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Smile Flower [Next Door/Rain]
Smile Flower [Next Door/Rain]

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♫ with your ear pressed against the wall, you can hear it all


Directions: press ear for sound.

Harder Ro, Harder! ~Naughty November~

Prompt: can I have a rough choking smut of roman reigns? pls thxxx love you!

Pairing: Roman x Reader

Word Count: 675


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“Terrorists, murderers, a death squad… or freedom fighters in an uneven battle, noble in their suffering. It all depends on your point of view. One thing is sure: elves are the best archers who have ever walked this earth.”

Birthday Morning

For my birthday girl @littlewhitelies1403 and for all the other birthday girls in march 

All the love and Happy Birthday 

E. xx 

You feel his breath on your neck.Usually you say he shouldn’t do that, because you hate it when he is tickling you with his breath. The little baby hair on your neck is tickling your soft warm skin. But today, your lips curve in a tired soft smile. His big hand, which rests on your hip, begins to slide up. Accidently he pulls up your sleep shirt  and you feel his skin on your tummy. Not to mention that the shirt is one of his shirts: the black one with his name on it. You love the shirt, and how could he resist as you pout and flutter your eyelashes at him.

His green eyes twinkle, and you can feel his sensual lips on your ear. “Good morning, my birthday girl,” he whispers in your ear, pressing a kiss to the soft skin behind your ear. 

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Those little Turn-On's (Hip-Hop Unit):

Seventeens little Turn on’s (Hip Hop Unit):


As One Direction say, ‘the dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine.’ Sometimes when you were on your tip toes reaching for something at the top of the kitchen cupboards, Your t-shirt would rise up slightly to expose the 2 small dimples at the bottom of your back. And if Wonwoo noticed it wouldn’t be long before you felt him arms snaking around your waist because absolutely loves them and finds the extremely sexy.

Your neck when your hair is pinned up.
You almost always have your hair down and only really pinned it up if you were going out for a special occasion. Mingyu loved how sexy yet elegant you looked when there was a just few random strands of hair still loose. He also loved that your neck was exposed. ‘You look beautiful Y/N…’ he would whisper into your ear pressing soft kisses along your neck and shoulders.

Plain and simple, your natural hair.
You weren’t down for straightening your hair every day so sometimes you just left it all wavy and messy and Vernon loved it. He loved how effortlessly beautiful you were when you woke up and how soft your hair looked. 'Y/N…..’ he would call, dragging out your name. When you went to him he’d simply kiss you and start to twirl your hair around his fingers.

Your blushing face.
He knew exactly what to say and what to do to get your cheeks to flush pink. Seungcheol loved how much the soft pink blush in your usually pale cheeks made you glow. 'Y/N have I ever told you how beautiful you are…’ He would say knowing it would tease you and bring out that blush he loved so much.

Journal Entries

(A/N): You guys, my tumblr has been deleting my drafts somehow, so if you’ve sent in a request that I haven’t filled out yet would you please contact me and tell me so I can actually start to write it for you? Thanks! 

Request: omg maybe a Bucky x reader where she keeps a journal and forgets it open on her bed and Bucky sees it while looking for her and she’s written about him and she has feelings for him but doesn’t want to tell him because he needs time to heal but really he feels the same way? thank youuu x

Warnings: none

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    “(Y/N)!” Bucky called into (Y/N)’s bedroom, searching for the Avenger. “(Y/N), we’ve got five minutes, Steve’s waiting on us!” But there was no reply. Bucky pressed his ear to the door, listening intently for any sounds of (Y/N) but alas there was none so where would the harm be in opening up the door and taking a look inside? 

   Bucky bit his lip as the door creaked open softly, cringing at the god awful screeching noise. It took him a few moments of tortuously slow movements but he eventually got (Y/N)’s door open, revealing the rather warm and cozy bedroom. He smiled softly at the feeling of their room, spinning around to take it all in. His eyes landed on a rather tidy bookshelf, filled to the brim with books. With an even wider smile he made his way to the shelf, running his fingers along the spines of the books as he stared at them in amazement. 

