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THEORY: Willy Wonka is secretly George Weasley from Harry Potter. After the events of the books, George used wizard time-travel technology (that is, the Time-Turner, a device that is used once and never mentioned again) to go back and start a new life under a new identity. And before George’s brother Fred died (uh, spoiler?), the twins opened a successful toy and candy shop called Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes. One of their most popular items was the Skiving Snackbox, candy that would give you a temporary nosebleed or vomiting fit so you could get out of class. In other words, the Weasleys had mastered magic that lets candy physically alter a human being. Like, say, this:

Aside from their candy-making capabilities, there’s also their physical similarities. They’re both redheads with a showman’s sense of fashion. And there’s this little aside Wonka makes to Mike Teavee:

Maybe Wonka’s just being snarky … or maybe it’s a reference to the fact that George lost an ear battling Death Eaters. He may have been able to alter one of his Extendable Ears to serve as a prosthetic, but he couldn’t repair all the actual hearing damage.

5 Fictional Universes That Overlap In Mind-Blowing Ways

Last Words.// Draco Malfoy x Reader

Title: Last Words.

Prompt: Reader dies and says the same words to Draco from when they meet.

Paring: Draco x Reader

Warning(s): Sadness?? Reader dying?? Sad Draco?? Is this normal for you guys omg.

A/N: I got inspiration from this post I saw on Buzzfeed, it was 22 harry potter that will give you feels, and the first was one with Dobby saying “Dobbys first and last words we’re the same” w/ two gifs of Dobby saying “Harry Potter”

Living in the wizarding world you learn a thing or two, about a thing or two, and the two things you learned was the Malfoys are the wealthiest family and Harry Potter was a big time celebrity. You had started learning more and more about the Malfoys as you grew. From the time you could remember things to the time you finally meet one of the Malfoys, you learned amazingly new things.

Draco Malfoy,” you had said when you meet him in Diagon Alley, he’d turned around and raised a blonde eyebrow at you, “Pleasure to meet you.” You gave him a polite smile, sticking your hand out for him to shake, “Pleasure is all mine,” he gave you a look that you couldn’t make out. His eyes had flicked down to your hand before shaking it. “You obviously know my name, but I do not know yours, I wonder why that is.” He lifted his chin slightly, “Well, it’s Y/L/N, Y/N Y/L/N. And it’s because im not particularly wealthy. My mum’s side is, but my dad’s side isn’t.“ shook my head looking at him. His eyebrows had knitted together as he looked at me. “Oh?” it came out more as a question then I think he meant it to be.

“Yeah, it’s not all bad though.” Your eyes meet his as he heard his father say something from a distance. “Come, Draco” his father’s cold voice talked to his son, Draco looked at me before waving, walking off with his father.

You were fighting in the battle. Who knew seven years before you were a inexperienced witch, who was shyer than could be, and was put in Slytherin. It was surprising that seven years ago, you had thought you’d graduate from Hogwarts go on and be an Auror, and never be in a war. But here you are, fighting with Death Eaters to save people you went to school with, fighting for the school you call home, fighting to stay alive.

You were back to back with a old friend of yours trying your hardest to fight for your life. “Fred,” you said as you were pressed against his back, “We can do it,” your voice came out in more of a whimper, as Fred casted a spell at his opponent. As soon as he did that we all heard a whisper in our ear, retreating the Death Eaters back to Voldemort. Draco had come running out when you were hit with a curse, as so Fred. You weren’t fast enough and you wish you were.

You fell to the ground, rocks digging into your side. Draco had ran up to you, holding your face. “I love you,” you choked out, “Draco Malfoy.” You ended the sentence, taking your finale breath, “No, no, no.” he whispered moving strands of your hair behind your ear, “We’re suppose to finish this together,” he whispered as tears fell from his eyes. His world was gone. The only thing keeping him sane was gone.

“I love you,” he whispered kissing your forehead, holding you close to his body.

Last Names

Marlene and Lily are captured by Death Eaters and Lily lies about her last name.

Also available here

It was a nice day for mid-August. The sun was out, and there was a nice breeze blowing through the trees of the countryside manor where the Potters lived. The youngest Potter lounged in the lowest branch of one tree, Hogwarts letter sitting abandoned in his lap and Head Boy badge clenched tightly in his fist, thoughts of the Head Girl running through his mind. Lily Evans, that’s who the letter said got it, and no matter how strange it was that he got Head Boy, Lily would be perfect for Head Girl. And he’d get to spend all of his time with her.

