiet with a hush that the two of them can barely break, supernatural in its totality. This moment, with just them, feels very small amidst that. 

Ronan reaches out and curls a hand around Adam’s nape, feeling the heat of his skin and the delicate shifts of his heart. Quietude that isn’t found in the house of prayer is something new to him, in a way, something he’s still learning. Adam, for all his driven purpose, is a good teacher.

“I’m tired,” Adam says, eventually.

“Get in the bed, then,” Ronan replies, unimpressed.

“No,” Adam corrects. “I’m tired.”

That, Ronan can understand. That bare-boned exhaustion that goes deeper than pain, deeper than the body itself, something that sinks in its teeth and holds hard. He’s lived it, he knows Adam has too, but he wishes, intrinsically and inescapably, that they don’t have to live like that anymore.

Life doesn’t work like that, for people like them.

Ronan murmurs, “Yikes.”  His tone somehow manages to be vaguely sympathetic and derisive at the same time.  It’s a talent.

“Yikes,” Adam echoes. He sounds like he’s smirking. He reaches up and peels Ronan’s hand from his neck, examining it like it’s a foreign thing. As ever, his careful regard is its own creature.

“I’ll offer you a deal,” Ronan suggests. “You get into bed and try for a half hour to sleep, and if that doesn’t work we’ll get up and do something.”

“Do what?”

“Shoot hoops, I don’t know. Fuck sake, Parrish.”

“Like you’ve ever done that in living memory, Raven boy,” Adam says. “Move over.”

“Hard sell,” Ronan says, but does as Adam orders. Adam toes off his sneakers and shoves off his jeans before shoving underneath the covers. The two of them fit together familiar, awkwardly shaped with their sharp elbows and jutting stubborn chins and everything else unused to giving ground but still, somehow, managing to anyway.

Adam empties a breath into the pillow and Ronan’s shoulder, slow. His hand presses over Ronan’s heart. He doesn’t make it five minutes. Ronan, lost in the fragility of Adam’s skull curved in his palm and the easy slump of his limbs, breathes until he follows Adam down.

It’s not the answer, to sleep. It’s just a start.


🏘 Texting next door neighbor Jungkook [part 4] 🏘

[part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part 5] [part 6]

Rolling your eyes while dropping your phone onto the bed, you got up to open the door for the one who was consistently blowing up your phone. Although you already knew it was him at the door, you peered out the side panel window just to see him swaying from side to side as he stood in place. Maybe it was the annoyed look on his face from him being impatient or maybe it was his getup of the gag present bunny ears you had given to him for his birthday last year. Either way, you couldn’t help but let out a hearty laugh as you opened the door for him.

“Took you long enough.” It wasn’t long until he had pulled you into his arms in a tight embrace, sticking to his words from a few minutes ago. “I mean I already figured out you are small, but I didn’t know you were slow too.”

“If you’re looking to have kids in the future I suggest you shut up.” You teased with a light chuckle. “My small stature is the perfect height to hit you where you don’t want to be hit.”

Silence had taken over as you continued to stand in each other’s hold. You weren’t sure about how he felt, most likely the opposite of what you were experiencing, and maybe it was all in your head, but things felt weird for you. Of course you knew it was coming, that was the reasoning for his visit in the first place, and it’s not like you were newly acquainted friends, seeing as the both of you have been neighbours since the early years of your childhood. Perhaps it was the fact that he had propped his chin atop your head, or the way his hands had splayed themselves widely across your back, or if may even be how his cologne was filling your senses, making you realize just how closely he was holding you. But despite the awkward tension you were feeling, you couldn’t help but let out yet another laugh as he let you go. The imagine of him with the bunny ears perched on his head was one you hoped you would never forget in the distant future.

“What’s so funny?” he questioned, furrowing his brows together.

“Don’t worry about it.” You dismissed. “You got your hug. You need anything else?”

“Yes, some cocoa would be great right about now.” He stated as he toed off his shoes and made his way past me towards the kitchen.

“That wasn’t part of the deal.” You protested. “Make it yourself, you know where everything is anyways.”

“As just your so-called neighbour, wouldn’t that be intrusive to you things? ” he placed emphasis on the word neighbour, jutting out his bottom lip to get his dislike for the title across to you.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me. Are you seriously gonna be like this today?” You already knew what he wanted you to say, to hear it from you to confirm his thoughts and so that he could soothe his hurt pride. “We both know you’re my friend. Is it really that important for you to hear it all the time?”