   After a few minutes of staring at their wide collection of books he turned to their desk, the small rectangular piece of wood placed neatly in the corner of their room. His fingers grazed over the papers they had on their desk, some of it papers for college, other sheets of music, some unfinished drawings, and what appeared to be a few pieces of writing. But what really got his attention was the small notebook, opened up perfectly to what appeared to be a new page. The date was today’s and Bucky could almost see the ink still glimmering on the page, meaning that (Y/N) had only abandoned their book not too long ago. He knew he shouldn’t look, after all it could be a diary or some personal information or- Without his own consent Bucky reaches towards the notebook, snatching it up as his eyes quickly scanned over the words. 

    Bucky’s mouth ran dry at the words, each one taking him back more and more each time. What his eyes were witnessing was most definitely not what he expected, never in a million years would he have expected this. 

   I think I’m in love with Bucky Barnes

   Bucky would be the first to admit that he was hopelessly in love with (Y/N) and he’d be foolish not to. His only problem was he didn’t know how to convey his more than large crush. He’d been rather emotionless for almost seventy years and now suddenly he was starting to feel again; he now knew what happiness was, Happiness was the look on Steve’s face whenever Bucky would remember something, He knew what pain was, Pain was what he felt whenever he’d wake up from a nightmare, and he sure as hell knew what anger felt like, but never in a million years did he think he’d feel love, especially like this. 

    Bucky sighed as he raked a hand down his face, trying to decide how to go about everything. So (Y/N) liked him back, that was great, that was everything he’d ever wanted, but rather than feeling happy like he’d hoped all he felt was anxious and scared. He should have been happy, he should have been rejoicing over the fact that despite all his flaws (Y/N) still loved him but he didn’t, instead he was worrying over why the hell (Y/N) loved him in the first place, or better yet why they hadn’t told him. 

   “Bucky? I heard you calling me and-” (Y/N)’s voice stops in the doorway as do they, their body frozen on the spot as they look at Bucky. “Oh my god Bucky, you didn’t read it did you?” (Y/N) gulps as Bucky looks down at the entry, running his fingers along the words. 

   “Um…I did?” 

   “Bucky,” (Y/N) sighs, burying their face in their hands. “Oh my god I’m so sorry, Y-You weren’t supposed to read that-” 

   “When were you gonna tell me?” Bucky asks as he slowly looks up from the book, making eye contact with (Y/N). 

   “Well…I wasn’t really planning on it…” Bucky’s lip twitches a bit as he asks another question. 

   “Why not?” 

   “You were still trying to get better for starters, I didn’t want to throw this sudden crush on you when you were still recovering from Hydra,” Bucky nods, slowly starting to understand their reasoning. “And I didn’t know if you could ever like me back…” 

   “(Y/N),” Bucky places the book back down on the desk before striding over to (Y/N), procuring a small smile as he does. “I don’t like you,” (Y/N)’s head darts up at this, staring up at Bucky with brokenhearted puppy eyes. Bucky merely smiles as he cups their cheeks in his hands, stroking over their cheeks tenderly. “I love you, I know it’s probably ridiculous of me to say but I really do and I have for quite some time but you’re right, I was still trying to recover and I didn’t know how to tell you much less describe how much I love you,” (Y/N) smiles up at him softly, their eyes twinkling with some form of adoration for him. 

   “Well, I think you just did,” Bucky smiles as he rests his forehead against (Y/N)’s, their lips almost grazing against each other’s. “Mind saying it again?”

   “I love you,” (Y/N) smiles wider, their breath right against Bucky’s own lips. 


   “(Y/N), I love you more than words can describe,” 

  “I love you too Bucky,” (Y/N) whispers. Bucky hums, allowing his hands to slip from their face to their waist, settling on their hips comfortably. 

   “So about that journal entry….do you really think my arm is an aphrodisiac?” 


I’m Not Cute

I wrote this after seeing all the cute on the Seoul subways. It’s fluff for my bestie. All the things that happened in this story are based on things we actually saw in the subway.

