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  • Kyungsoo: *looking at his thighs*
  • Jongin: What are you looking at hyung?
  • Kyungsoo: Thighs
  • Kyungsoo: My thighs are soo full because they are full of secrets
  • Jongin: ...
  • Kyungsoo: ...
  • Jongin: So wrap them around my ears and lemme hear all of them :)
  • Kyungsoo: *is about to cry bc jongin is just so beautiful*
  • Baekhyun: i sweAR TO GOD-

Xhosa - South Africa

Xhosa people are a Bantu ethnic group from South Africa. The name “Xhosa” comes from that of a legendary leader and King called uXhosa. There are approximately 8 million Xhosa people in South Africa, and the Xhosa language is the countries second most-populous language in the country, after Zulu. 

Xhosa women have a history of wearing traditional head wraps, that would increase in size as the woman aged. For special events, the head wraps would be even large and more elaborate than usual. 

♔¦          Yes all the attention on my Urbosa design made me want to draw more… So here’s Zelda & Link exploring the seven heroines statues!


gerudo vai link do not interact

The Jersey

Request: “Hi I was wondering if you could write a teen wolf imagine where the reader is Scott’s sister and one morning she comes down stairs and forgets she is wearing Isaac’s jersey and Scott questions her. Just something cute. Hope this wasn’t confusing 💛”

Ship: Isaac Lahey x Fem!Reader!MCcall x Scott MCcall (siblings) 

Warnings: fluff, angst, swearing, yelling, etc. 

Notes: none of these gifs are mine, credit to owner. 

Third P.O.V 

The morning sunlight seeped through (Y/n) Mccall’s glass windows. It’s brightness cascaded across her features. (Y/n) scrunched her face at the brightness of the light, shifting slightly due to the new found warmth. Groaning, she threw the pillow over her head with a huff. Hoping that sleep would take her again, she waited a few seconds, hoping too fall back into her prior comforting slumber. After a few minutes, (Y/n) sighed in defeat and threw her legs over the bed. She threw her hair up into a dirty bun, stretching and yawning as she made her way down-stairs. (Y/n) was quite a forgetful person. But this had to take the cake. As she walked down the steps, the only fabric covering her beautiful body, was her secret boyfriend’s jersey. Now, here’s the thing, Scott is very protective of his sister. Always have been, always will be.

That morning, Scott expected to see his sister, dressed properly and ready for the day. However, what he saw instead, was his baby sister wearing one of his friends jersey. There was a long rooted tradition in Beacon Hills. If a boy asked you to wear his jersey, it was a sign of good luck, a sign of affection. Most of the boys who had done it on the lacrosse team asked their girlfriends to wear their jerseys. The team had been doing this tradition for as long as time itself. Scott gave his jersey to his girlfriend, Kira. It was a symbol of luck and love for her. But for other guys, it was a sign to other boys, to show them that the girl they chose was theirs, as in, a one night-stand. His mind ran with horrible thoughts and pure terror, not to mention that Isaac was one of his good friends. “(Y/n)-” He said, wide eyed. “What the hell is this?!” (Y/n) hadn’t realized it until now. The second the words left her brothers mouth, her heart dropped. 

Shit.. Not to Scott’s knowledge, but Isaac and (Y/n) had been sneaking around for a few months now. They were good at hiding it. It all started with the final game of the season, last year. The two lovers had been crushing on each other for as long as time itself. Isaac made a promise to himself that he would ask you out that night and take you out to dinner if he made the final goal. That was all the motivation that he needed, and before he knew it, the two kids were having dinner and laughing until the sun came up. Ever since then, the two of them were unconditional, absolutely inseparable. After that night, they’ve been happily together. (Y/n) was very good at lying, well, only to Scott. He was easy to trick, all she needed to do was change her perfume and he wouldn’t notice a thing. Scott never knew about the long nights they had spent together. Not until now. 

