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  • Who’s my bias:…..yugyeom…….
  • Whose voice I like the most: jackson
  • Who’s my bias wrecker: jb,,,,,,,,,,,father
  • What’s my favorite moment (I’ll try to post a link): that time when they were trying to test everyones strength and like they were like “it’s gotta be jb” “hyung is ripped” but then yugyeom was like LMAO ITS ME bye and i started screaming @ my laptop …..that time got7 dressed up as red velvet for their fans and actually rocked it,,,,,,,umm when yugyeom wore those ear muffs that were pink and had cat ears??? my furry boyfriend???? and when jackson asked that mma girl to kick him on roomates because he had a crush on her and idk i guess that was like his dream to get kicked by a girl and she did it and he almost died 
  • What’s my otp: i dont even know honestly……..jackson x mark maybe?? that’s like the only one i know LOL
  • The last song I heard by them: every day i religiously listen to FISH
  • Who I think dances the best: for me it’s yugyeom when they let him dance idk i think he’s good at it but maybe thats because im trying to cope with the fact jyp gives my boy nothing
  • Who’s I think is the funniest: jackson!!! like he never quits he never gives up i love him 
  • Who I wish I could grow up with: bambam so i could have raised him better -___- 

My friend needs to stop plotting for magical girl AUs…

Between Moon Princess Portgas D. Ace and  Magical Cat Girl Voltron… She’s going to kill me.

… Lets be clear… I do mean this means boys in skirts. And in Voltron’s case, cat ears.

Save me. Please dont <3

고객 우선


Yong Soo had been fretting about the large studio room since it was converted to a cafe; he wanted everything up to his siblings’ high (and let’s face it, demanding) standards. He had been working day and night, thinking himself akin to those television personalities on those fixer-upper shows, although it had been nothing that drastic of a change. His proudest touch was the piping of soft instrumental music so vital in setting just the right mood as white table clothes were laid out, cups polished and fresh flowers were present at every table.

His first customer gave the Korean a reason to participate the first day of opening as his reservation would be at 5 pm and so far things seemed to be going smoothly with his siblings. Patrons had been gracious in their wait for a table, oohing and ahhing over the costumes carefully preened by the host staff. They really did look amazing! 

Ah, the clock! It was almost time and Yong Soo disappeared to check his little black cat ears. He was not the most inventive cosplayer, in his butler’s coat tails and patent leather shoes but he could take one hell of a picture as a few giggling girls had discovered after the fact. With the cat ears in places, he sauntered to the front, waiting for that familiar blond hair, hoping his own cuisine would be able to at least entertain his guest.