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Coco Chanel said, “Before leaving the house, a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” Going even one step too far can ruin your whole look. This analogy can also be applied to a PR push that went at least one step too far and fucked up the intended appearance. But instead of taking off one accessory, they should have removed a scarf, sixteen pieces of flare, the brooch someone’s grandma smuggled out of occupied Belgium, one of those chains that attaches from an earring to a nose ring, all of the bracelets Johnny Depp owns and a floppy hat the size of the Lido Deck. Because they did the absolute most and it backfired. 

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Spirituality and Nostril Piercings

With this post I hope to give some historical, cultural, and yes, spiritual information on nostril piercings, as it can be difficult to find facts through the “fluff” of the internet at times.

·Nostril Piercings: nose rings are dated as far as 4000 years ago in the Middle East. The practice of nose piercing is still followed among the nomadic Berber and Beja tribes of Africa and the Bedouins of the Middle East. The size of the ring gifted denotes a family’s wealth. It’s given by a husband to his wife when they marry, and it represents financial security for her in the event that she and her husband are divorced. In India, a stud or a ring is usually worn in the left nostril, although both nostrils are pierced in some areas. The reason the left nostril is more commonly pierced is due to that spot being associated with female reproductive organs in Ayurveda (i.e. Indian medicine); the piercing is supposed to make childbirth easier and lessen period pain. An Indian woman’s nose piercing is sometimes joined to her ear by a chain. In the west, nose piercing first appeared among the hippies who had traveled to India in the Late 1960s. In the 1970s, the practice of nose piercing was adopted by the Punk movement as a symbol of rebellion against conservative values. Nowadays it’s fairly commonplace among facial piercings. It is still quite common for women in contemporary India, and women of South Asian descent living elsewhere, to get their nostrils pierced for cultural reasons.

So where does your nose come into all of that? Your piercing could be for a variety of reasons. Firstly, a new body modification gives you a rush physically, your mind and emotions are often in a heightened and alert state before you get the work done, then afterward your mind and emotions have shifted and your energy is raised.

·Period pains or childbirth (if applicable)

·To mark a spiritual transition, as the transition can be marked visibly for the world to see

·A commitment ritual to a deity, especially one that comes from a country or culture where nose rings are common

·Reducing distressing energies

·After an illness or traumatic injury, some people like to get a piercing as an act of spiritual healing. It’s an attempt to “reclaim” the body from its trauma. This would also apply to mental and/or emotional trauma as well.


It’s a long one

No pun intended.

He was everywhere. The boy no one spoke to; the boy everyone avoided. Lee Taemin. He walked around with this dark, mysterious aura around him which seemed to warn everyone off. Rumour had it that he even had a gun. Some people said that he kept a knife in his bedroom drawer. You weren’t sure what to believe. Though, you had to admit, you thought he was the most beautiful boy you’d ever seen.

Recently, he seemed to be wherever you were; you’d never seen him so much before. In every class you had with him, you caught him looking at you in a way you’d never been looked at before; like you were someone different, someone worth bothering with. Unlike Taemin, you seemed to bring unwanted attention to yourself. The popular girls would make fun of your makeup, the way you did your hair because it wasn’t like theirs. The boys used to throw paper balls, kick your chair, irritating you until you couldn’t bare it anymore and left the room. They didn’t know it but it made you cry; you hated school with such passion that you’d debated dropping out.

That day, in the hallway as you were putting your books in your locker, you felt another paper ball hit your back. Letting out a loud sigh, you turned around to see the same group of girls and boys that found it amusing to pick on you. 

“Awww, did we upset you? We’re sorry.” 

One of the girls, Kennedy, mocked you, pouting sarcastically.

 “What’s your problem?”

 You asked, finally picking up enough courage to stand up to them. 

“Someone’s feeling brave.”

 You heard someone mutter in the background. 

The bullies all looked at each other, smirking and laughing. They made you feel small, insignificant; they made you wonder why you even turned up at school. Kennedy stepped up to you, standing in your face. Even though she was around the same height as you, she seemed to tower over you like a giant, making your heart pound frantically against your chest. Suddenly, she grabbed hold of your T-shirt by the collar, almost choking you.

 “What did you say to me bitch?”

 She said in your face. You were so scared that it felt like your whole body was paralysed. 