(Y/n) panicked, glancing at her outfit, which only consisted of her boyfriends jersey and a small pair of under-garments. She was going to tell Scott about it, but the it was too late. The cat was out of the bag. (Y/n) stuttered, growing extremely red from embarrassment. “Scott- it’s not what it looks like, I can explain!!!” He puts his foot down, scoffing while he rests his hands on his hips. “Alright, go ahead then. I’m waiting.” Before, Scott rarely used his werewolf powers on his sister. He thought it was rude to pry in such a disgusting way. He thought that his sister, if she wanted to, had the free will to talk to him about whatever she wanted. But in this moment, he was more than obliged to pluck the secrets from his her. She played with her fingers, heart beating faster as she tried to come up with a good excuse. “You see- I uh- Funny story actually, I- this isn’t- I’m borrowing-” Before she could finish however, the house doorbell went off. Oh, god! Isaac. (Y/n)’s eyes went wide. He planned on taking her out for breakfast around nine, the time Scott wasn’t suppose to be in the house. 

Isaac expected to see his beautiful girlfriend to open the door to the Mccall house. Instead though, her brother, and Isaac’s good friend, swung the door open, growling up at Isaac. “Isaac. What are you doing here?” He says with a bit of a bite. The young boy, despite his height advantage, felt incredibly small against Scott. “Oh, nothing. I just-” He paused, looking over his shoulder to see his girlfriend, (Y/n), shaking her head, motioning to her body. The jersey. Isaac’s jersey. He gave it to her last night after they…oh.. His eyes went wide, glancing back at Scott, who practically growled back at him. “Isaac, I’m gonna ask this nicely. Did you fuck my sister?!” The young boy glanced over his friend’s shoulder, looking at his girlfriend for help, something, anything. However, the only thing he got, instead, was her, mouthing one word. Run. Glancing back at Scott, he laughed fakily before turning to bolt away. Far away. “ISAAC, I’M GONNA KILL YOU, YOU SON OF A BITCH! THAT’S MY BABY SISTER, YOU BASTARD!” 

Scott chased after Isaac, for a few streets. After a few minutes, he finally lost him and made his way back to the Mccall house. There, he climbed up (Y/n)’s ladder, where she sat. She wrapped her hands around his neck, pulling him into a kiss. “D’ya think he’ll be okay with it? With us, I mean?” He asks, slightly out of breath from running. (Y/n) sighs, grinning. “I’m sure he will. You better run though, lover boy. He’ll be back in no time.” Isaac giggled, kissing her again with passion. “You’re worth the chase.” She grabbed his arm. “Hey, I love you.” (Y/n) meant it, with every fiber in her being. She loved him. Isaac smiled from ear to ear, wrapping his long calloused hands around her waist before pulling her closer. “I love you too. By the way, you look sexy as hell in my jersey. You should wear that more often.” After that, he hopped off the ladder, running back to his house. He peered over his shoulder once or twice to look at his beautiful girlfriend. The love of his life. All of a sudden, a warm body tackled him to the ground. “ISAAC, YOU SON OF A BITCH!!” 

(I hope you liked it!!) 

A return to a certain ancillary’s song in my jewelry making. Or maybe it’s my homage to justice guppy? Little column A, little column B…

Copper hoop earrings with silver plated wire, silver fish charms, smoky quartz, green tourmaline, prehnite, hematite, and Michigan green stone.


bts reaction to you being able to sing

Note: All the gif’s in this reaction are not mine so credits to the rightful owners.

Jin ➸ You would be cleaning and you would start humming to a song that Jin was singing for the past few days, minutes after humming, you would start singing and dancing around. As you’re doing your little dance, Jin would appear behind you, but you’re too busy singing and dancing to notice him. He would quietly laugh to himself before wrapping his arms around you and resting his head on the top of your head. “Wow, Jagi! I didn’t know that you could sing!”

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Yoongi ➸ When Yoongi comes home and hears your voice ringing throughout the house, he would smile to himself and think about how lucky he was to have you. Yoongi sneak up behind you then start rapping along with the song you were singing. You stopped because you got embarrassed but Yoongi would pull into a hug and smile. “Jagiya, we should do a collab~”

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Namjoon ➸ As soon as Namjoon hears your voice echoing throughout the house, he would follow your voice to where ever you were. When he sees you singing your heart out he would grin from ear to ear and wrap his arms around your waist and sing along with you but an octave lower because of his deep voice. “Jagi! I never knew you could sing so well!”

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Hoseok ➸ When he hears you singing softly in the bedroom you two shared he would press his ear against the door and smile. Before you finished singing, Hoseok barges in, grinning. “[Y/N]-ah! That was cool! You should continue singing!”

