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The Voice of Addiction

You hear your voice in your head saying that you need your substance. The reality is that your addiction is so clever it mimics your voice. Your addiction only lies. You do not need it. You do not have to ever take a sip, shoot up, snort a line, or smoke it ever again. You will thrive without it rather than just surviving. You have the strength to fight back against your addiction. So punch it in the jaw when it tries to whisper sweet lies into your ear.

High on Love (and Morphine)

Requested by @princessnightwing : Can I please ask for a Dick Grayson x Female Reader story? <:3 The reader gets really injured on patrol and has to take strong meds, so she’s loopy. You can decide what random things she might say, but at some point she says “I could beat the snot out of you.” (or something like that) and Dick just responds with “I know.” and a smile. Please and thank you!!! Thank you so much! 💙

A/N: Sorry this took so long love, and that it’s so short! If you’d like me to write something a little longer just let me know! ❤️

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“Dick,” You blinked groggily up at your boyfriend, waving him over to your bed in the medbay with exaggerated, sloppy movements.
“Yes sweetheart?” Dick was grinning at you when he walked over, and you didn’t like it. This was serious. “Come closer,” you complained when he stopped next to the bed and tucked a few stray strands of hair behind your ear. He chuckled but obliged, leaning down so that his face hovered above yours, expression full of mirth.

You grabbed him by the shoulder, tugging so that he was close enough that you were able to stage whisper in his ear. “I think Alfred drugged me,” You released him, settling back into the pillows and frowning in deep concern up at him. “I’m pretty sure he did too,” He nodded, barely concealed laughter in his voice. “You were stabbed in the ribs last night babe, you’re on morphine for the pain,”

“Ohhh,” You glanced down at your body under the sheets, poking at your ribs where you guessed the injury was. “Ow,” You mumbled, surprised at the flair of pain the action brought. Dick sat down on the edge of the bed, taking your hands in his, bringing them to his lips to kiss your knuckles.
“That’s what happens when you don’t wait for backup,” He stated sternly, but you could see the slight upwards quirk of his lips that he was trying and failing to hide behind your hands. You huffed. “I could still beat the snot out of you Grayson,”

Your eyelids were getting heavy now, and you gave in to the temptation of closing them without any struggle. “I know,” You could hear the warmth in his voice, and a moment later you felt his lips brush against your forehead. “Dick?” You mumbled sleepily. “Hmm?” “Stay with me,”

You could feel the darkness swimmimg behind your eyelids, threatening to pull you under again. You didn’t want to leave Dick, not when the last time the darkness had taken you it had almost been forever. “I’ll be right here,” The promise seemed to come from far away, but you hummed in answer anyway, hoping he could hear you. “Love you Dick,” The pressure around your fingers squeezed tighter. “I love you too,” You sighed contentedly, finally letting go and allowing the darkness to pull you under. You knew that when you woke Dick would be there waiting for you.