There was a crashing noise as the back door to the Potter manor was thrown open, and Sirius Black went bolting towards the tree he knew he best mate would be in. He stopped breathless, “They’ve been taken.”

It had been a nice day for James Potter.

“Who’s been?” James jumped down.

“Marlene,” Sirius hesitated. “And… Lily.”

The McKinnon household was the warmest place Lily had ever had the pleasure of spending her summer in. Their family was huge, with four daughters, two sons, and a slew of animals. The McKinnons, though pureblood, seemed to be one of the only families left who didn’t put any weight on blood-status. They opened their home to all of their children’s friends, muggleborn and half blood same as pureblood. Mrs. McKinnon was a quasi-strict parent, and only threatened punishment without ever really doling it out. Mr. McKinnon worked for the Department of Mysteries, and was rarely home long enough to spend time with his kids. Yet, from what Lily had seen of him when he was home, he was a big softy. The first time he’d met Lily, he asked if she was a Weasley because of the red hair. Then, when she had said no, told her, “Oh, of course, how silly. Your hair isn’t the right shade anyway.”

Lily enjoyed her days there, playing with Marlene’s youngest sister Catherine. She would go to Diagon Alley every other day for fun, shopping, and ice cream. When her Hogwarts letter had come, she almost was sick at the thought of being Head Girl with who the Head Boy was. Not a bad sick, though. Not a bad sick at all.

It was the most wonderful summer Lily had had since childhood… until the Death Eaters had shown up. They came silently in the middle of the night, following Mr. McKinnon home from work. As the first room on the second floor, the Death Eaters got to Marlene and Lily first. The girl insisted there was no one else in the house, aside from Mr. McKinnon. They managed to convince the Death Eaters until Marlene’s mother and eldest brother burst into the room, shooting hexes. The Death Eaters, grips still on the girls, apparated out to avoid capture.

Wherever they had taken Lily and Marlene, it was cold and dark and smelled vaguely of the Thames. Promptly after arriving, they had been dragged into the room, stripped of their wands, and held at Death Eater wand-point. The tallest Death Eater, who seemed to have the most authority, stepped forward, leaning disgustingly close to Marlene.

“What’s your name, bitch?” He asked, jabbing his wand to the underside of her jaw.

“Marlene McKinnon,” She spat.

“Pureblood,” He remarked, before turning to Lily. “And you?”

“Lily…” She hesitated; if she gave her last name they would kill her, no question. She had to lie. She looked nothing like Marlene, so there was no possible way of using that name. Who was it that Mr. McKinnon had said she looked like? Oh right! “Weasley. Lily Weasley.”

The Death Eater nodded, and seemed satisfied before a short one in the back spoke up. “She’s not a Weasley. I know Weasley’s and haven’t got a girl, ‘sides Molly an’ she married in.”

“Plus the hair’s wrong.” Another remarked, twirling his hand near his head.

“What is your name?” The first one snarled. “Real name, this time.”

“Potter!” Lily blurted. She had no idea why she said his name, but it seemed like the next best option. Marlene shot her a knowing look, before cringing away from the tall Death Eater.

He laughed and leaned in. “Do you think I’m stupid?”

Lily didn’t answer.

“The Potter’s have a son, not a daughter.”

“I’m illegitimate.” Lily insisted.

“She is,” Marlene perked up. “My family’s close with the Potters, I can vouch for–”

“Shut up!” The short Death Eater slapped Marlene.

“Goyle,” The tall one snapped; then turned back to the girls. “Maybe if we play with your friend here, you’ll decide to tell us?” Suddenly there was screaming, and Marlene’s body contorted in pain. Lily shouted, reaching out to her friend, but was thrown back by a nonverbal spell.

“What’s your name?” The tall on moved his wand off of Marlene. Lily glanced at her friend and caught the small, near imperceptible shake of her head.

“It’s Potter, I told you!”


“I’m not lying!”

Crucio!” The screams came from Lily this time. She clenched her jaw together so tightly–to prevent her name from slipping out–that she thought she might never be able to open it again. She had no concept of time, or how long they’d been torturing her. All she knew was that it was like someone poured white-hot magma into her blood, and was simultaneously punching her in the gut. Then it stopped, and there was a faint ringing in her ears.