Summary: Tae and his girlfriend are freakin’ adorable. Why can’t your boyfriend be that cute?
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Reader/Suga
Words ~1,500

Originally posted by yoongijae

You stood on the platform, your eyes locked on the clasped hand in front of you, less than a foot away. Taehyung was running his thumb in little circles on the back of his girlfriend’s hand, leaning in closer to her to whisper something in her ear. She giggled and you frowned. The girl was your friend, one of your best, but sometimes she and Tae were just too much.

You looked to your right where your own boyfriend, Yoongi, stood, his eyes glued to the screen of his phone, his head bopping with whatever song was playing in the one earbud he had in his ear. You pressed your lips together to suppress a frown. It wouldn’t hurt him to at least try and be cute.

The subway train you had all been waiting for pulled in. The four of you walked onto the semi-busy car. There was no where to sit except for the reserved seats, so you stood, feeling the cool metal bar near the door warm with your touch. Yoongi, your boyfriend, stood next to you, holding nothing, his eyes still on his phone, now swiping at things wildly.

Tae and his girlfriend stood on the other side of the train. She was against the rail, facing him, and he was leaning into her, his back to the rest of the car. You could see the smile on his face from here. You were pretty sure the whole reason the four of you were on this train was as an excuse for the two of them to be cute in public.

Actually, you were all headed to dinner, and Yoongi’s favorite place was seven subway stops away. At this time of day, the car was only going to get more crowded. You had a silent hope that maybe Yoongi would take hints from Taehyung and do cute things with you on the train…but then you remembered who your boyfriend was and why you loved him. It wasn’t for his affectionate side.

“Why couldn’t you be pregnant?” you heard him mumble at you.

Your face went crimson as your eyes sliced toward him in confusion. “What?”

“If you were pregnant, we could sit in those empty seats,” he said, pointing at the reserved for injured, old, and pregnant people seats.

Still blushing like mad and relieved no one else could hear him, you continued to look at him incredulously. “I don’t think reservation extends to the father-to-be.” You felt like flicking his forehead. “And that’s really what your mind went to first? Not, ‘I wish I twisted my ankle and was on crutches’ or something?”

Not looking up from his phone, Yoongi shrugged. Sometimes you wondered exactly what it was you saw in him and why he was your boyfriend. From time to time, you forgot.

The second stop after you all had gotten on, a wave of people filled the car. Across the way, you watched as Tae moved closer to his girlfriend to protect her from the crush of people, her arms wrapped around his waist, in his coat. His nose bumped her’s in affection and her giggle was genuine and cute. They were just too adorable for words.

Yoongi slid closer to you, his arm now smashed against yours, but that was it. The two of you could have been any old yahoo’s on the train; maybe you knew each other, maybe you didn’t. You resisted the urge to poke him in the eye and instead tried to adjust yourself so you could at least rest your head on his shoulder. After three awkward attempts, you gave up and just stood, gripping the metal pole with white knuckles to keep from punching him.

Tae was busy twirling his fingers in his girlfriend’s hair when the train slowed toward your stop. Yoongi finally looked up from his phone, his gaze resting on Tae and his girlfriend, the two of them playing with each other’s ears now. You heard his sigh of annoyance, his eyes sliding over to meet yours. You tried to roll your eyes, but instead you gave a half-hearted shrug. It was cute. You were jealous. You couldn’t hide it.

Yoongi grabbed your hand and pulled you off the train at your exit. The two of you had already lost Tae and his girl in the sea of people, but you all had phones and everyone knew where the restaurant was, so you weren’t really worried. Yoongi was busy trying to talk to you about the two of them anyway.

“Good thing we aren’t like that,” he said.

“Like what?” you called, trying to be heard over the din of people entering and exiting the subway platform.

“Sickeningly cute. I mean, we’re cute, don’t get me wrong,” he said, still pulling you along. “But we don’t make people want to hurl.”

You blinked a few times, unable to find your voice to answer. Any dream of you being cute with Yoongi on the subway just flew out the window. You allowed him to pull you along toward the escalator. He stood backward, looking down at you as the two of you stood still, letting the moving staircase do all the work. He smiled a bright smile, and you told yourself you didn’t need him to be publicly affectionate.

You didn’t need it. But you kind of wanted it.

