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Elie Saab Fall 2017: headbands & jewelry

Models: Lineisy Montero, Cameron Traiber, Cindy Bruna, Hailey Baldwin & Pauline Hoarau


For Belle’s iconic yellow ball gown of the original classic, Durran said “my aim was always to reinterpret the original costumes, flesh them out a bit and give them texture, but the starting point for Belle especially was the animation. We ended up creating a simple dress, because what was most important was the movement of the dress.”

The yellow ball gown, required hundreds of hours of work. Made of silk organza with gold leaf and glitter detailing in a pattern that matches the Beast’s ballroom floor, the opulent dress was light enough for Emma Watson to move in (a lack of a corset helped). And it’s not meant to be an exact replica of its hand-drawn predecessor. “l really believe that if you are a fan of the original movie, if the dress didn’t in some way reinterpret that original dress, it would always be slightly disappointing,” Durran says. If you look closely at Belle’s accessories, they too evoke the Beast’s dwelling. “There are elements that are the results of the castle being a living thing and creating this costume,” the designer says, noting the plantlike cuff on Belle’s ear, the feather motif repeated in the hair ornament, and the organic gold filigree necklace, which Durran says “is a sort of magic reinterpretation of the tree of life.”

The Beast may be a (former) man of few words, but his costumes tell a rich story. Early in the film he doesn’t wear much clothing at all; instead, he hides behind shredded cloth that forms a cape. “There’s not anything human to him at the beginning, and then slowly human elements are reintroduced,” Durran says. As he falls deeper in love with Belle, he starts caring about his wardrobe again — and the household-staff-turned-objects are eager to assist. “We thought about how the objects would have been rallying around to try and help him become the prince that Belle would fall in love with,” Durran says. For example, when it came to the outfit the Beast wears to the ball, Durran’s team imagined Plumette painting the design onto it, making the embroidery look like gold print. Not that it’s easy dressing a Beast: Durran had to make garments that stretched and moved with the animal-like character, which required alternately working with the visual-effects department, a physical mold, a stuntman and actor Dan Stevens. Even the Beast’s beard was a challenge. As Durran puts it, “Collars are not problems you usually deal with.” Ruffly neckwear — how beastly!


eveyone haveing great time hunting for eggs and stuff
ever one in the vampire clan has wear bunny ears happy easter too all

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Small devotional acts.

  • Be a loving and nurturing friend
  • Pamper yourself often
  • Paint 
  • Get peacock-feather earrings
  • Be nice to any kids you run into 
  • Get some temporary tattoos
  • Fight for love and marriage equality
  • Plant fragrant flowers near your home
  • Smile at strangers
  • Get some metallic pens
  • Embrace being the mom friend - always have snacks at the ready
  • Buy a nice set of sheets
  • Donate to charities that help those without family support
  • Drink an herbal/floral tea
  • Add more sparkly things to your life
  • Eat an apple
  • Go cloud watching
  • Blast the AC then get cozy under some blankets
  • Wear that outfit you love that also scares you a little
  • Burn a scented candle
  • Support small artists and display their work in your home!
  • Strengthen your relationships - romantic or platonic
  • Go on more walks, take time to smell the flowers
  • Gold!
  • Always notice little ones that seem a bit lost, and take a minute to make sure they’re okay
  • Support those in or escaping abusive situations
  • Listen to music that empowers you
  • Buy a succulent plant
  • Wear those sunglasses wherever you want
  • Buy yourself that extra goody you always think about while at the store
  • Get more iced drinks 
13 Reasons Why Preference: You're Drunk

Clay Jensen:
You and your boyfriend were one and the same when it came to drinking: you barely did it, and when you did, it ended in vomiting. So, naturally, Clay was very worried any time he found you with a drink in your hand. He’d constantly check on you, asking you every 5 minutes if you were okay. And when the time inevitably came that all of the alcohol came back up, he would sit with you and hold you hair as you puked, rubbing your back and whispering sweet nothings in your ear. Once you were finished, he would help you stand to brush your teeth and you would give him an embarrassed smile and thank him for being there for you. “I’ll never leave your side, babe.” he’d say, pressing a kiss to your forehead.

Jeff Atkins:
Jeff’s main concern when you were drinking was always your safety. He wasn’t big on drinking himself, so he’d always be sober and volunteer to be your designated driver. Jeff would make sure you were drinking responsibly. “How many drinks have you had, babe?” and “Here, drink this water for me” would constantly flow from his mouth. He’d keep an eye on you at all times too, so that when he saw you stumble a little too close to the pool, he could run and catch you before you hurt yourself. At the end of the night, he’d stop at your favorite fast food place and (gently) force you to eat as many carbs as you could. Of course, you’d thank him the next day when you didn’t have a hangover.

Alex Standall:
Drinking always made you a little more needy. After a couple of drinks, your walls would come down and you’d find yourself craving the feeling of Alex’s arms around you or his lips on yours. This was the point in the night when you would seek him out at whatever party you two were at. A smile would always form on his lips when he saw you stumbling toward him, eyes locked on him. “Hey babygirl, I was wondering when you’d be joining me” he’d say with a chuckle as you fell into his open arms. “Missed you.” you’d slur, letting yourself get cozy on the couch next to you. This was how you two would spend the rest of the night– cuddled up on someone’s couch, focused solely on each other, despite the party raging on around you two.

Justin Foley:
Justin was no stranger to the drunk version of his girlfriend. He knew you could handle your liquor well– maybe even better than he could. What worried him wasn’t whether you’d be okay, it was how other guys acted towards you. It was no secret that you and Justin were dating, but sometimes that didn’t seem to matter to the other jocks at Liberty. Those moments tended to come when there was alcohol present. He trusted you completely, but trusting everyone else? Not so much. This was why Justin always had an arm around you when you were drinking. He was afraid of what could happen if someone else cornered you when you were drunk and he wasn’t there to protect you. He’d just smile and say, “Gotta keep my princess safe” before peppering you with kisses.

Zach Dempsey:
You’d found that it was very easy to lose track of Zach at the big post-win parties that he drags you to. It doesn’t surprise you–he’s the star athlete, the center of attention. When this happened, though, you’d often entertain yourself with alcohol. Zach would be sure to know where you are at every moment– a quick glance at you every now and then, a “where are you?” text when he lost you. But all too often, he’d get dragged away by his teammates and you wouldn’t get to spend much time with him until the party began to die down. By this time, you’d had plenty to drink and that alcohol was making you sleepy. This was when Zach would find you, half asleep on the couch. He’d sigh before tucking a piece of hair behind your ear, his feather-light touch just enough to make your eyes flutter open. “Ready to go, my love?” he’d ask, before picking you up bridal style and carrying you to the car. You’d fall into a deep sleep before making it to his house, where he’d carry you to bed, placing a kiss on your head and whispering “I love you” before drifting to sleep next to you.