The Death Eater leaned down close to Lily’s face, enough so she could see the smallest bit of blonde hair escaping his head covering. “We’ll be back in an hour; maybe you’ll remember your name by then.” And he left with the others, leaving Marlene and Lily in the dark.

After a tense minute of silence where they gathered their strength back up, both girls immediately began searching for a way out of the room, or a way to light up the room. It was around ten minutes of searching before Marlene gave up and began to whisper lumos as she concentrated on the idea of a blue light.

“Lily, help me out here,” Marlene sighed.

“I haven’t done wandless magic since I was a kid, Mar.” Lily shook her head, but Marlene couldn’t see that. “And even then it was accidental.”

“Well how else are we going to see?”

Lily hesitated. “…Fine.” They began to whisper the spell again, concentrating very hard. Then when Lily was nearly ready to stop again, a small blue light took shape above them, and a rumble shook the building in the same moment. The room was all stone with no visible entrance, like the wall leading to Diagon Alley. While remaining concentrated on the light, they waited for whatever the rumbling meant. Maybe the whole building was coming down on them. Maybe aurors were coming. Maybe it was just a mini-earthquake.

The earthquake seemed less and less likely as the sound of shouts and footsteps neared the girls’ cell. Both lost concentration on the light, plunging the room back into darkness, and began shouting at the top of their lungs. They were both thrown back and the wall was blown away. In the rubble stood two people they vaguely recognized from school, and two people they definitely did. James and Sirius were the first to rush forward and help them up. James pulled Lily into a bone crushing hug, that she normally would have pushed out of, but instead found herself melting into.

“They didn’t do anything to you, did they?” James whispered furiously, running his fingers gently through her hair.

“Cruciatus,” Lily murmured, squeezing her eyes shut.

James intake of breath was enough to drain the last of any adrenaline that had kept her upright. Her knees gave out and she collapsed against James. He stumbled a bit at the sudden weight. “Lily? Hey, Lily, c’mon. Lily? Please be alright.”

“Fine,” She muttered, securing her arms around his neck. “Don’t think I can walk.” He nodded, lifting her into his arms bridal style. When she nuzzled into his neck, and James turned to lightly kiss her temple, Sirius turned a questioning eye to Marlene, who he was supporting.

“Can you walk?”

“I was under for a minute, Lily was under for ten.” Marlene shook her head. “I can walk fine, just… don’t let go of me.”

Sirius nodded, glancing back at James and Lily.

“She said her name was Lily Potter.” Marlene muttered under her breath to Sirius.

He grinned slightly. “Wait ‘til James hears about that.”

“Let’s just focus on getting out.”

“Right,” Sirius nodded, glancing at the other two people who had been standing guard. “Any Death Eaters left?”

“Nah, they’ve all apparated out or been captured.” One grinned.

“Seems like they’re afraid of the big bad Order.” The other laughed.

“Aurors this time.” The first corrected.

“Tomato, potato.” The second shrugged.

“That’s not how the saying goes, Gid.”

“Whatever you say, Fab.”

James and Sirius shared a look before helping the girls out of the room, and apparating away. They ended up at St. Mungo’s, toting Marlene and Lily in. Healers rushed over, and began seeing to their treatment. James didn’t let on, but he had heard what Marlene said to Sirius about Lily using his last name. He pretended that it didn’t mean anything, but as she gripped him so tightly, it was hard. He almost didn’t want to give her up to a healer.

But before Lily could be taken away, she looked up at James. “Congrats on getting Head Boy.”

“Same to you, but replace boy with girl.” He said mind still half on the name business.

“This year should be interesting.” She commented, but James didn’t have time to respond or think before a Healer took Lily away.

“Interesting,” He echoed.

Lily Potter. It had a ring to it.

“I saw Henry the other day.” Dipper curled up a bit more around the soft little thing in his arms and huffed. “Okay, I know it wasn’t actually Henry. Clearly. He has a new life now, new personality, new gender, whatever, but I saw those horn nubs on her soul and I recognized it immediately, and I probably shouldn’t have felt so happy. We’ve already had this dumb ‘reincarnations aren’t the same people’ talk WAY too many times but like…”

The pink ball in his arms cooed happily during his pause.