One of the reason’s you were good friends with Taehyung’s girlfriend was that she knew when to stop. At dinner, people wanted to eat; they didn’t want to see boyfriends and girlfriends fawn all over each other. The two of them were polite and funny, silly and sweet, and never touchy feely; everyone felt included. It was a nice time. Since it was Yoongi’s favorite restaurant, even he seemed to have a nice time.

Afterward, Tae and his girlfriend decided to stay out a bit longer. Yoongi was done with the day and admittedly you were pretty tired as well. You went your separate ways, and as you stepped on the subway to head home, you were kind of grateful you didn’t have to watch the two of them be cute any more. You could just relax.

The train started and you stumbled, not ready for the sudden lurch. Yoongi grabbed your elbow to steady you, putting his phone in his pocket and his earphones away. You felt his hand grab the metal bar near yours to steady himself and he adjusted his position so he was facing you.

“You don’t want to be like them, do you?” he asked. You knew what he meant. Like Tae and his girl.

“No,” you lied. You were a bad liar and you both knew it.

“Cause you can ride the train with Jimin any time,” he said. His hand and your hand were on the bar at the same height and he reached his fingers around to lock between yours. “Jimin loves that cute stuff.”

“Jimin isn’t my boyfriend,” you murmured, looking away from Yoongi’s smiling eyes. He was teasing you now.

“So you do want to be like them,” you could hear the smile in your boyfriend’s tone, his free hand coming up to poke you in the belly. “I knew it,”

You brushed away the poking hand, trying hard to frown and not smile at him. “Why is that so hard to believe?” you asked him. “I like cute things. Why wouldn’t I want to be cute with my boyfriend?”

“People are watching,” Yoongi replied, looking around. “You get nervous in crowds. I didn’t want to draw extra attention to us because I didn’t want you to be upset.” His eyes swept back to meet yours. “Plus, I am not cute. I don’t know how to be cute.”

Your eye roll was the stuff of legends. “Whatever Min Yoongi. You’re the cutest person I know.”

“Am not,” he argued, his free hand coming up to twirl a lock of your hair around his finger. “I refuse to be cute.”

Your free fingers took a walk up his arm, slowly, stopping at the shoulder to play with the seam in his shirt. “You can’t refuse to be you.”

He leaned in, his forehead bumping against yours as the train screeched to an abrupt halt. The two of you knocked heads, but you were both giggling about it. Your fingers walked up farther, brushing his neck and then playing with his earrings. “Thank you,” you whispered.

“For what?” he pressed his lips together. “This never happened. I’ll deny it to the grave.” His hand slid from your hair to around your waist, resting at the small of your back, to pull you closer. The train lurched into motion, causing you to stumble again, this time into him. His hand came up to brush through your hair and he was grinning at you like a lovesick puppy.

You could feel people staring at you, and for the first time in your life, you didn’t care. Even if it wasn’t his first instinct, he was trying so hard to be cute. For you. Because he could see through your lies and he knew what you really wanted, even with you saying a word.

And that was why he was your boyfriend.

Close as Strangers: Chapter 9

Close as Strangers: Chapter 9

Word count: 4.4k

Genre: High School au, angst, fluff

Sorry this is kind of late. Anyway, thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! Hope you enjoy, let me know if you’re still reading. haha :)

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Parts:  one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight

When you woke up you heard singing from your shower and you knew exactly who it was. You jumped up hearing Yoongi sing, Skin by Mac Miller. You pressed your ear against the door, tears welling in your eyes. Man, you had missed your best friend and it had only been one day. Then again it had felt a lot longer than that. You were so busy with Jungkook that you hadn’t been paying as much attention to Yoongi, not as much as you always did. The shower turned off and he started humming the song while you heard the door slide opened to the shower.

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Just Say It

Summary: Denial is part of every relationship, isn’t it?
Warning: mention of nudity
A/N: This is the continuation of Not Really Anyway 

“I love you to the moon,” he murmured against your lips, hands loosely holding your waist.

