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phil noto’s tony is super cute and i love him so much,,,,look at this bab,,,,,a delight

My definition of Kitten Play:

 Kitten Play is a category of Pet Play. It’s the mind set of being a cat. No, it isn’t the same as being a furry, it isn’t cosplay, and it isn’t beastiality. Being a kitten and in kitten space can mean different things to different kittens, and it can go as far as you want it to. When kittens have romantic relationships with doms, there are a lot of titles you can give to your parter: sir, master, mistress, dom, etc. Some kittens are strays, which means that they do not have a partner.

  Being an underage kitten isn’t difficult. Although it is a touchy subject, there is nothing wrong with putting on ears, a collar, and being comfortable in your own skin. Again, it doesn’t have to be sexual, and if you do have a dom, you can still have that relationship. Relationships are about trust and respect, and kitten play is something that will strengthen them. Being a kitten is another way of showing your dom that you trust them and are willing to be submissive. However, if you are underage, be careful and safe, and don’t take it too far.

 Getting into the head space of a kitten can be difficult when you are stressed. Tips in this situation are to play with a cat toy (something with a bell, feathers, or that crinkles), wear your favorite set of ears, eat a snack that looks like cat food, or simply nap in a patch of sun. Practice grooming yourself, and make kitty sounds, such as meowing, purring, and chattering. Rub your head on things and people to show that they’re yours, Anything that you see a cat doing will probably get you into kitten space.

  • When in kitten space, some snacks you may enjoy are things that resemble pet food, such as dry cereal, gold fish, and tuna fish. You can lap milk out of a bowl, and eat using no utensils. Don’t forget your vegetables! Cats like to graze on grass and plants as well, and they’ll fit into your kitty diet.
  • Comfy spaces to nap as a kitten include: sleeping in a patch of sun, a cardboard box, a pile of blankets, or anywhere else where you’re comfortable. I personally love to curl up in small spaces; they make me feel secure and happy.

 Getting your first collar can be as big of a deal as you want it to be. It can be a choker that you got at your local department store for 5 dollars, it could be a ribbon tied in a bow, or a pet collar from Walmart. It’s all about what makes you comfortable. If you’re just starting out, it isn’t the best idea to invest a lot in something that you aren’t sure about. Do your research and make sure that it’s right for you before buying anything big. After you have your first collar, you’ll probably want your own set of ears, a tail, and paws. (The purpose of paws are to restrict your thumb movements and make you behave in more of an animal-like way. It’s helpful assisting you in fully feeling like a pet, and they can be very comfy as well.) However, if you want to take the next step and purchase official kitten play gear, you can visit sites such as Kitten Sightings, Kitten’s Playpen, and KittenKraftShop for collars. SimplyPurrfectShop, KittenKraftShop, and Nekollars are good places for both ears and collars. You can also purchase tails from these sights.

 One of the challenging things about Kitten Play is choosing your breed. Choosing a breed comes down to your personality, likes and dislikes, and the way you look. (My breed is a Doll Face Persian mix: attention seekers, not too talkative, short and fluffy, lap cats, very teachable, and not too great with strangers, but very close to their owners.) Start by choosing several breeds that look similar to you, and find the best match personality-wise. Choose a breed that reflects you, and that you can relate to, because again, it’s about you, and what makes you happy.Some common breeds you may recognize:

  • Siamese
  • American/British/Exotic Shorthair
  • Persian
  • Maine Coone
  • Ragdoll
  • Munchkin
  • Domestic Short/Longhair

 Every kitten is different, and every one has different wants and needs. You can take it as far as you want to, and do as much with it as you want. Stay safe, and be happy.


Behold, for I have found it! Officially the most magnificent helmet in the entire game! No, no, keep your Revan face mask or your Darth Marr knock-off. Truly, the Eternal Commander MK-4 Aegis Headgear is the true winner. Do those come with their own little ponytail? Or double ice cream cones on each ear to snack on when you get hungry? I think not!

And you too can have this marvelous piece of lovingly crafted 230 gear, if you just go to the GTN and take it off my hands fight the crowds. No, no, one per customer. Please. Republic credits will do.

I dare you to find a more stupendous specimen of in-game headgear than this. Go ahead, I’ll wait.