“You remember when we saw Wendy that one time?

“The triplets were twenty-three and it had been literally years since any of us had talked to her or even seen her face. I don’t think we had ever gone that long without keeping in touch before…and thank god we never did again until she died. She had a different haircut and a broken nose… she was going through this weird midlife crisis phase that kind of equated to protesting against violence and wearing fancy dresses and she was super into trombone jazz weirdly enough….she was even married. Boy, that didn’t last long.”

He couldn’t help but smile at the memory and the baby let out a squeal of laughter in response to his aura. “None of us were convinced by her hippie charade at all, and you had gained so much weight that you were actually trying to diet. I think that must have been the first time I’ve ever seen you refuse sugar.

"Henry was still the same old Henry, just he had been reading that cursed book every night for a few weeks, and had told NONE of us and it had been slowly driving him kind of magic crazy without ANY of us noticing….at least not until Wendy came to visit and he kind of reached his peak in the middle of dinner.” The boy laughed to himself and only then did Dipper realize that the baby wasn’t making any more noises…which lead to him being cognitive of his body absentmindedly rocking the child to sleep.

He felt like he should stop the motion. Rocking back and forth like this while on the physical plane would get tiring quickly, but the action was so comforting that he continued. “My point is we were all completely different people from how we had been when we first met. We looked different and had different tastes and different lives. Hell, Henry even had a different set of memories that involved a moon witch and visions of Gorl'go'path the Eater of Ears. None of the mattered, though. I remember, I saw that patch of bright red hair when she first drove up the path and dodged out the driver’s seat. It had been forever since I had seen her and I recognized her immediately by it and the minute I did, I just remember feeling so elated.”

He lowered his voice now, speaking more to himself. Not that it mattered. Mizar wouldn’t remember this conversation, in fact he was depending on it. “Even during dinner, when everything went south. Gosh, I was laughing so hard. You accused me of going ‘demon’ on you guys and I let you think that but honestly, I really wasn’t. I just felt so happy and at home. The flying mashed potatoes only made it all feel more right.”

He was really wearing out now. He forced himself to stop rocking on his heels and slumped quietly down on his behind. He tried to lay back even more to make himself comfortable in the crib next to his sister, but was only partially successful on the lacy pillows. Her baby blankets, while plush, were of a very thin and airy material and the crib wasn’t made for someone his size, even if he was…smaller than usual.

“It’s just like that, you know? I saw Henry’s soul today, and I swear I know she’s a different person now, but I couldn’t help but feel happy.”

He was so exhausted and this all seemed so meaningless that he almost didn’t want to keep talking, but he had a feeling that the more he bottled up these thoughts, the more they’d fester. His most recent visions of his future self had lead him to believe that his secrecy and distrust would be one of the greater blows to his sanity, and he had therefore since made a loose commitment to himself to at least try to air his most nagging thoughts out loud. If only to hear them laid out like this. Even if no mortal could be trusted enough to listen.

“It felt just like seeing an old friend on the street. Even if they don’t even remember you as well as you remember them, or they’ve fallen onto hard times…like drugs, or homelessness, or I don’t know, human trafficking. Even though they’re a different person and you’re a different person…because…” his chest shook with a nervous giggle and suddenly he knew that his time was beginning to run out. It had been too long since his last deal, probably. “…you’re slowly losing your mind to chaotic omniscience and the cruel and uncaring years that fall through the permeable fingers of immortality.

"Then point is, even though you’re different people, it doesn’t matter. You may not even remember each other very well and that doesn’t matter either. You still know them.” He inhaled deeply, trying to burn the fresh smell of baby power into his memory. He would draw on it later when he was trying to block out the sour smell of fear and rich taste of greed. “You know the inherent qualities that they have. That you can trust them. You’re safe. You talk to them and you feel young again, and sane, like the first year you met.” He knew he was approaching the close of the rant he had allowed himself, and closed his eyes. He corrected himself in a whisper, “I feel like I’m young again.” This was good. He was talking to himself in a dark room with a baby whose soul belonged to him but was also mostly just someone else’s baby, and this was healthy.

@clockworksinger answered: skeleton war :3c


Dipper blipped onto the front yard of the Shack and froze. He probably shouldn’t have been surprised to see the sight in front of him, and yet he was.

