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Some quality Older Sibling Things that the Bureau of Balance employees have probably done to mess with Angus

  • Extensively coaching him in a particular skill only to then use his new mastery of that skill solely to impress other people and or play tricks on them. Carey taught him how to cheat at cards and dice and then turned him loose on the general population. Magnus is working on his pool skills. They’ve made a tidy profit gaming innocent guards who were too stupid to realize that a small child approaching them with a smile and asking to play was not a good sign. 
    • Angus occasionally objects to these scams on moral grounds, but has been convinced that these are important life skills he’s being taught, and anyways those guards need to learn to recognize a set up. This is a learning experience for them. 
    • Similarly, Killian spent three weeks coaching him every morning until he could do a LOT of pushups, only to then drag him around and make him show it off to everyone on the Moon Base. 
  • Once he came up to a group of them at lunch and they started speaking elvish purely to confuse him. Members of the party who did not speak elvish started making words up. They refused to switch back to common until he went away. 
  • “Hey there, kiddo, baby, tiny-small-child-thing!”
  • Complaining that they’re being patronizing only encourages them. 
  • He worked as a police detective for a while, he has a surprisingly good grasp of gross and grown up stuff. Whenever someone tries to cover his ears or shoo him away when the talk turns to the many, many, many scenes of carnage that come with the job he starts talking about crime scenes he’s been at and how one time he saw a guy’s head with the ears ripped off and stuffed in his mouth. 
    • This has not stopped non-THB-people from censoring swear words, discussions of death, dark humor around him. He’s getting a little frustrated. At least the trio, Carey, and Killian seem to respect him in that regard. 
    • They’re actually all a lot more lax about keeping him away from the lewd stuff, since he is under strict orders from the Director to not traumatize himself and therefore will cover his own ears when necessary. Thanks, Angus. 
  • Blocking his way for no apparent reason. “What’s that? You can’t get by me. Say the magic word.”
  • Trying to fix his clothes or ruffle his hair even when there is no need to do so. 
  • Trying to convince him of stuff that is blatantly Not True. He’s a smart boy and will can see through the more obvious ruses, but sometimes he plays along. One time Merle tried to convince him that since they were on the moon and the moon is made of cheese he could just eat the dirt, and he got Merle to do it first. 
    • Taako has the highest success rate when it comes to bluffing Angus out, and has gotten him to believe that the Director wears a wig, that Taako is in fact human and his ears are fashion implants, that you can just pour No Tear shampoo into your eyes, and that Davenport eats the bones of fallen BoB members to ensure their bodies can’t be used against the Bureau. 
    • Magnus is a simple man and prefers the “what’s that on your shirt?” gag. It never gets old. Agnus is a very neat kid and always falls for it, even when he should know better. 
  • He has a Baby Corner in the Icosahedron with, like, five pound weights and tiny boxing gloves in it. Killian made it especially for him. There is a sign. 
  • Avi just randomly gives him things. Candy. Bottle caps. “Here, have this rock, kid, now run along.”
Reaper76 AU/HC Thing Where Gabe is Deaf

Credit: this HC was collaborated with @icey-and-missy

In this AU, Gabe is deaf and is currently attending college where his mom teaches ASL courses.

Jack hears about the cute guy who can’t hear and how everyone has tried to learn ASL to date him, but they always fail because they find that learning the language isn’t easy. So, Jack makes this his main goal cause damn he was gonna make Gabe his.

He takes the class Gabe’s mom teaches and didn’t know that Gabe hides away in her office when he isn’t in class. Ana, Gabe’s 24/7 interpreter, warns Jack to stay away because “men like you only distract Gabriel from his priorities.” Angela is one of Gabriel’s closest friends, she’s known him since she was five because her parents are his primary doctors. She too warns Jack about staying away from Gabe. Jack ignored everyone and pursues Gabe anyway.

Gabriel doesn’t mind Jack trying to get to know him at all. Even though they communicate on random pieces of paper he finds on his mom’s desk, Gabriel finds Jack to be fun and chill, unlike his family and Ana. Gabe’s mom stops class to scold Jack and her son about speaking when she’s teaching. After the semester ends, Jack and Gabe keep in contact by sending text messages every second of the day. Jack learns that Gabe’s mom is trying to raise the funds to get him a cochlear implant so that he could at least hear sounds or anything close to it. Jack decides to help out, along with Angela and Ana.