HAAAAAAAYYY!!!!! It’s Miko 

Am back (just for a bit) with a drawing set for the characters of Night In The Woods. Wanted to try out the style and gotta say i like it XD. Again, Night In The Woods is a charming game for me.

mmm..gonna make these badges maybe :D

….and gregg rulz ok hahahahha


WIP THREAD OVER HERE: https://optica-fantasy.tumblr.com/post/159670720806/work-in-progress-night-in-the-woods


Art by ME © @jmnazram​ | Miko
Night in The Woods © Finji

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Could you write a little something of Riding Harry's face for the first time?

*cracks knuckles* Alright, this has been giving me trouble, and I fully blame that young punk of a teenage dirtbag. Here it is at last, though, set in the It’s About Balance universe but totally able to be read on its own. It’s just a short thing, since they were rather busy that night, but… hopefully it doesn’t disappoint too much. Happy reading! x

Gentle Reminder: requests are closed! New ones will be posted for cataloguing. 

61. More About Balance

It had definitely been that cocky swagger and the tight pants. The smirky, arrogant grin that begged to be slapped and then kissed away with fingers digging into his jaw hadn’t really helped – or hurt – either. 

He’d moaned, and groaned, and panted, and grunted many a compliment into your ear when he was fucking you into the mattress of his hotel bed, too, and they’d gone a long way in doing more than making your body tingle.

Harry’s been trying for years to get you into bed, with the most serious attempts coming in the last few, and he’s finally done it. You’d bear the disappointment and shame of having given up and given in to his insufferable seduction if you had any energy left to give for it.

The only sounds that are in the room now are that of juice being sucked through a straw and sandwiches being bitten into and chewed up to replenish said lost energy. They are a sharp contrast from the previous sounds of skins colliding, mouths moaning, and the faint thump of the mattress being pushed repeatedly against the headboard while you and your bedfellow had put it through its paces.   

“I’m waitin’ as long as it takes, you know,” a surprisingly deep and husky voice breaks through.

So different from that voice you’d recognized ages ago.

You roll your head mid-chew to look at the boy next to you. His hair is sticking up more on one side than the other and a cross necklace is dangling between the sparrows on his chest, underneath which you’d dimpled the skin of while riding him to his finish.

The boy next to you is very much a man in all of his tan, wild-haired glory, and his eyes are still shining from victory and his release. If possible, his cocky arrogance has only increased, and you think you feel pleased about this – just a bit.

Your own version of cocky arrogance is licking through your belly, too, because you can still remember the way he’d looked at you when you’d made him cum.

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i have a sharp pain in my right ear time to Die

Hogwarts House Aesthetics
  • Gryffindor: summer, log cabins, uncontrollable laughter, pinkie promises, muddy shoes, scraped knees, long road trips, sleeping bags, scary movies, sweaty palms, wild eyes, skinny dipping, rope swings, hand blisters, monkey bars, splinters, rusty swing sets, sand under bare feet, clothes lines, barbecue, awkward eye contact, new car smell, tires on gravel, bad dancing, rug burn, chipped nail polish
  • Hufflepuff: autumn, hot chocolate, movie ticket stubs, pajama days, freezer burnt ice cream, gas stoves, potting soil, blankets fresh from the dryer, childhood secrets, tag, family vacations, honeybees, bad karaoke, funny faces, candid photos, pet stores, dusty bottles, broken pocket watches, red cheeks, love confessions, soft hands, midnight snacks, pierced ears, cartwheels, familiar scents, friendship bracelets, tv marathons
  • Ravenclaw: winter, used book stores, college libraries, football fields, bedtime stories, musicals, indoor swimming pools, 2am bus rides, cracking knuckles, broken book spines, flashlights, laughing under the blankets, i-spy, oak trees, visible breath, hand-holding, empty buildings, mysterious keys, hot kettles, paper clips, makeup brushes, ripped jeans, messy buns, chocolate frosting, first-aid kits, sleeping in pickup trucks
  • Slytherin: spring, light through the trees, abandoned hospitals, unknown scars, unopened chapsticks, sharp eyeliner, high heels on tile, polished wood floors, paint-covered jeans, uncomfortable conversations, bee stings, gasoline, hide-and-seek, empty forests, strangers, long cardigans, winking, trampolines, grass stains, bruised knees, late night walks, stargazing, gas stations at midnight, new money, suspicious grins, aching muscles, baking, cherry cough drops, bus stops, calloused hands, broken ribs, loud laughter, split knuckles

(omg thank you!!!)


