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cosplays both mother and son bc i’m my own vampire family

God, I can only imagine Yoongi’s moans… With that deep but breathy voice sounding into your ear as his lips glue to your neck, sucking and nibbling on the skin while his hips smash into yours at a slow but deep pace. Pinning your hands down to the bed, he would close his eyes because this time you weren’t being rough- you had set a passionate rhythm, and something about slowly burying his dick deep inside you had him shaking and tightly gripping your hips, groaning as he felt your core tighten around him

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Hey. I'm looking for a video of tom and zendaya and in it zendaya talks about toms ears and he laughs and say 'major shade' and then talks about how they almost had to glue his ears down in the Spider-Man suit cause they stuck out...? Lol Have u seen it?

It took me two hours to find you this 😹  Here you go: https://zendaya.com/video/i-interview-my-spider-man-homecoming-costars-474

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Hi! Can i request a one shot (or somwthing like that) of yoongis s/o falling asleep to the sound of his rapping, while he's in the studio. (If that makes somewhat sense)

Nothing in the world compared to his voice. Nothing in the world compared to the way his tone would drop enticingly low, deliciously drowsy yet as sharp as a tack when he needed it to. Nothing compared to the magic that occurs whenever he composes, produces masterpieces that he’s not even aware of their ability or their impact yet. He just does it. It’s second nature, it’s like breathing to him.

So when you stick around one night, too lazy to move from the comfort of the couch, you catch yourself becoming enamored and entranced by the boy who you didn’t think could become any more perfect in your eyes, but you were wrong.

You had heard his rough tracks before, unfinished work that he trusted to share with you before showing it to the rest of the group and his management, but you had never seen him physically work before, Yoongi always pushing you to go home, claiming “It’ll be incredibly boring, I promise you.”

But you’d playfully shove him, insisting that you wouldn’t get bored, and this time he finally caved in and let you stay with him.

“If you stare any harder you’ll burn a hole through my chair.”

His baritone tickled your eardrums, the light chuckle vibrating and sending a delightful chill down your spine. He turned in his chair, swiveling to face you, your eyes becoming wide.

“Come here.” He mumbled, holding his arms out and rubbing the surface of his thigh. A smile formed upon your lips, crawling up from the underneath the blanket you had wrapped around yourself, hissing as the cool air hit your skin. The ice was quickly replaced by his warmth, limbs encompassing you as you sat down, his chin resting on your shoulder as his eyelids fluttered closed with a lazy grin on his face.

He hummed in airy pleasure as your fingernails gently scraped his scalp, instantly calmed by your presence. His mind had been racing, thoughts scattered and twisted in his brain, melodies and beats haunting his every moment, and it was nice to have you here to ease it all. Perhaps he should invite you more often.

“How is it coming along?” your whisper caused your breath to fan across his cheeks, Yoongi sighing as he held you a tiny bit tighter.

“Not well,” he muttered, “I’m not where I need to be. These lyrics are killing me to write. I’m completely blocked.”

You kissed his temple, continuing to run your fingers through his newly dyed soft blue hair, knowing he was punishing himself, as he always does. But through his self deprecation blossoms the beautiful work you know he’s truly capable of.

“You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself,” his chin continues to rest upon your shoulder as he listens. “You’re only human, you can’t be expected to create miracles all the time.” He could hear the teasing tone of your voice, tickling your sides in retaliation, until finally he captured your lips in a sweet kiss, lingering for a moment before pulling away, his mouth still mere centimeters from yours as he spoke.

“How did I ever end up with someone as wonderful as you?”

He could feel the warmth along your skin from his words as his thumb grazed your cheekbone, staring into your eyes for what felt like hours. This is what he lived for, these small, intimate moments where he could completely let his guard down, where he could be himself without any judgment.

And that’s when he knew what he had to write.

He suddenly tapped your hip, signaling for you to move, and in doing so you crossed your legs beneath you and sat back down upon the couch as his fingers moved at his speed of light, writing furiously in his notebook and tweaking with the soundboard upon his computer screen and on his desk, his headphones stuck to his ears like glue for the next few hours. You smiled, happy that he had found his rhythm again, admiring the way he buckled down and was able to focus his energy into something worthwhile.

You laid your head down upon the couch cushion, pulling the blanket up to your chin as you closed your eyes. His rough voice tingled through your bones just as it always had, but this time was different. This time he had created something extraordinary, just as you knew he would; he just needed a little encouragement.

You lost yourself in the way the words flowed from his tongue like a wildfire, freeing themselves from the pages of a notebook and the ink of a pen, from the corners of his complicated mind and the depths of his throat. You could hear the passion in his voice after every sentence, every syllable, every breath as he caught the air in his lungs when it was the right time to do so. It was the world’s most beautiful lullaby, and it was only then that you fell asleep, Yoongi glancing in your direction with a loving smile, happy that his little good luck charm was by his side.

You had to say, this was easily the best way you could’ve ever fallen asleep.

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Yeaaa but it was pretty sloppy tho😂I couldn’t even find a way to glue my ears on! But a little girl complimented it so it’s okay

easy miraculous ladybug earrings tutorial for people that don’t have holes in their ears, but holes are okay too

hello, children of the void. 

so. anirevo’s coming up in 2 days, and i realized i forgot to make ladybug earrings. i looked around the house and here we are. yet another crappy cosplay tutorial.

(apologies for the bad photo, but i sincerely do not give a crap right now.)

(once again, i ramble a lot. bear with me.)

you will need:

  • those stud push pins with weird emojis on them (you’ll know what i’m talking about once you see the pictures). i have no idea where they were from but we have them. you could probably find them at walmart or something?
  • exacto knife. i know it’s X-acto but that looks stupid so we’re going with exacto.
  • acetone (nail polish remover) and a thing to remove with, like a cotton pad. my acetone is strawberry flavoured (I’M KIDDING IT’S SCENTED DON’T PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH) but any flavour will work.
  • black micron pen
  • red nail polish
  • eyelash glue or other skin adhesive
    • alternatively, you could glue those earring things onto the back of it if you have holes in your earlobes. i think hot glue or superglue/that e6000 stuff works well. i would suggest not using hot glue unless you don’t have an alternative, because it’s messy and doesn’t stick as well. 

rest of it is under the cut because i’ve rambled enough already

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