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It was a closely guarded secret that Xaja Taerich, Jedi Battlemaster and Alliance Commander, the Hero of Tython, Outlander, Irritator of Valkorion, Downfall of Two Zakuulan Emperors (to date) and Persistent Thorn In Vaylin’s Side, had three severe phobias. The number of people who knew the specifics of said phobias were limited to a very few certain trusted (or snoopy) individuals.

First, there was the fear of carbonite. Xaja still had nightmares about being trapped in a carbon freezing chamber while still being fully conscious, something that Theron could attest to. Given her past history, it was a perfectly reasonably phobia that mostly everyone in the base had at least a suspicion of. And the first thing Arcann had done when he’d arrived on Odessen and had managed to not get shot by Xaja’s security detail (mostly consisting of her father and brothers) was apologize profusely for his imprisonment of her, even going to his knees. Theron suspected the former Emperor was still apologising, and probably would be for the rest of his life. That was to be expected, as he was pretty sure Xaja hadn’t quite forgiven him for that yet. Theron himself most certainly hadn’t.

Then there was the fear of shock collars and restraints. That had been a fear of Xaja’s from long before Zakuul’s invasion. Theron suspected it’d had something to do with Vitiate’s first imprisonment of her back when her Jedi strike team had been overwhelmed and put under Sith mind control. Xaja had been quite unwilling to talk about it, but Reanden (who’d managed to infiltrate the station where she was being held and eventually helped free her) had hinted at shock collars being used to torture the Jedi prisoners. He hadn’t wanted to talk about it either, and Theron knew better than to push the older spy on the subject.

He’d also learned pretty quickly how little Xaja liked being bound when they were in bed together, no matter what other kinks she might have been interested in. But that was something for another day.

The third phobia was far more mundane, and couldn’t be explained back to any past trauma (that Xaja could recall)- and really, if it was anyone except the Alliance Commander who openly admitted to having this particular fear, there would have been sympathy and understanding from her peers… okay, and probably some merciless teasing. But Xaja firmly believed she had to give off the image of being invulnerable and strong around her alliance members, despite Theron’s insistences to the contrary.

Which was how Theron found himself being urgently summoned to Xaja’s quarters (unofficially known as their quarters) on an otherwise ordinary afternoon about two days after Arcann had defected to Odessen. Brushing off the laughter from Koth at what that ‘urgent summoning’ could possibly be from the pretty Commander, Theron strode out of the war room, turned left down the hallway, and palmed open Xaja’s door without the need for knocking.

Dirtier minds on Odessen might have, upon hearing of the Commander’s midday summoning of her known lover (honestly, the worst-kept secret in Wild Space), imagined the pretty red-haired woman lounging in a seductive pose wearing something less than her normal light armoured uniform. Such minds would have been surprised to see that same Commander, in her normal gear, pressed up against a wall and staring in mute terror at a small dark spot on her couch’s headrest. Theron sighed as he walked up beside his lover and lightly touched her shoulder, making her start. “At least you called me before HK this time?”

“It’s fast,” Xaja whispered, still staring at the offending intrusion without so much as a smile for Theron. “It’s fast and it’s huge and probably toxic and it’s pure evil on eight legs.”

“Ah.” Theron sagely nodded. “Valkorion’s found a new way to torment you, has he?”

Xaja made some sort of strangled whimper that sounded like affirmation, then looked up at Theron with the most pleading expression she could muster. “Kill it? Please?”

As if Theron would have ever been able to deny Xaja anything, even as he sighed and cautiously approached the couch, eyeing the source of his lover’s terror with a glare. “Theron Shan, former Jedi trainee, former top SIS agent, current operations director for the Odessen Alliance, and head of the Commander’s personal Spider Killing Squad,” he said over his shoulder with a chuckle. “I think we might have to talk about a pay raise for my newest job here.”

“Theron!” Xaja didn’t find that half as funny as he did.

