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Miss Oklahoma 2017, Triana Browne, is a citizen of the Chickasaw Nation. This weekend, she featured contemporary takes on traditional Chickasaw women’s clothing at the “Show Us Your Shoes” Parade, which Miss America contestants walk in, and feature designs that represent their home state. 

Triana wore jewelry designed by Chickasaw jeweler Kristen Dorsey, a romper (inspired by traditional Chickasaw women’s ribbon dresses) by Chickasaw designer Courtney Parchcorn and Cherokee designer Buddy Parchcorn, a traditional finger woven belt by Chickasaw weaver Ashley Wallace, a leather belt by Chickasaw artist Maya Stewart, and custom beaded heels by Courtney and Buddy Parchcorn, which feature the seals of the Chickasaw Nation and State of Oklahoma. 

Good luck competing for Miss America, Triana! Indian Country is rooting for you <3 


K so i had time today and i had my own ideas for Yansim, i also had this uniform design for a while so why not:

  • now the idea behind Ayanos design was to have the simple average highschool girl, but making her look slightly off. Ayano is mostly just pure black, she also does not wear a tie or ribbon that would contrast her uniform for that reason. The hearts in her eyes are more of my own style choice but also show that her empty colourless life gets a little bit more lively upon seeing Senpai
  • I also decided to doodle a normal Student and a Rival to show the differences between them all (in this case best Girl Osana and Midori i wanted to draw her too)

  • Now the normal Students don’t have much personality in their Design, they aren’t the focus, but they can still vary in colours of stockings, ties/ribbon and panties.

  • And the Rivals they stand out a bit more of course, in this case i decided to give Osana more cat-like looking features (Her scrunchies are drawn sharper, to look like cat ears and her Ribbon resembles a cute cat face) because Tsunderes are basically like Cats and it shows her cute side that definetly loves cats (she does have this cat thing hanging on her phone, and what tsundere hates cats that never happened
This was just for fun and practice, i like simple character designs that show off the personalities and ideas of a character a little, so i would appreaciate feedback, maybe i continue this with the other important characters, it was nice for sure and i hope this helps me improve with what i want to do
💍 Accessory tags sims 4 💍

Here’s a quick list with the accessory tags, till I edit my theme and my menu. Over 100 pages of accessories. Happy simming xx

  1. Glasses All / Sunglasses
  2. Nails
  3. Hats
  4. Earrings
  5. Piercings
  6. Bracelets / Watches
  7. Rings
  8. Necklaces all / Chokers
  9. Stockings
  10. Socks
  11. Leggings
  12. Tights
  13. Scarves
  14. Gloves
  15. Accessory clothes all / tops / jackets / coats
  16. Bags  all / handbags / backpacks / shoulder bags / clutches
  17. Face accessories
  18. Hand accessories
  19. Accessories Misc
  20. Tattoos all / hand / foot / chest / arm / back / finger / belly / neck / head / leg / shoulder
  21. Head Accessories All / headband / crown / bow / ribbon / horns / ears / tiara / diadem / bandana / hair accessories / accessory hair all bangs / buns / masks / veils
  22. Wings
  23. Animal inspired accessories