Instead of replying, he simply grinned at you, the bunny ears dropping forward a little bit, before reaching for the kettle and the jar of cocoa. “Do you want some?”

The tortoise and the hare; what a great duo.

Send your requests!!

Huge thank you to @justinjeonseagull & @fanlovefic

And a special thank you + credits to @kookiestudie 💙

Kissing Chats is therapeutic

This is what resulted from a chat I had with @frostedpuffs and well, I’m very proud of it lol. It is kind of short tho.

Marinette was a wrecked ball of stress. It was so bad that people probably could smell stress on her while she passed by, if the dark circles under her eyes weren’t a dead giveaway. She had three tests, two presentations, the deadlines for four essays and a lot of commissions for her online clothes shop. And the cherry on top of her funeral cake was, of course, being Ladybug and saving Paris at any moment when an akuma appeared.

(Which happened a lot lately. Hawkmoth can choke.)

Although, Marinette probably won’t have a funeral cake, because, frankly, she didn’t even have time to die. But the real question here was if Marinette was using that time she had in the evening to do anything related to the before mentioned responsibilities?

Well… no.

Look, her plants had priority okay? Marinette can’t pull through stress crisis without her plants. So that’s how that fine evening found Marinette Dupain-Cheng on her balcony, making sure her hortensias were hydrated enough. She was humming a random tune, as she kept arranging her plants, trying to not think about the load of work she had. With a sigh, she glanced up at the skyline, hoping she to get a glint of inspiration for one that one-night dress that was lying between her commissions. As she looked in the distance, she noticed a dark figure jumping around the rooftops. Seems like Chat Noir was out and about. Marinette wondered if she should get some sweets from down in the bakery. That was how they got close after all. She was minding her own business, working on her sketched, when out of nowhere a cat fell on her because he was trying to steal her cookies. He received some swats over the head, but also some cookies, because Marinette has limits when it comes to how much she could resist begging kitty eyes. And well, what was said about feeding strays was very much true and Marinette was still amused that the biggest stray in Paris came to her out of all people.

“Good evening to you, ma princesse.” Marinette looked surprised as Chat landed on her balcony, making a courtly bow.

“Hey, Chat.” she greeted. “Did you come sniffing after some macarons or what?”

“As tempting as that sounds, I actually dropped by because I wanted to check on you. You seemed stressed.”

Marinette rose an eyebrow. “I seemed stressed from three blocks away?”

Chat rubbed the back of his head in a strangely familiar manner. “Call it a cat’s instinct.”

Marinette rolled her eyes fondly as Chat continued. “Anyway, I noticed you are stressed and luckily I know a wonderful type of therapy for this.”

Marinette glanced at him curiously. “You have my attention.”

Clearing his throat, he continued. “You see, this type of therapy is accessible to anyone, it is free, very good, wonderfully calming, utterly relaxing and prescribed by any doctor who cares about the well-being of their patients. In fact, there had been a scientific research, conducted by the Oxford University that came to the conclusion that this therapy was effective in 99,9% of the cases.”

“And what exactly is this therapy?”

“Kissing cats.”

Marinette sprayed Chat with her watering bottle, making him yowl and jump back a little. “Very funny, Chat.”

His ears dropped. “But I’m entirely serious!”

Marinette rolled her eyes. “Of course you are.”

“Come on, princess! It will work wonders for you, you’ll see.”

Marinette sighed, before glancing at him. His ears were dropped and he was giving her those typical kitty eyes and Marinette wanted to hit herself over the head with something for being tempted by the offer. Honestly, if he wanted a kiss he could have just said so. Albeit, it would have been a kiss on the cheek, but still. Glancing aside, she considered her options. Well, she already kissed him once to get him out of mind control. No feelings there. Absolutely not. There couldn’t be anything happening from a peck on the lips for ‘lowering her stress levels’. Putting her spraying bottle aside, she turned to Chat.

“One kiss.” he declared, making him smile brightly.

“One dose of anti-stress coming your way, princess.”

Marinette opened her arms allowing Chat to bring her in a loose embrace. Tilting her head, Marinette closed her eyes as Chat bent his head and captured her lips.

Marinette found herself really enjoying kissing Chat. Maybe it was because there was no akuma involved this time. Maybe it was because his lips tasted like peaches. Or maybe it was just because Chat was a good kisser. Marinette let herself relax against him as they keept kissing. And then a gentle rumble filled Chat’s chest, making her smile against his lips. He was purring. And oddly enough it made her relax even more, her body going almost limp against Chat. It felt just simply wonderful. And when Chat finally pulled away, his purring stopping as well, Marinette let out an annoyed huff.