 Frightened, you stuttered, completely unable to speak. 

“Hey! Get your slutty hands off her Kennedy.”

 A voice came from behind her. When she let go, Taemin was there. In a leather jacket, his blond hair, the chain from his nose to his ear; he looked perfect. By this point, a crowd had formed to watch and through the crowd of people, Kennedy’s boyfriend, Simon appeared. The sight of him made your throat dry. He was broad and muscular; a whole lot bigger than Lee Taemin. 

“Did you just call my girlfriend a slut?”

“Someone might get shot.” 

You heard someone say, under their breath.

 He growled walking up to Taemin, getting in his face just like his girlfriend did to you.

 “That’s right. No one else would take her but you.”

 It was crazy seeing him stand up to one of the school bullies. No one had ever done that before. You were so scared for you and Taemin; you watched in horror, afraid Taemin would get hurt but when Simon went to punch Taemin, Taemin got hold of Simon’s wrist, twisted it and kicked him in his crotch. Dramatically, everyone gasped, including you.


 Someone shouted from the crowd of students and Simon threw a harsh punch at Taemin’s chest. Attracting the whole school’s attention, the boys started fighting roughly, bringing each other to the floor. You didn’t know what to do; you froze stiff where you were standing. Taemin was stronger than you thought, punching Simon right in the jaw. You could almost feel the punch. Just then, all the students parted to the sides of the hallway as a few of the male maths teachers grabbed both boys, yanking them off each other. Then, sending chills down your spine, the head teacher marched through in her long dress and loud shoes. Her face was stiff; she was angry as hell.

 “Taemin! Simon! My office! Now!” 

Taemin stared at you with his intense eyes like he was reading your soul before storming off down the hall.

As it was settling in to the winter months, it was pitch black as you were walking home with only the tall street lights to guide you. You could barely see in front of you due to the torrential rain. It was cold, the rain was soaking through your clothes and home seemed so far away. On top of the appalling weather, you couldn’t stop thinking about Lee Taemin and about how he stood up for you today. That was the first time you’d ever heard him talk. His voice was on replay, his gorgeous face playing a video montage in your brain. Yes, of course you knew he was dangerous but, he saved you. Was he really the villain? A flash of lightening cracked through the sky, followed by a ground shaking rumble of thunder. All of a sudden, you heard the piercing screech of wheels spinning. On a pitch black bulky motorbike, Taemin pulled up next to the curb, kicking all the water up. He looked insanely hot, soaking wet in his leather jacket and tight jeans, his eyes glistening under the moonlight.

 “Get on!”

 He called to you. Without thinking, you ran to him like he had this magnetic pull; you were under his spell. Like a gentleman, he took his helmet off and gave it to you. You’d never been on a motorbike before and you never expected it to be Taemin’s motorbike. 

“Hold on!”

 Assuming he meant his waist, you wrapped your arms around his stomach. Once more, kicking up water, he revved up the loud engine before speeding off down the road. You had no idea where he was taking you but it was a risk you were willing to take.

“Here. Put these on. I’ll put your clothes in the dryer.” 

Taemin handed you an oversized white T shirt and some grey boxer shorts. 

“Thank you.”

 You uttered, water dripping off your hair which was stringy from the water.

 “My room is over there.”

 Taemin pointed to a chipped black wooden door. You started heading over to his room when you decided you should thank him for what he did.


You questioned, turning to face him.


He replied, peeling his wet shirt off in front of you. You could feel yourself blushing beetroot. 

“Thank you for what you did today.”

 For the very first time, you saw him smile and you wished he would do it more; he had the most jaw dropping smile. 

“No problem.”

Taemin’s room was pretty basic, white walls, a simple pine wood floor, a dresser to put his clothes in. His bed had plain white sheets. You should have guessed his lived on his own. It was just a small apartment in a block of flats but it was all he could afford. As you got changed in to his clothes, you wondered if he kept his gun in here or even other weapons. Your underwear was soaked from the rain too and even though you wanted to keep them on, it would ruin his clothes too so you put them with your wet clothes to give to him.

“Thank you for letting me borrow your clothes Taemin.”

 You thanked him as he put them in his dryer. 

“It’s okay. I don’t wear those much anyway.”