“Sorry, love.” Theron slowly removed one of his boots, then resumed his cautious advance toward the couch. The spider shifted slightly, a dark blob against the blues and greys of the fabric. “That’s it, beastie…” Theron muttered under his breath as he slowly lifted his weapon of choice against the spider. What else were boots made for, anyway? “Just stay right there…”

The spider had to have been Force sensitive and aware of Theron’s intentions, because it hauled itself away a nanosecond before Theron’s boot could smush it into an unrecognizable pile of dead arachnid and vanished down the side of the couch.

Xaja emitted a sharp, terrified squeak as she darted further away from her contaminated couch. “Where is it?!”

Theron swore eloquently as he quickly hobbled around the couch, hazel eyes darting around. There- that looked to be a suspiciously spider-like leg halfway under the furniture. Theron stomped down with the foot that wasn’t clad in only an unprotected sock, and growled as the spider retreated further under the couch. “Get back here, you son of a-”

The door slid open, and Lana poked her blonde head in. “Commander, there’s been a- what’s going on?” she asked, observing the scene in front of her.

“Spider,” was all Xaja squeaked out by way of explanation.

Theron heard a sharp intake of breath, and then a noise that sounded suspiciously like Lana had just grabbed Xaja’s arm. The Sith was the only person on the base more afraid of spiders than Xaja was. “What?! Where? Is it dead?!”

“Working on it, ladies!” Theron raised his head and scowled at the wall. “Can one of you get HK? I need that concentrated cleaning solution he had on the Gravestone.

“Not a flamethrower?” Lana asked.

“It’s the only way to be sure,” Xaja agreed, eyes wide and face pale.

“Hey, I live in this room too, I’d like to keep this furniture intaAAGH!” Theron jumped as the spider picked that moment to run across his sock-clad foot and make a break for safety under Xaja’s bed. Frack this, the spy thought as he dropped his boot and made for a blaster, ignoring both Jedi and Sith screeching behind him as they caught sight of their most feared and hated nemesis.

The spider had almost made it to safety before Theron’s shot at close range nailed it, ending its ability to cause further terror on the base. The spy reholstered his blaster, tugged his boot back on, and turned to exit the room, trying to not shake his head at Xaja and Lana, who were both still clinging to each other and staring at the smoking remains of the offending spider. “You’re welcome,” he said as he let himself out.

Go figure, Arcann and Koth were both right outside the door, both looking alternately like they were sizing each other up for a fight and bewildered at what was going on in the Commander’s quarters. “Was that… blaster fire?” Arcann asked in confusion.

Theron thought about just saying the truth, and then rationalized that Xaja would probably never forgive him for telling Arcann about one of her phobias. “Weapon malfunction,” was all he said.

“… Connected to Lana screaming like a banshee?” Koth craned his head at the door curiously, then looked at Theron with an evil grin. “What kind of weapon malfunction are we talkin’ here? You weren’t summoned very long, after all- OW!”

“Shut up, Koth.” Theron gifted the Zakuulan with a glare as he returned to the war room, hearing Arcann stifle a snort (poorly) and having to endure the curious glances everyone else gave him as he returned to his station. The things I do for her…

His musings were interrupted by Xaja’s loud screech that could be heard quite clearly without the need for a com. “THERON! THERE’S ANOTHER!”

Theron sighed and started walking back to her quarters with snickers from the rest of the command staff echoing behind him, tapping his ear implant to bring up HK’s frequency. “Get to the Commander’s quarters, and bring your favourite spider-killing cleaning solution,” he growled out. “Before she and Lana tear the place apart trying to get rid of all the spiders themselves.”

Fresh daith pierced by Darren with an implant grade titanium captive bead ring with a gorgeous anatometal cluster bead. Those opals are mesmerizing! 

Fic: A First Step

Title: A First Step

Author: Billowsandbreeze

Rating: G for fluff and friendship

Pairing: Jaal Ama Darav x Sierra Ryder (pre-relationship)

Summary: Sierra explores the angaran settlement on Havarl and a tentative friendship forms.

Author’s notes: This is pre-relationship, taking place sometime around when the Tempest crew first arrive on Havarl. Just a little drabble I couldn’t get out of my head. Sierra is a xenobiologist with an interest in linguistics, for some extra context to this scene.

Havarl is amazing, better than anything Sierra could have hoped for after Habitat 7. The colors—deep pinks and purples and iridescent pale blues—snare her senses, drawing her eye over every imaginable surface. And the smells—the thick perfumes of blooming flowers and sticky saps—are heady, invigorating her almost as much as they calm.