The little shit was smiling victoriously. “So princess, was I right or what?”

Marinette couldn’t even roll her eyes, because yes, he was right. She just nodded. “Not bad at all either.”

To her surprise and satisfaction, Chat blushed a little. “Well, er… I… only the best for the princess.”

As he gesticulated, Marinette caught a glimpse of green. Grabbing his hand, she brought it closer for inspection. She gasped. These weren’t always here, were they? She would have noticed. She poked them.

”You have beans!” she giggled then poked them again.

”A new design detail to my suit.” he explained, clearly amused by her actions. Taking advantage of the fact that her hands were on his, he grabbed the left one and pressed a kiss against her knuckles. “I’m glad I could help you, princess, but now I have to bid you adieu.”

”Whoa, whoa, whoa.” Marinette said, once she was pull editare out of the cute green beanies trance. “You aren’t going anywhere.”

And with that, Marinette pulled him by the tail, in her room.

Marinette created a very strong opinion about how therapy with cats should become a thing. She spent a couple of hours in Chat’s arms, his purring echoing soundly in the room as she worked. Honestly, she didn’t remember the last time when she had been so calm and relaxed. This was the only reason why she was cuddling Chat. Because it was calming and it was lowering her stress levels. There was no other reason. Honestly.

And with Chat’s purring and cuddles, she managed to finish two essays, four sketches for her commissions and the layout of her presentations. And with a peek on the lips for him, she went to bed (at a reasonable hour, for once), playing with his beans until she fell asleep.

Chats were truly therapeutic.

(Here you go, @princess-tentacles !! This was so much fun to write! Enjoy!)

Uno. Dos. Tres.” Lance counted gently, scattering kisses on Keith’s cheeks after each number with a soft grin. “Now you try.”

“Uno… Dos… Trace.” Keith attempted, frowning slightly when Lance began laughing.


“’Trace’? Where are you from, Texas??”

A deadpan look from Keith had Lance laughing harder as he cleared his throat, shifting in place next to Keith on his bed as the blue paladin leaned his lips closer. “Tres. Come on, Keith. You gotta do the tongue roll.”

You’re a tongue roll…” Keith bit under his breath as he exhaled, trying again. “Tres.”

“Well, you have the word down at least… so that’s deserving enough of a kiss.” Lance teased as he leaned down, his nose gently brushing against the other’s before he planted a soft kiss on Keith’s chapped lips. “We can practice the tongue roll later.” Lance rose his eyebrow, wiggling it slightly, which sent a blushing Keith into a laughing fit.

“You’re an idiot.”

“Hey, whatever helps you learn it.” Lance teased, leaning his head back down with a smile, “now, let’s keep going. Cuatro…”

Enemy fire rained down on a mission gone sour. The group had gotten separated in the fire fight, with Keith and Lance being the last ones to attempt to make it to their lions. They had a clear view of Red and Blue ahead of them, but between their position behind safe cover and the salvation of their lions stretched a dozen or so Galra sentries. Half with blasters, half with swords.

“I’ll go in and distract them, you make a run for Blue. I’ll be right behind you.” Keith said quickly, already crouching for attack. He could take them, he thought. His primary objective was making sure his team was safe. Making sure Lance was safe.

“That is the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard, they’ll outnumber you in a heartbeat! Keith!” Lance reached out, but the stubborn red paladin had already pulled up his shield and bolted out of the safety of their cover. This sparked gunfire from the sentries toward Keith, and away from Lance’s position. He cursed under his breath before he began the dash from his cover to Blue. About half way, he glanced over to Keith. Not so surprisingly, Keith was kicking ass. Lance felt a swell of pride in his chest, though that emotion was immediately trumped by fear as he witnessed a sword-handed sentry set to swing at Keith from behind. He immediately brought his bayard up into position, lining up his shot with an exhale. He brought the sentry down, the blast whizzing right past Keith’s helmet. This caused the red paladin to give a brief look over at Lance, eyes wide with gratitude.

Though as much as Lance had gained the attention of Keith, he’d gained the attention of one of the few sentries left. Before Lance could pull up his shield, and before Keith could cut it down, it fired a shot at Lance– a direct hit to his chest plate bringing him down hard.