Smiling and pulling away from him, you rested your forehead on his before you spoke. “I love you to the moon and back,” you paused only a moment before continuing. “Stevie, did you know that the heart creates enough energy to drive a truck twenty miles? In an average life time that’s enough energy to drive that truck to the moon and back.”

He laughed quietly as you rambled and pulled you closer, wrapping his arms around you. “Does that mean something?” 

“It means I love you with every beat of my heart. I am yours, and I always will be.”

Happy hums reached your ears and his lips pressed lazily back to yours. “How about I keep you here in my arms and in my bed all day and prove to you that I feel the same? I am yours, and I always will be.”

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Could you do an imagine for Loki where Loki starts off being not too nice to the reader because Odin picked you to become Loki’s wife (arranged marriage of course) and hurts your feelings but you’re still kind to him and he starts to feel awful about it and falls in love with you and fluff?

Oh, yay!  A Loki one, finally!  I can most certainly do this.  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

You heard the commotion in the hallway as you rush to your door and press your ear to it.  You and your family had been informed that you were to marry the Prince, what with your incredibly patient personality and your surprising knowledge of politics inside and outside of the kingdom.  With Thor wanting to marry a Midgardian, Odin wanted someone he could approve of that would be able to guide the throne in these particular matters, as well as keep their mouth shut when told.

And apparently you were perfect.

“But she’s so…plain!  She has no fight…no spunk!  What kind of entertainment is she supposed to provide!?”

“I thought it didn’t matter who you married because they could never love a monster like you anyway,” you hear Frigga say, twisting her own son’s words against him as you grimace in distaste.

You would never dream of speaking to Loki that way.

“You bring status and prosperity to Father’s life…” you hear Loki trail off lowly.

He was so unfamiliar with you, he didn’t even realize where he was standing…with being just outside of your door.

“And she would not?” Frigga counters.

“I prize independence and intelligence over patience and understanding,” Loki spits.

Like a bad taste in his mouth.

“She is intelligent,” Frigga states.

“Of the kingdom!  Not of anything that matters,” Loki shakes off.

“The kingdom isn’t important to you?” Frigga cocks an eyebrow.

“You know what I mean, mother.”

“You are set to wed her by the end of the year.  Either find some common ground or impregnate her and take a mistress.  Either way, your father has spoken.”

Your silent sobs drowned out the rest of their conversation.

Piecing yourself together as you sigh heavily in your bathroom mirror, you smooth your dress out one last time before emerging from your room.

You had been summoned by Thor for lunch, wanting to get to know his future sister-in-law.

But when you emerged from your corridors, you were met with Loki trudging up the hallway in a huff.

And his eyes widened when he saw what doors you emerged from.

Standing with a straight back, your eyes connecting with his before falling to your hands clasped against your stomach, you begin walking lightly towards the dining area as Loki shoots his arm out, grasping your forearm and urging you to stop.

Looking up at him slowly as his eyes continue to gaze upon you in shock, he goes to part his lips for a sorrowful apology as you draw in a deep breath between yours.

“What a wonderful morning, isn’t it, Prince?  I do not know about you, but I fell asleep incredibly early last night.  What with the storm and all.  The rain was incredibly peaceful.”

You were giving him an out, and you were begging him to take it.

He continued to look upon you quietly, his grip on you releasing as he finally finds his voice.

“Quite,” he manages to say.

Nodding lightly as you turn to continue your walk, Loki turns his glance back towards your closed bedroom doors before looking back towards your receding form.

He knew he should have called after you…but he was rooted in shock.

Lurking around the corner as you hear Thor and Loki fighting, you listen in on their debacle as you keep your breaths even and silent.

“You need to take better care of your armor, brother,” Thor says.

“Not like I’ll use it anyway,” Loki lulls.

“You know you are the best fighter in our armies.  Your sword needs to stay sharp!” Thor scolds.

“It was just a spar-” Loki begins.

“And what if it hadn’t been?” Thor asks.

“I’m not that careless, brother,” Loki hisses.

Standing in the darkened corner as you continue to listen, you watch Thor round the corner and trot off, his cape flowing behind him as you hear the doors to Loki’s chamber slam shut.

You wondered if he was going to do anything with his armor.