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Jimin ➸ When this sweet angel hears your voice echoing throughout the house, he would smile and follow your voice, finding you singing in the room you two shared. Jimin would smile to himself and sing along with you. He would snake his arms around your waist and rest his chin on your shoulder with a smile still plastered on his face. “We should totally do a collab Jagi~!!”

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Taehyung ➸ When this boy hears your voice he would smile at how high your voice is. Taehyung would sneak up behind you and sing along with you but with his voice an octave deeper. He would wrap his arms around you and rest his head on top of your head and grin. “Cute voice Jagi~ It matches with my deep one..!” 

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Jungkook ➸ When this baby boy hears your voice, he would squeal to himself before singing along with you. Jungkook would sneak up behind you and wrap his arms around you before singing with you. The two of you would laugh at each other before (seriously) singing to each other. “My Jagiya has a cute, loving, amazing voice~!!”

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illustriya  asked:

Any headcanons on how the boys would react to seeing their fem!s/o's baby bump for the first time? Like she's at a point where the pregnancy is obvious, and is trying on (and modeling in front of a mirror) maternity clothes when the bro walks in? Cute/fluffy stuff like that. ^^ Thanks!

b reaks down 500 doors??? YES?????!!!

Noctis: His heart absolutely melts at the sight, and he can’t help but smile fondly at his wife and watch for a moment longer. He walks into the room and takes her hand before pressing a kiss to her cheek. “You look great,” he says while beaming from ear to ear. He wraps an arm around her and sighs, completely and utterly content. “You, me, and our child… I still can’t believe it. We’re going to be a family.” He kisses her again and whispers, “I can’t wait.”

Ignis: He’s starstruck for a moment, simply standing in the doorway before clearing his throat and composing himself. “A fine fit, if you don’t mind me saying.” He walks in and takes both her hands in his, rubbing circles on the back of her hand with his thumbs. “I must say I’m… a bit shaken, if you will. I’d never imagined to see something like this in my life, really.” He hugs her gently. “I promise to do my best. For you, and… them.”

Gladio: “And who’s this beauty in front of me?” He immediately teases, but he grins regardless and hugs his wife from behind to put a kiss on her neck. “I like this. It fits you perfectly.” He sighs a bit. “Wonder if the kid’s gonna turn out to be such a looker like you. What’ll we do if they’re too popular once they’re older?” He laughs, knowing he’s getting too ahead of himself. “Well, one day at a time. You’ll do great. I know it.”

Prompto: He gasps loudly the second he sees her, and yells out right away, “Stay put! I’ve gotta get this shot!” then scrambles out of the room to grab his camera. Honestly, he’s half in tears while taking the picture and it might end up blurry, but he jumps to hug her after anyway. “You’re so beautiful,” he can’t help but blurt out. “I swear I’ll do whatever I can to be the best daddy ever! Now where did we put the name list?”




In certain respects 2017 was one of the most unproductive years of my life so far. But in other respects not. 2017 was the year I started making jewellery, so here is everything I made this year, photographed against the shiny eye-piercing backgrounds of a giant book about space. Here’s hoping I can improve on it this year.

Holding me back

Prompt: I never felt special. &ย  No one ever listens. & Do you think Iโ€™m scared of a woman? & I just wanna take you home. & Are you ever going to tell him? & It makes me wanna be all yours. & If you love somebody, better tell them while theyโ€™re here.

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: Gotham

Pairing: Victor Zsasz x reader

Warnings: smoking and drinking

By @briannabrown4878โ€‹ ; Anonymouses and @damalseerโ€‹

Tagging: @animeo2lย  @multi-villain-imagines
@gotham-city-tales ย @queencobblefreezestuff @myregardstothereader @jokesterwrites @minpov @luciebell-writes @just-a-little-crazy @rawrcoptergaming @taintedmarker @emberandshadow @cobblehearts ย @the-teapot-of-fandoms @awteitha @millicentcordelia @tangentasilem @socktrollqueen @miss-harleenquinzel @socktrollqueen @welcome-to-cobblepothellโ€‹โ€‹ ย  @tangentasilemโ€‹โ€‹

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