Lance!!” Keith screamed as his bayard tore through the last of the sentries before sprinting toward the blue paladin, heart pounding in his ears.

Keith dropped down, pulling Lance around so he could get a better look at the damage. The armor was shattered around the impact point, melted around the edges. He couldn’t see the injuries beyond the hole in the chest plate, but the way Lance’s face was scrunched with pain said everything.

“Lance, are you with me??” He tried to keep his voice steady, glancing around to make sure the coast was still clear. “You’re fine, you’re okay… come on, we need to get you to the lions–”

The scream of pain that erupted from Lance at Keith’s slightest tug told him he wasn’t taking Lance anywhere.

Keith’s shaky hand reached up to press the comms button on his helmet, “Shiro! Lance is hit! I can’t get him to the lions! I– Shit–  I need help!”

“We’re on our way, Keith! Sit tight!”

“K-Keith…” Lance whimpered out, his breathing rapid in panic, “h-how bad is it? God I can’t even– I can’t– I’m sorry–”

Lance panicking was the last thing he needed to be doing right now.

Taking a steeling breath, Keith pulled off Lance’s helmet before cupping the blue paladin’s cheeks. “Lance? Lance, look at me. I need you to stay calm.” He looked around, scrambling for anything to take the panicking paladin’s mind off of the situation. He only needed a little time before the others got here for backup.

“Let’s–let’s practice counting again, okay?? I still need your help so let’s count together.” Keith rushed out.

Lance opened his eyes slightly, looking at him as he sucked in a tight breath and gave a nod.

U-Uno… Dos…” Lance started, voice wavering.

“Uno… Dos… Tres–”

A shaky gasp and chuckle left Lance’s lips, prompting Keith’s mouth to shut abruptly. “What? Is everything okay? What’s wrong–”

“You… did the tongue roll.” Lance muttered with a weak smile, “I-I knew you weren’t a hopeless case…”

Keith blinked a few times and chuckled, brushing Lance’s sweaty hair off his forehead as he caught sight of the other lions flying toward their position. They were going to be okay.

“When we’re back at the castle I expect extra kisses for that one. Now, let’s keep going. Cuatro…”  

A Little Shower Fun

This is a little heavy, so…prepare yourself. Hope you enjoy.

Summary: Shawn has an interview, but he has a better idea

Requested: No

I woke up to the sun shining in my eyes. I took a deep breath and stretched. I felt the bed shift beside me as my handsome boyfriend wrapped an arm around me in his sleep. I turned around to face him, smiling to myself. Memories of last night popped into my head. Let’s just say we didn’t sleep for awhile.

I traced the outline of his closed eyes and the outline of his plump lips, when he started to smile.

“What are you doing?” He asked with slight amusement in his voice. His eyes were still closed.

“Nothing.” he pulled me closer and laid his head on my very naked chest. I started to run my hands through his hair, my nails softly grazing his scalp.

“Mmm. That feels nice.” He said in a sexy morning voice. “How are you feeling? Any pain?”

“Nope. Just a little sore.”

“You must’ve come about 3 times last night. Are you sure?” Shawn said, lifting his head up to look at me. I smiled and blushed at the thought of last night.

“I’m fine. Promise.” I said pecking his lips. Then suddenly he grabbed me by the waist and turned over, setting my naked body on top of his.

“I like this view.”

“I’m sure you do.” I chuckled bending down and placed my lips on his. He kissed back with more passion causing me to let out a moan. His hand tightened on my hip as he asked for entrance, but before he could I broke the kiss.

“You have an interview. Better not start something we can’t finish.” I said getting off of him and making my way to the restroom.

I went to the shower and turned on the water, making sure it was hot enough. When I turned around Shawn was behind me with a smile on his face.

“Who said we couldn’t finish it?” He asked with a mischievous smile. I know what that means.

“Shawn, no we can’t. You need to get ready. Andrew already thinks that we’re rabbits in another life.” I said placing my hands on Shawn’s firm chest as he nibbled at my neck. I bite my lip as he grazed over my soft spot.

“Who knows we might be.” He whispered sucking on the spot just under my ear, making my jaw drop. He knows that if he goes there, I’m practically putty in his hands. He pulls me closer, till our naked bodies are pressed against each other. He starts to suck harder.

“Shawn.” I moan.

“Shh.” He says, tapping the back of my thigh. I jumped, giving in as he stepped into the shower with me in his arms. He brought his lips to mine as he pressed me up against the tile wall. The kiss was extremely passionate and heated. I deepened the kiss as he ran his hand up my leg. He set me down and I pushed him up against the wall. A smirk appeared on his face.