  • gets really queasy
  • constantly bringing MC chocolate bc he read on the internet it helps
  • will try to keep MC in a relaxed ambient for the most part
  • if MC acts moody he’s just going to be so off-put
  • he just doesn’t know what else to do the internet is not able to help him so much
  • just crosses his fingers for it to end soon so MC can stop suffering


  • lends MC her sweater to tie t around their waist in case of pant stains
  • shares her food
  • pats MC’s head when the cramps are too bad
  • keeps extra pads/tampons in her purse in case MC needs
  • if MC gets moody she’ll react maturely and calm them down
  • also brings hot chocolate home after work for MC


  • treats MC like a queen
  • from everything he’s gathered he knows cramps hurt like the devil
  • suggests going out for runs to ease MC’s cramps
  • dont judge him ok it makes complete sense in his brain
  • when MC feels moody his short temper makes them end up arguing over the dumbest things
  • they once argued on wether his right hand or left hand was prettier
  • buys a heat pad but ends up liking it so he buys one for himself


  • he knows it’s natural and everything but he just dreads that time of the month
  • because MC just sorta
  • lays in bed looking miserable
  • cuddles lots with MC in hopes of taking their mind off the pain
  • MC tells them not to worry but he just always feels like maybe they’ll bleed out- he never shares that worry out-loud though
  • like yoosung, he’s just praying for the week to end soon
  • keeps his cool through the mood swings and tries to rationalize with MC


  • tries to make MC laugh with jokes that are even more awful than usual
  • tries not to worry too much bv hell if it happens monthly it can’t hurt so bad can it??
  • when the cramps are particularly bad he hugs MC from behind and whispers sweet little things into their ear
  • also buys chocolate snacks and leaves them laying around for MC to find
  • when MC’s emotions are a wreck he’s always there to help even if he has to hold back laughter because MC is crying over dropping a fork on the ground
🎁 21 FUN sorority sister gift basket THEMES! 🎁

I LOVE creating and giving gift baskets! Have fun, theme your items and put together a one-of-a-kind sister gift. Save money too by shopping smart and putting inexpensive things together that look lush in a group. Then add some sorority specific gifts to your basket to make it the ultimate greek girl gift experience!  xoxo ;)

🎁 21 FUN Sorority Gift Basket THEMES: 🎁

  • Pamper Basket: bubble bath, soap, shampoo, lotion, puff, candle, sorority towel, pillowcase, or cozy socks.  
  • Mani-Pedi Basket: emory boards, nail polish, cuticle cream, lotion, buffer., manicure supplies. 
  • Book Basket: best sellers, bookmarks, Amazon gift card, painted wine glass, list of favorite books. 
  • Movie Night Basket: popcorn, candy, sorority throw blanket, movie tickets, DVDs, soda, recommended movie list, sorority pj pants/shorts.  
  • Italian Dinner Basket: pasta, sauce, bread, napkins, wine, wine koozie. 
  • Craft Basket: jewels, paint, mod podge, brushes, craft flowers, markers, wood sorority plaque/paddle (blank ready to paint.) 
  • Fun in the Sun Basket: sorority beach towel, suntan lotion, paperback book, sorority tote bag, flip flops, sorority tumbler and cap. 
  • Baking Basket: cupcake and cookie mixes, frosting, spatulas, oven mitt, sprinkles, baking pan, timer, greek cookie cutters, cookie recipe.  
  • Coffee Basket: bags of gourmet coffee, Starbucks gift card, sorority coffee mug, coffee flavored candies, travel mug, flavored creamers.  
  • Tea Basket: specialty teas, sorority mug, cookies, fancy tea spoon, scones, tea cakes/cookies. 
  • Apple Basket: fresh apples, apple cider, apple snacks, apple chips, apple gum, sour apple candy. 
  • Work Out Basket: towel, sorority shorts or yoga pants, sorority headband, tank top, gift card to sporting goods store, small hand weights, sorority water bottle, healthy snacks. 
  • Cupcake Basket: assortment of different cupcakes, cupcake themed trinkets like ornaments and magnets, cupcake napkins, lemonade. 
  • Gameday Basket: team sweatshirt, team earrings, snacks, foam finger, koozie, pom pom, mascot plush toy, team and sorority tattoos. 
  • S’mores Basket: all the fixings for s’mores, plus hot chocolate packets, sorority mug, napkins, throw blanket, sweatshirt.
  • Adult Coloring Basket: several “adult” coloring books (Michael’s sells them), nice set of colored pencils, tasty snacks, pencil sharpener. 
  • Happy Hour Basket: drink mixers, nuts, chips, cute cups, bottle/wine opener, wine koozie. Theme your basket to a particular drink such as Margaritas, Bloody Marys, wine, or beer. 
  • Game Night Basket: board games, sorority deck of cards, candy, snacks, popcorn, dice, cute cups.
  • Chocolate Lovers Basket: chocolate candy in all forms, chocolate sauce, hot chocolate packets, chocolate themed ornaments, candy bar pillow. 
  • Fruit Basket: fresh fruit, healthy snacks, dried fruit, organic juices, smoothie or frozen yogurt gift card, fruit flavored gum, fruity lip gloss.  
  • Peppermint Basket: peppermint candy, peppermint gum, peppermint cocoa mix, peppermint lip balm. peppermint bath & body, peppermint candle. 
Hufflepuff Aesthetic