“Mabel!” He tried and failed to keep the indignant tone from his voice. Mabel, clad in a GFHS letterman jacket, beads in her hair, looked up at him from her seat on the grass.

“What’s got your goat Dipper?” she asked. Then she reached out and poked a sleeping Gompers next to her. “Heh, goat.”

Dipper felt his ears and cheeks heat up like he was still Mabel’s sweaty teenage brother (as opposed to Mabel’s being of pure energy and thought brother.)

“Mabel, can you please stop decorating my horde of the undead?”

All throughout the yard were skeletons, constructed from human and animal bones and earth into twisted forms, brought back to a semblance of life through his will alone. Dipper had big plans tonight. Rumblings had reached his ears that Kashnalia the Eater had their many eyes on his territory. He had never gone toe to toe with a demon as old or as powerful as Kashnalia before: the demon in him hungered for the fight, for blood and fury, even as his human half recoiled in disgust. But both parts of him agreed that this was one fight that he and the Flock would need some back up for. Thus the undead army.

He had left them on the lawn for two minutes-two minutes!-to check with Fluffernutter to see how preparations were going in the Mindscape. But this was his sister so in those two minutes she struck. Blood and dirt covered bones were now coated in plastic rhinestones, Mabel having bedazzled every square inch of each skeleton on the lawn. Bows were propped on skulls and tied on ribs and tibias. Fangs were wrapped in tin foil that Mabel had colored in different colors with Crayola markers. The entire contents of Mabel’s jewelry box hung from neckbones and phalanges. Warriors created only to rip, tear and destroy sat patiently docile while Mabel painted the last bones on their feet and hands (in lieu of nails.)

Mabel looked up and waved gaily. “Hey Dipper! You left these guys all alone and so I thought it was a good time for Make Over Time!!!”

“They’re my dread army of the undead Mabel!” As soon as the words left his mouth Dipper cringed. Oh god, Mabel was going to get him now…

“Dread army? What are you, the bad guy from a movie? Ooooo or maybe a video game!”


She finished painting the toe bones of one skeleton and beckoned over the next one. “Here Reginald!”

“Mabel, don’t name them! They’re going to dissolve by like, tomorrow. I think.”

Mabel gasped and covered the area where ears would have been if Reginald had had flesh. “Dipper, not where they can hear!”

Dipper sighed. “Mabel, these are just semi-autonomous puppest of my will and….is that a pink Hello Kitty headband?”


“They’re supposed to inspire fear and terror! Not be, um…” Dipper stuttered on the last word. “-pretty.”

“Well, you know what mister, I just bet that that other demon-“


“Yeah Cornhole. I bet they’re going to expect scary. They won’t expect-“ She waved her hands at the yard and the beings assembled there. “-BEAUTY!

Dipper opened his mouth, and shut it again.

Maybe Mabel had a point.

(As it turned out, skeletons bedecked in plastic jewels and several kinds of pain inspired fear and fought just as well as those that didn’t.)

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drunk/sloppy kiss

Maka stumbled into bed, biting down on her lip when she stubbed her toe on the side. She was coming home fairly late from partying with the girls, and may have downed one too many tequila shots. Her mind was foggy and the room spun around her, but Soul’s soft snoring from the bed told her he was sound asleep. Which surprised her since he usually slept on the couch if she was out for too long. 

Curling up next to him, she closed her eyes and begged her head to stop throbbing long enough for her to fall asleep. The sweet sounds of Death City drifted up through the window of their apartment. She heard the faint yelling and screaming of patrons returning home from the club. She fluffed her pillow and pressed herself closer to him, but no matter what she did, nothing helped her fall asleep.

She was about to get up to go to the kitchen and get a glass of water when Soul stirred beside her and draped his arm around her waist.

“You came home late,” he said, voice groggy and hoarse from sleep.

“Yea, I know.”

“Had fun?”



“Ugh,” she groaned.

“Take that as a yes.” He sighed and cupped her chin between his fingers, and tilted her head up to softly kiss her lips. “Glad you’re home safe, though.”

“Me too.”

“How many asses did you kick?” 

“Only one,” she smiled. “He accidentally touched my ass so I punched him in the face and gave him a lesson on how to treat a lady.”

“That’s my meister,” he chuckled.

She found sleep easier when it happened curled in his arms with his steady heart beating against her ears.