Making your way down to the armory, you see Loki’s sword, dull as a ball and slung haphazardly on the floor.

His armor couldn’t even reflect a shadow.

So, you sat on the bench, your dress hiked up your thighs as you straddle the bench, your left arm grasping for the cleaner as your right arm searches for a rag.

And as you scrubbed your future husband’s armor, putting the care into it that he needed to, you wondered where the kingdom might keep the sharpening stone as you begin the tedious work of cleaning up his stuff.

“Finally, brother!  Some care in your daily works!” Thor roars as he clasps his hands down onto Loki’s upper arms.

“I don’t-”

“It’s nice to see you finally take some pride in your home again,” Thor murmurs lowly, his eyes grateful as Loki’s brow furrows heavily.

“Well, I-”

“His armor does look nice, doesn’t it?” you ask lightly, approaching Thor’s side as you smile lightly at him, shooting a glance over to Loki as his attention turns solely to you.

“And his sword could cut the wind in half!” he roars in delight as his smile continues to encompass his face.

But all Loki did was stare at you in realization.

“And what are your plans for this evening, Lady Y/N?” Loki asks, dismissing his brother’s jovial attitude.

“I have a project to finish,” you sat matter-of-factly as you nod reverently before hooking your eyes onto Loki’s chest.

“Will you be joining us for dinner?” he asks lowly.

“If I shall, I should probably get a head-start on my work then,” you smile, bidding the both of them a silent goodbye before turning on your heels and silently walking off.

Smiling as you trace the fine yarns with your fingers, you slowly wrap the intricate blanket in light paper before tying the perfect bow on top.

Dark green and gold, just like his colors.

Scribbling a note to go along with the present, you pull your nighttime robe around your body, hoping to dodge the night-shift guards as you meander towards your future husband’s corridors.

It had been his birthday, and the entire kingdom had a joint celebration for both the announcement of your engagement and his day of birth.

Raising your hand to knock on his doors, you look down at your haphazardly clothed body, your hair thrown up messily as you second-guess your personally-delivered present.

Your husband would want you more presentable.

So, you settled for setting the present at his door, knocking lightly before scurrying off down the hallway and trudging back down the castle steps.

As Loki opens his door, his eyes darting around in every direction before looking at his feet, he furrows his brow as he picks up the delicate present and pulls it into the room with him.

He took stock of the card attached, peeling it from the gift as he slowly opened it up with his fingers.

Prince Loki,

It is a tradition in my family to give hand-made gifts as opposed to purchased ones.  I was always raised with the notion that a hand-made gift communicated more reverence and love than anything purchased.

Loki let that idea sink in for a moment, a light smile gracing his cheeks as he made a mental note to actually meet your family.

On my parents’ wedding day, she presented to him a blanket that she had crocheted.  It had all of the beautiful yarns she could have afforded, and to this day my father wraps the two of them in it at night whenever they want to feel close.

It was then that Loki dropped the letter at his side, quickly unwrapping the present as his eyes widen, taking in the beautifully hand-made blanket as it twinkles with his colors and slides gracefully against his skin.

You had made this for him.

He had resented every part of you…and you had done nothing but take care of him.

He scrambled for the letter, standing to his feet as he grasped the soft blanket in his hand.

I know our impending wedding is not for a few more months, but I wanted you to have this now.  Happy birthday, Loki, and know that whatever path you choose for our marriage, I will always stand by your side when important.


And as Loki’s eyes trailed back to the blanket in his hand, his arms whipping it around his shoulders as he closed his eyes and lost itself in its softness, his heart fluttered wildly in his chest when he breathed deeply, the blanket strewn with your scented perfume.

He slept with it around his shoulders, dreaming of your body lying molded next to his.

How someone could still be so kind to him was beyond his comprehension.

He knew you had heard him talking with his mother that evening.  He knew that you had been the one to shine his armor and sharpen his sword.  He knew that you were the one informing his Father “on behalf of him” in matters of the kingdom as well as the armies.

He knew it was you that was staggering his meals with the kitchen, his food being brought to him when he wanted it versus when the rest of the kingdom ate it.