I started to kiss his neck and moved down until I was at his abs. He looked down at me, his breath hitching as I licked every ab muscle slowly. He cursed under his breath as I continued down. I grasped him in my hand and started to pump him slowly. Shawn hisses and throws his head back.

“Y/n.” He moans. I start to pump faster. He twitches in my hand. “Baby don’t stop. Please.” Soon Shawn releases on my hand. I stand up and lick his juices off my hand. He turns me around and presses me into him with a throaty grunt, turning me on. He trails his hand down my stomach, making me shiver. He then starts to rub me at a steady pace. I winced slightly.

“Shawn, I’m sore.” I moaned as he kissed my neck. Suddenly, he stuck 2 fingers in me with no warning. My jaw dropped as I held back a moan.

“Baby you don’t know sore yet.” He whispered. With that, He went deeper Causing me to press into him. He let out a grunt. My breathing quickened as he curled his fingers, making me practically scream out in pleasure. “Found it.” He starts to speed it up and my legs start to shake, I’ve never felt so much pleasure at one time before. I can’t even think straight. Before I know it, my high washed over me, my legs feeling weak. Shawn wrapped his arm around me before I collapsed to the ground. He carried me out of the shower and laid me on the bed.

“Now you’re going to be sore.” he stated kneling beside the bed.

“I hate you so much right now.” I panted, causing Shawn to laugh.

When You Put A Ban On Sex When He's In Heat (Werewolf AU/Requested)

~Kim Namjoon~

Namjoon was an alpha. The leader of the pack. He always got what he wanted. That was until he met his mate. You were strong willed, and even stronger headed. When you came home to see your fridge door nearly ripped from the hinges, your mind was set in stone.

“No sex for a week.” For any guy this would be hard to do. Especially hard if you were a guy AND a werewolf. 10x as hard if you were a guy, a werewolf, AND in heat. The gods were not smiling down on him.

Luck wouldn’t be on his side for the next week, Namjoon had fallen into his rut. You left for work early one morning and Joonie had to suffer with your smell only. The poor wolf had lost track of how many times he’d jacked off to just your scent. His face was buried in your pillow when you got home from work 6 hours later.

Namjoon had a thin layer of sweat over his body and his eyes stayed a golden hue. You’d gulped down the knot in your throat and sat your purse on the dresser. Namjoon would have you pinned to the wall milliseconds later. His teeth scraping at your sensitive throat.

“How dare you leave me like this!” The alpha in his tone rose and you felt your knees buckle. “Get on that fucking bed, on your knees.”

~Kim Seokjin~

Jin couldn’t help that he had flirted with the waitress. It was just his natural charm. You weren’t buying it however. It was supposed to be a special night for just the two of you. Yet some blonde bimbo had to ruin it. When the words “no sex” were mouthed across the table, your boyfriend suddenly wasn’t feeling hungry anymore.

Three days into his rut, and he was going crazy.

You were laying on the couch in his favorite shorts. The ones that exposed far too much thigh. Jin had to take a late night stroll to clear his nose of your scent. An hour later when he returned, he was fed up with the teasing. He jerked the book out of your hands and buried himself between your legs.

“Sex. Now.“  You scoffed at his attitude and simple rolled out from underneath him.

"Try again love. You have two hands to work with.”

~Min Yoongi~

Yoongi had been ignoring you lately. Not on purpose of course. His head had been stuck in work the past few days. You could deal with it, until you really craved attention from your mate. You rubbed your head under his chin while he was typing away on his computer. Usually just the scent of a female could cause a male do drop what he was doing.

This wasn’t the case with Yoongi. He blatantly moved your head away from his line of vision and continued to write his paper. You were fed up. You pulled out your phone and sent a quick text before standing and locking yourself in the bedroom. Yoongi pulled his phone out as it buzzed and read over the message.

“No sex”

The next day, while he was sitting at work, his heat sat in. No matter what position he sat in at his desk, his boner throbbed at the mere thought of you. He looked through the glass pane walls towards his secretary who wasn’t paying any attention. He pulled out his phone and grabbed at his cock through his pants. Snapping a quick picture he sent it to you while you were also at work.

You felt wetness form between your legs but you had to stay strong.

“New phone, who dis?”