The Angara there are no different. They are unique and beautiful, and completely strange. But to them so is she. Or maybe she is just strange. With her hair and odd number of fingers and toes, she has to be nothing less. They certainly stare at her as she wanders through their camp. Some look on with curiosity, but most of them eye her with open suspicion, even revulsion and contempt. She doesn’t blame them. She’s been around aliens her whole life, known every shape and kindness of them. The Angara have only known the Kett. So, she tries to make herself seem friendly and helpful as she passes through, smiling at a merchant and offering kind words to the science teams, but she isn’t quite sure she succeeds. She hopes it will just take more time to earn their trust.

Climbing a ramp onto another platform, she stops as she spots a small group beside the shuttle bay. They are quietly conversing, and she can’t help but smile as she watches them. Their interactions are so warm, so familiar—a touch on an arm, a playful push against a shoulder—that she momentarily feels transported, like she’s not an entire galaxy away from all she used to call home. She moves closer, not wanting to disturb them, but drawn forward all the same.

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“That punk just called me ‘Grandpa’. Do I really look that old? Is it the hearing aid or the beard or the gray hair I hide behind my ears? But seriously, ‘grandpa’? Do I look like a grandpa? That’s a 90s insult. Like, I should be in the middle of a big overdramatic anti-bullying PSA or something. Shit.” 

Darren did this double helix piercing on Krystal the other day! What an awesome custom gold end by @anatometal. Clearly this ear has a theme! Moon phase plugs are by @omericaorganic-official

templarhalo  asked:

If you accept suggestions, I have two. The Black Templars fighting alongside the Sisters of Battle for the first time . The High Marshal meeting Alicia Dominica for the first time .

[Black Templars hellblaster primaris marines by Paintbrush Destruction]


Orks never changed.

In the years of the Great Crusade, they’d swamped the massed ranks of the Legions in a screaming riot of disorganized gunfire, ramshackle vehicles, and bellowed challenges.  Ten thousand years later and the only thing different were the Astartes’ colors.

The entire structure shuddered as a nearby blast from the xenos’ artillery struck the foundation.  The skyscraper shook perilously and, with a creaking inevitably tilted further and further to one side, the floor rising up at an angle as the wall dropped away.  Shouts to brace and take cover filled the air, and Davion was thankful for the nearby support pillar as he whipped his arm around it and clung there as the building tumbled.  There was no time for any further action.

Astartes lit their homing beacons as the world was filled with the thundering roar of Imperial architecture as the edifice tore itself apart.  Through it all the orks howled, and some even kept attacking the Astartes closest to them throughout the ordeal, utterly deluded to the concept of self-preservation.  Davion saw one such creature point a jerry-rigged gun at him, and with his one free hand, the primaris marine hefted the weight of his plasma incinerator and triggered the weapon.  The incandescent ball of superheated energy tore through the ork’s body and into the wall behind it, cooking off the ammunition the greenskin had been toting.

Davion’s last thought before the impact was that at least no one could reprimand him for excessive damage to the structure.

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Robotnik Art Historia- Part Two: The Road to Endgame

Hello there, and welcome to the Robotnik Art Historia, where we journey through the various artistic interpretations of the dearly depraved doc over the course of Archie Sonic’s existence! 

In this installment, we observe some the later artists who contributed over the course of what was considered The Classic Era, leading up to issue 50. While many of the regular artists were firmly in place by this point (Manak, Spaziante and Mawhinney), there were still others who would step up from time to time. Many of these artists worked sporadically on the book during this time and after it, with one rather major exception- none the less, each one put a fairly unique stylistic spin on the doc, for better or worse. And that’s what this is all about. 

6. Brian Thomas 

Brian Thomas, prior to coming to Sonic, was an artist for Archie’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Adventures book, and also did work on the ‘Mighty Mutanimals’ spinoff. By this point the Archie TMNT comic had been cancelled for a while now, and it was likely he was bumped onto the TMNT book under the basis that his experience in drawing humanoid animals would be a boon. Jury’s out on that front, but he wasn’t a bad fit all the same. His Robotnik tended to be drawn with somewhat thin limbs, and he made Robotnik’s nose more bulbous…in that respect, his design was actually closer to that of the Sonic games than the SatAM show. 