You had listened.  You had listened and paid attention and learned.  Whether you lurked around corners or eavesdropped on conversations wasn’t important to him…he didn’t care about how you acquired your information.  What was important was that you did.

And never once did you expect anything from him in return.

He found his eyes lingering on you.  He found himself taking longer routes, walking by your door in an attempt to catch you leaving your quarters.  He took more frequent trips to the gardens, finding you among the flowers as you trimmed their leaves and watered their children.  He watched you across the dining hall, your lips curling around spoons of soup and piping hot desserts, your chest heaving lightly as you chugged the fine wines and decadent waters.

He found himself wishing to be your dinner plate, offered to you for your undoing as you lavished your cravings in his presence.

He vowed to attempt better conversation with you in the near future.

But just as he had found the courage to knock on your doors, he rounded the corner to see the Healers carrying you away.

“What is this!?” he roars as he runs down the hallway, pushing people aside as they gather to watch your unconscious body being hefted from your room.

“Lady Y/N!” Loki roars as the Healers attempt to stop him.

“Lady Y/N!!” he screams, his voice becoming more desperate as he watches your limp hand fall from your chest.

“Come with us,” a nurse coos, tugging on Loki’s arm as she tries to get him to move.

But all he could do was roar your name, the Healers holding him back as he tries to follow your unconscious body.

Groaning as you shift in your recuperation bed, you feel something lurch up beside you as a large, warm hand curls around yours.

“Y/N?” Loki murmurs lowly, his form standing to hover over you as he dips his face close to yours.

Not all of the swelling had dwindled as you attempt to open your eyes to no avail.

It was still a bit hard to breathe as your breaths come in ragged pants.

“Calm down, beautiful.  It is alright.  You are safe,” Loki soothes lowly as he brushes your hair from your forehead with his free hand.


“Apparently, you are allergic to the sap that the roots of Yggdrasil produce,” Loki informs.

You feel your lip begin to tremble as a tear slips down the side of your face.

“Ssshhh, my love,” Loki whispers, releasing your hand as he swipes the tear away, “you are safe.”

“How did-?”

Your mind was swirling with his words as your swollen lips part to question him.

“Love?” you breathe.

“Yes,” he whispers, his breath hot on the tip of your nose as the swelling around your eyes visibly dissipates with the medication slowly being administered into your body.

It slowly became easier to breathe as you peel your eyes open, your reddened orbs studying Loki’s closely-proximated face in an attempt to read his deceit.

“There is no deceit here,” he murmurs, reading your thoughts as you swallow hard.

You found yourself absolutely speechless.

“You will be here for another night, and then you will spend the rest of your recuperation in your own bed.  The Healers want the swelling gone, and they will be sending with us specially-made tablets for you to take before you enter the gardens.  They will internally counteract the effects of the root sap so that you can continue your gardening.”

“Us…?” you breathe as you furrow your brow lightly.

“Yes,” Loki whispers, smiling down lightly at you as he begins to pet your head.

“Though, I cannot say I won’t accompany you in the garden a bit more.  Just to make sure these tablets works.”

You found yourself smiling through your tears as Loki places a light kiss upon your forehead.

“But for now, you rest,” he murmurs in command.

“I am very tired,” you admit.

“Then close your eyes,” Loki says as he sits back down, his hand curling around yours as you tilt your head to keep him in view.

“I’ll be here when you awaken,” he reassures you.

And you fell back asleep with a smile upon your cheeks.

BLACKOUT | BTS Apocalyptic AU | Chapter Fourteen

Genre : BTS Post-Apocalyptic AU, SMUT/ANGST, tw: swearing, gore, violence & SMUT 18+

Characters : BTS x Reader, featuring appearances from Got7

Word Count : 2513

A/N: Hey guys! I have a playlist on youtube especially for this fic. All the songs are in the order of the chapters, and I’ll be adding each song to each chapter as a “song of the chapter” so pls anticipate. I also want to apologise for being such a sad slug and not updating in ages, I promise I’m working on it so I’ll try to be more regular now. ENJOY THIS PLS TELL ME YOUR THOUGHTS.


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