~Jung Hoseok~

Now Hobi wasn’t one to make you mad. He was a cuddling ball of fluff even if he could turn and rip you to shreds. You’d asked him to make sure the house wasn’t trashed when you got back home, seeing as the pack was coming over later.

Of course when you came home from shopping, your cursing were shredded, food was thrown onto the floor and more importantly, Hoseok was wrestling with Jin in the middle of the floor. The other boys were cheering them on and Namjoon just sat in the corner rubbing his head in annoyance.

You slammed the groceries down loudly on the counter and the boys jumped to attention. You gave them a glare and they knew that they had overstayed their welcome. Within seconds they said Hi and then Bye and Hobi was left to face your wrath.

You knew of only one thing that would teach him his lesson.

“No sex.”

The next week had been terrible. You’d come home to find Hobi curled up in a ball, murmuring to himself. If you sat on the couch, he would come in and lay his head in your lap, trying to push his face in between your legs to get you in the mood. His tongue stroked you on the outside of your pants and you could feel yourself soaking through the fabric.

“That’s right baby, you are so wet for your mate already.” You kicked at his shoulder with your heel and watched him groan in disappointment. “I’m gonna die of blue balls Y/n.”

~Park Jimin~

Jimin had been highly agitated the past few days. Any little thing would set him off. Even Namjoon was worried for the well being of his pack mate. You arrived home from a hard day or work to see Jimin underneath the blankets.

All you wanted to do was cuddle and sleep with your mate. When you pulled up the covers and slid underneath him, it set Jimin off. He growled in the back of his throat and completely pulled the blankets off of you.

If there was one thing you couldn’t stand, it was a blanket stealer. You grabbed your pillow and a spare blanket and left the bedroom to sleep on the couch. Not before turning over your shoulder and saying, “Don’t even think about fucking.”

Jimin went into heat two days later. You stuck to your deal and ignored every sexual advance. While you were showering Jimin snuck into the bathroom. He stripped bare and slid in behind you. You could feel his raging erection on your lower back and his teeth but the lobe of your ear.

“I’m not dropping the soap so you can forget about it.” You reached out and turned the knob to cold. Jimin didn’t bother you that entire night.

~Kim Taehyung~

Tae knew how much you worried when he didn’t call you. It had been a week since he had even sent a text. The pack had been tracking a rouge wolf on the outskirts of the city. He hadn’t had time to send you a call or text.

Luck would have it that he had went into heat a day earlier. No matter what he tried, nothing compared to you. You wouldn’t be so mad as to leave him in this condition.


So when he rolled up home at 3 in the morning, you were pissed. He found you lounging in the sofa in just a thin nightgown. He dropped his jacket onto the floor, knowing you could smell his need.

He dropped to his knees and tried to tear the robe from your body. You just laughed at him, patted his head and stood without another word. Tae stared up at you with wide eyes when you locked him out of the bedroom with a note left behind on the chair.

“No sex for a week. Have fun:).”

~Jeon Jungkook~

Kookie was the youngest pup, so he got a lot of crap from his Hyungs. This included dares and jokes since he was rather gullible. So when Jimin had persuaded Jungkook to steal your favorite underwear, poor Kookie did as he was told.

You had happened to walk in when Jungkook was holding his prize high above his head for the other boys to see. You crossed you arms over you chest and tapped your foot. Jungkook turned around when his pack members went silent.

“Guess who isn’t going to be seeing me in those for a week.”

That week had been a living hell. He hadn’t dealt with his heat alone. Hell, he hadn’t even been a werewolf until 2 years ago. You’d been together almost three. This poor pup would grind against you in his sleep, begging you to at least give him a handjob.

The pack even begged you to give him some, Jungkook’s stench was overbearing. You’d find him openly masturbating in the living room when you came home.

“Hope those hands are comfy. 3 more days.”

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Numinous [Stop 1]

Summary: (Roadtrip!Au) In which you and the one person you hate get stuck together while venturing across the country in search of change.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: swearing, angst!


  1. Every chapter has a different P.O.V., switching from the reader to Bucky and back
  2. @aya-fay has the key to my heart, thank you for beta-ing this 3 times after I made minor changes every 2 seconds. I adore you.

Previous part

Bucky’s P.O.V.

“What?” I could hardly believe my ears, my jaw dropping open instead.

“Get in. Don’t make me repeat it again, or else I swear-” she sounded tired, exasperated, but Lord I missed her voice.

Before she finished her threat, I scrambled to the passenger’s side door and nearly ripped it open, flinging myself into the car with my still heart racing.

Keep reading