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No Pucks Given | Zach + Seb

Sebastian pulled the ear flaps of his cap tightly down over the sides of his head as the wind whipped around him. “Fucking hockey,” he grumbled, plonking down on the bench next to the rink. He would never admit it to Zach, but he was emphatically unconfident in his abilities as a skater, let alone being asked to race after a puck with a group of people shoving around him. His plan was mostly to try and contribute to the game, if possible, but more to try and keep Zach from scoring by any means necessary. He just hoped that those means didn’t involve him bruising his ass on the ice as he was already slightly banged up from a few snow tubing mishaps from the previous day. Biting down on a smile, Seb watched a few other Bayview residents slowly arriving at the skating rink, throwing the familiar faces a smile and a wave.

Grabbing a pair of extra thick socks out of his leather messenger bag to pad his feet, he took a deep breath and inspected the black and white rental skates sitting on the ground in front of him. “Alright, Seb,” he said quietly. “Might as well try and warm up a bit and get your feet under you out there.” He looked around  to make sure no one had overheard his pep talk, especially Zach. Seb was just retying his skates a second time to feel more secure when he spotted the blonde man in question making his way towards him. He put a playful scowl on his face and stood, hoping the way he wobbled on the still-covered blades of his skates wasn’t as obvious as it felt. ( @roerigz)