Autumn, hot chocolate, movie ticket stubs, pyjama days, freezer burnt ice cream, gas stoves, potting soil, blankets fresh from the dryer, childhood secrets, tag, family vacations, honeybees, bad karaoke, funny faces, candid photos, pet stores, dusty bottles, broken pocket watches, red cheeks, love confessions, soft hands, midnight snacks, pierced ears, cartwheels, familiar scents, friendship bracelets, tv marathons


豚耳堪能のち、おねむ。短足だからか不器用だからか、前足で物を挟んで食べらないお嬢様。硬くて大きなおやつは、毎度端を持っていてやらなければなりません。唾液でネッチャネッチャになった豚耳…持つには大変な勇気と覚悟が必要です(笑)「この豚耳アタチの宝物なの♡」“This pig ear for dogs is my treasure♡”

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Pip ports behind the fox girl, and wrapped his arms around her so she couldn't get away. "So. You have my scarf. "

Cally jumped, she was in her treehouse and was currently heading to grab a snack. Her ears lowered and she looked behind.

“P-pip? Uh…wh-what scarf…?”


image description: A photo of me, with slightly messy hair and a rumpled shirt, sitting in my wheelchair and smiling. I am in front of a display of historic Métis-related things, including snowshoes, animal pelts, an arrow sash, and a giant real Buffalo head taxidermied and mounted on the wall just above me.

I had a wonderful and exhausting day out at Fusion Fest. I picked up some Christmas presents for my mom and my sister from two of the Indigenous artists there, and I enjoyed visiting the Métis pavilion and making new friends. It was sooo hot though (which is why I look so sweaty and ruffle-mussed here). So much sunscreen. So much.

There was food!! Marvin and I got yummy lunch from the Indonesian pavilion, dessert from the Togo pavilion, and frosty delicious chica morada from Peru. Marvin also got a little cup of very hot, strong Lebanese coffee.

We watched a four circles dance and listened to the drum circle for a while. We looked at the artisan wares, and watched some Métis jigging and fiddling. Oh, and we saw some Hawaiian dancers performing.

There were two stiltwalkers in beautiful satiny outfits swaying through the crowds and taking pictures with people. There was even a petting zoo with a little goat(!) but it was not wheelchair accessible, and then I was too tired to use my cane, which was sad. I only cried a little though. There was also a neat saree tying lesson/demonstration but the line was really long so I didn’t do it.

The key to surviving something like what I did today when you’re autistic, chronically ill, disabled, etc. is preparation. Sunscreen, sunglasses, water, a snack, ear plugs, hand wipes, gum, a notepad and pen, and hand sanitizer are some of the things that I brought with me and used today to keep myself regulated sensory-wise and as comfortable as possible in 30°C weather.

And of course, I couldn’t have gone at all without Marvin, who is wonderful and such a trooper to push my crappy, increasingly rattly, not-at-all-an-outdoor-wheelchair through all that inaccessible rolling grass. I really need to look into a proper chair. It’s time.

Even though I didn’t get to do everything I wanted to , it was a great time. The Fusion Festival is always good and I look forward to it all year!