7. Richard Koslowski 

Rich Koslowski was an inker who got to do pencils for a single story, issue 37′s “Bunnie’s Worst Nightmare”. There is not a lot to say about his take on Robotnik other than the fact that he seems to be a middle ground between Mawhinney’s and Thomas’, possessing the visible black pupils of the latter and the overgrown nose of the other. Uniquely though, his depiction of Robotnik would see to treat what is normally Robotnik’s iris as being his actual eye, with the black ‘sclera’ seemingly being the shadows around his eye, a creative conceit that was actually contemplated in SatAM’s concept art before moving on to the final design. An interesting coincidence, to be sure. 

8. Manny Galan

A fresh young face at Archie, Galan much like Spaz took some time to really get things down right, but to his credit Galan really managed to do Robotnik justice, drawing him as a massive, menacing sort that was all too appropriate for the character. Galan started out on the Sonic book proper, but his ‘big break’ came when he did the art on the Sonic Quest miniseries. Galan would then become particularly famous for being the main artist on the Knuckles the Echidna series. Over time his style would evolve to become more anime-esque, but whatever the particular period, he always drew the Big Round Guy Well. 

9. Kyle Hunter

Working primarily as a colorist, Kyle Hunter did pencils for exactly one issue of Sonic, so there’s not a lot to say really. His take on Robotnik is fairly standard, though weirdly enough he was depicted as ultra-detailed on the first page and then far toonier on the second. Why this is, I have no idea- but either way, his Robotnik was competently handled if not particular noteworthy, seeming to take cues from Spaz’s depiction. 

10. Nelson Ortega 

Nelson Ortega is a bit of an odd one. He did several issues for the book, and a lot of that artwork looks… kinda lousy, in all honesty. However, his one bit of Pro-Art, pictured on the left there, demonstrates that he is in fact a stellar artist. This leads me to believe that the lack of skill demonstrated in the book proper may fall on the inker… who, ironically enough, was the previously examined Brian Thomas. Anyway, despite the problems with the final art in the book, his depiction of Robotnik is pretty impressive all the same, ESPECIALLY in the pro-art piece. It’s just a shame would couldn’t have seen more like the latter rather than the former. 

11. Sam Maxwell 

One of the last additions to the ‘classical’ era of the book, Sam Maxwell’s style tended to throw a lot of people for a loop. VERY rubbery and cartoony, many have claimed that his characters look like they’re stuffed with balloons, and a lot of the times the proportions on his characters would shift from page to page or even panel to panel. How good or bad a fit he was depends on your personal tastes, and honestly I always kinda liked his style. His Robotnik was also pretty distinct looking, with a lot of emphasis placed on his teeth and the absolutely MASSIVE size of his ear implants. Maxwell would linger on a while after Endgame and even contribute a bit of pro-Art before disappearing into the ether. 

And with that, the second installment of the Robotnik Art Historia comes to a close! Sufficed to say, the art didn’t want for variety in these days, and that trend would continue in the time period we’ll be covering tomorrow- the Post Endgame Era! 

Inktober Day 31: Mask

Devon is constantly in costume trying to hide his birth species. He’s cut off the ends of his ears, has implanted hair (courtesy of another species with an unnecessary obsession of maintaining the integrity of their hair), and starves his photosynthetic skin in order to mostly pass as another humanoid species. It works well enough for other peoples, but does not at all convince any of his own people; he just looks like he’s wearing a REALLY hardcore costume.  

Mkay! So, to put this bluntly, I want to try to do a Sheith comic/doujin just to get accustomed drawing Keith and Shiro (and solidifying my style on drawing them). The problem is.. well.. I had too much plot ideas and don’t know which one I should take. (I’ll put them under a Read More to not clog anyone’s dash)

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🎶"You’re my honey bun, sugar plum, pumpy-umpy-umpkin–“
"What is this song?”
🎶"You’re my sweetie pie. You’re my cuppy-cake, gumdrop, puckum-schmuckums, you’re the apple of my eye!“
"Jesse, I don’t understand.”
🎶"And I love you so, and I want you to know that I’ll always be right here–“
"I love you t–”
🎶"And I love to sing this song for you, because you are so dear~“
"Thank you.”