 He replied. Taemin was topless, wearing grey pyjama bottoms; he looked delicious, it was so hard to think around him. Through his huge windows, you could see it was still pouring with the many droplets hitting the window and trickling down slowly. Awkwardly, you stood, watching him put his clothes away, not knowing what to say or do.  

“You can sit down or move you know? You look scared stiff.” 

You had no clue; you didn’t mean to be rude. 

“Uh..I’m sorry.”

 You mumbled, fiddling with your finger nails. Taemin snorted. 

“What is it with you people?! You all look at me like I’m a murderer or something.”

 Like before, his jaw was stiff like he was pissed off. Anxiously, you gulped. 

“Well um..people say you’re dangerous.”

 You told him, your heart pounding, thinking he was going to go mad. Taemin grinned, completely the opposite of what you were expecting.


He asked, raising his eyebrow.

 “Uh huh.”

 You nodded.


All of a sudden, he marched powerfully to you, pinned you to the wall and grabbed your wrists, putting them above your head. Not being able to breathe properly from the intensity, your chest heaved up and down against Taemin’s body that was pushed up against you.

 “This kind of dangerous?”

 Taemin questioned, smirking. Biting your lip, you nodded; you weren’t frightened anymore, just turned on by that gaze he gave you that made you feel like the hottest girl in the world. Taemin gazed at your lips. Slowly, he brushed his thumb across your lower lip, causing you to shudder, while still holding your wrists with the other hand. Suddenly, he crushed his lips against yours and dominantly kissed you, claiming your lips as his. Like butter, you melted in to his touch, letting him do whatever he wanted. You were his now. Taemin let your wrists fall as he clasped both sides of your face, intensifying the kiss. Like magic, his tongue caressed yours; he felt so good you could explode. Proving just how dangerous he was, he grabbed your wet hair and pulled it down, moving your head back so he could access your sensitive neck, kissing and biting it messily. The feeling sent electric pulses all the way down through your body until it hit your pussy; you’d never wanted somebody so bad in your life. 


You groaned, enjoying his teeth pulling at the flesh of your neck.

 “Dangerous am I?”

 He growled before grabbing your ass hard, pinching your cheeks. A cry of pleasure escaped your lips. The way he took control was so arousing. Taking advantage of his strength, he grabbed the hem of your shirt and ripped it open, exposing your breasts. Wasting no time, his mouth went straight to your nipples which were already hard from arousing. 


You cried again, running your hands through his wet, wavy blond hair. Throwing your head back, the feel of Taemin’s lips on your breasts made you soak his boxer shorts in your juices; you wondered if he knew how wet you was for him.

 “Do you believe them?”

 He asked in a husky voice, gazing in to your eyes as he began to slide his fingers down your boxer shorts. 


You replied, your voice almost a whisper as his fingers found your clit. Taemin took his hand out of your boxers, leaving you on edge; your pussy throbbing from the lack of attention it needed. Like you were light as a feather, he lifted you up and you hooked your legs around him for support. You knew you were in for a rough, delicious ride as he carried you to his bedroom.

Your head hit his soft pillows as he dropped you on the bed before crawling seductively on all fours on top of you. Taemin grabbed the top of your boxer shorts and rampantly yanked them off, throwing them on the floor like they were a nuisance. Thankfully, his fingers found your now incredibly swollen clit. Whilst moaning like crazy from the pleasure, you cupped Taemin’s solid dick through his bottoms and rubbed him, craving his cock. You soon decided that apart from his stunning hard on, his lips were your favourite part of him as they returned on top of yours. As he kissed you roughly, tugging at your bottom lip, you tried to pull his pyjama bottoms off that were restricting you from your prize. You felt Taemin grin in to the kiss. Helping you, he pulled them off himself whilst still dominating your mouth. Finally, you got hold of the bad boys cock and stroked it hard. The sounds Taemin made were like sex to your ears, sending you to cloud nine. It was hard not to pout when Taemin got on his knees, pulling away from you.

 “Are you on birth control?” 

He questioned. You could barely thinking straight, gazing at his beautiful, athletic body. You shook your head no; you’d never been in that sort of situation before. Teasing you, he pulled your boxer shorts off, taking his sweet time. When they were off, he began to place lingering kisses up your legs. 


 You panted, begging, not being able to stand it anymore; he was driving you mad with lust. 

“You’re beautiful. Remember that.”

 He whispered in your ear, his warmth caressing your skin, making your heart swell up like a balloon. It was the first time a boy had ever called you beautiful. Taemin placed a kiss on your jawline then your neck, causing the hairs on your body stand up from the electric sensation. Every second that passed felt like forever. Impatiently, you watched him pull the condom down on his manhood with lust marbled in his eyes. Usually, you felt nervous and uncomfortable when naked with a man but something about him made you feel protected as well as filling you with adrenaline. With one rough push, he buried himself deep inside of you. The whole neighbourhood could have heard your cries and screams of pleasure. Taemin knew what he was doing as he figured out what made you take. Clawing at his back, almost drawing blood, you held on to him tightly. Your whole body was on fire, feeling stronger than ever before. He made you feel like a sex goddess, like a real woman; the girl no one appreciated was now the smartest, most beautiful girl in the world. You knew that’s how a man should make you feel; that’s how Lee Taemin made you feel.

Midnight. It was still bucketing it down with rain outside. Together, laid naked in his bed, you listened to the rain pit-a-pat on his window. Resting your tired head on his chest, you smiled to yourself, enjoying the feeling of Taemin gently running his fingers through your hair.


 You questioned.


He replied. 

“You’re not really dangerous are you?”

 You heard him sigh.

 “Only to protect the one’s I care about, (Y/N).” 

Looking up at him, he was smiling sweetly down at you. It melted your heart. 

“You care about me?”

 You asked, curiously. 

“You were the only one that ever gave me a chance. Of course I care about you.”

 Deep down, you knew he wouldn’t hurt anyone; he was a man of feelings. 

“If you’re dangerous, then I’m your partner in crime.”

I’m back to the mohawk guys

“someone talk to me about rule 63 exR with punk enjolras and good girl!R” - upstairsinmysocks


grantaire works as a summer camp counsellor and whilst they’re at the pool enjolras, with her half-buzzed natalie dormer hair and 9837 piercings in her ears and nose and eyebrow, leans on the chain link fence and flirts with grantaire and smokes a cigarette and grantaire blushes and blushes and the little kids ask her “is that your giiiiirlfriend” and grantaire’s eyes widen and she says “NO oh my GOD no way ha ha nooo way”

and then one day grantaire has had it UP TO THERE with enjolras always loitering about and second-hand smoke and so she marches outside to give enjolras a stern talking-to but ends up getting debauched against the wall (away from the kids of course) and she learns exactly how soft enjolras’s lips are - surprisingly so, for such a hardened looking person - and she comes back in looking a FRIGHTFUL MESS and blushing like mad

one day enjolras has grantaire over and decides to give her a makeover and that’s how grantaire showed up to her parents’ garden party the next day with smudged black eyeliner and hair a wild tangle around her head, with a pair of enjolras’s ripped jeans and vintage band tees turned crop top, and she finds that she likes it, much more than her oxford button-downs and her khaki shorts and her sperrys

More dangers of being Goth

rouguesareth added:

  • Tripping over long skirts/fabric/coats
  • Getting dangly earrings/necklaces/those nose to ear chains stuck in things and possibly ripping a piercing
  • Hair getting caught in stuff and yanked
  • Being stabbed by your own jewelry
  • Risking heat stroke in the summer because all you own is black and/or long/leather/ect

Orlokk added:

One of the more subtle dangers of goth is oftentimes the bohemian/free thinking people you encounter. You may find  yourself questioning many things like sexuality, gender, relationships, etc.
Goth is one of the few areas where men and women can be equally as beautiful. They may express themselves however they choose.
A dangerous world for any well-to-do suburbanite Yuppie indeed. XP

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So yesterday I was at warped tour and went to the NYD signing at their tent (I was so nervous and anxious I was very obviously shaking but anyway :p) and had them sign a poster for me. I complemented Jeremy on his cool chain-nose-to-earring thing and told Ash Costello she was one of my style icons :D I took a picture with Ash but I realized that the sun had washed both of us out horribly in the pic that you couldn’t even tell who we were. Ash was so so SOO sweet and let me retake it later in the day as she was leaving for break!!! Everyone in the band was so nice and their performance was definitely my favorite. I was hugging the barricade their entire performance and caught one of Nikki Misery’s picks. I can’t wait for them to tour with their upcoming album Malevolence!