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etsyfindoftheday 2 | 10.19.17

theme thursday: jewelry + hair accessory pairings

geometric accessories by sanktoleonojewelry

sanktoleonojewelry’s bold metallic style ranges from edgy and spiky to soft and rounded, so you can find the perfect piece to suit your own look — from hair sticks to ear jackets, you’ll experience something unique every time you visit.


etsyfindoftheday | BLACK FRIDAY GIFTS | 11.25.16

gift idea: jewelry
featured: amazing fine jewelry by mineralogydesign

  • champagne diamond dot ring
  • pear rose-cut yellow diamond earrings, OOAK
  • recycled gold baguette diamond earrings
  • rose quartz + hammered disc crescent necklace
  • kyanite + druzy arc necklace
  • sodalite rectangle double curve necklace, OOAK

Egyptian Terracotta “Hyksos” Concubine Figure, Second Intermediate Period, 15th-17th Dynasty, 1650-1550 BC

The nude figure, standing with her incised hands resting on her thighs, modeled with long tapering legs, wearing an applied triple strand collar framing her small breasts, the broad face modeled with incised linear eyes and a short ridged nose, with pierced disc earrings, her coiffure pierced with three holes, 17cm

The Ancient Cypriot King Who Commited Suicide

This is an excessively rare Greek silver distater from Paphos (Cyprus), struck under King Nikokles and is among the finest of all Cypriot coins. Only four genuine coins of this type are known.

Nikokles was one of the most powerful of the late kings in Cyprus, but he, like all the others, was overthrown by Ptolemy I. As a result of his failure, Nikokles and his entire family all committed suicide. Clearly, he had been chafing under Ptolemaic suzerainty at that time and producing such flamboyant coins might be seen as a way of attempting to emphasize his own importance. If this were the case, it resulted in his downfall, and the clear probability that the Ptolemaic authorities in Cyprus made a conscious effort to melt down all the coins of this type they could find; thus helping to explain its enormous rarity today.

The coin was struck circa 325-309 BC in the Persic standard with the head of Aphrodite on the obverse.  She is wearing an elaborate tiara composed of a mural crown with four towers, a disc earring with a triple pendant and a pearl necklace; behind her neck, π∫Å. The reverse shows Apollo, wearing a laurel wreath and nude but for a cloak over his shoulders, seated left on an omphalos, holding an arrow in his right hand and a bow, the bottom of which rests on the ground, in his left; to left, laurel branch.

Aphrodite was the most prominent deity at Paphos (her sanctuary was famous), and her importance is emphasized by the letters on the obverse: Π[αφου] ΒΑ[σιλισσα] = Queen of Paphos. This is emphasized by the mural crown she wears as well, since it symbolizes the powerful walls of Old Paphos (the city of New Paphos was almost certainly founded by Ptolemy I), of which she was the protectress. On the reverse we find Apollo, the syncretized version of Hylates, a similar god originally worshiped on Cyprus (nearby Kourion, a town not far away from Paphos on the west coast of the island, was famous for its sanctuary to Apollo Hylates). It has been suggested that the figure on the reverse of this coin represents a statue that was erected in Paphos, perhaps by Nikokles, and that it was later carried off to Antioch where it was used as a prototype for the seated figure of Apollo that appeared on Seleucid coinage.

she sleeps alone. a.i (three.)

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“My mistake.”

one. two. 

word count; 5000+

Congratulations Y/N Y/L/N! You have been matched to an internal medicine residency at Stanford University Hospital! 

Her mother looked over her shoulder, and her eyes shot to her awaiting siblings and friends, “It’s Stanford! It’s Stanford!” They all screamed in delight hugging her one at a time. 

She had nieces and nephews now. Daniel was following in her steps and was a student at Johns Hopkins, and David was now a chemical engineer. Her father’s vision was for all of his children to go to Stanford, and it happened. There was an anomaly called Adam, but he still ended up at Stanford. They all attended Stanford, and she was proud. She was proud of her family and how far they’d come. The professors at Stanford were all familiar with her family, and she even helped Daniel with his interview at Johns Hopkins.

They all went to a big dinner afterwards, and before they left the building, she stood very close to her mother. “Ashton didn’t come?”

She shook her head rubbing her back, “No I’m sorry sweetie. He said he was busy.”

She bit her lip bobbing her head, “Yeah. Typical,” she decided dismissing the issue. Her mother took her hand in hers rubbing her forearm. Y/N shook her head, “I’m fine mom,” she softly jerked away from her mother. Her mother let out a sigh.

They met up with Alexander and his now wife Leia, the girl he started med school with. Both their parents came, and each of them had one brother who came. Alexander was matched with an internal medicine residency with a hospital affiliated with University of Michigan. His father’s alma mater was Michigan, and he was very happy his son was finally a Wolverine. Leia was matched with a different hospital for pediatrics. They married their second year of medical school, and Y/N always sighed in content thinking of their wedding. Both she and Ashton were in the entourage, and she caught the bouquet. Leia teased her about it for weeks. She has yet to be married, and no member out of the wedding party has either. Or they were already married.  

In the midst of dinner, Y/N paused and looked around the table at all these people who love and support her. Her mother was there, and was her biggest supporter through her decision to go to Stanford like her father always wanted, and to move across the country to attend Johns Hopkins. Nostalgia hit her with all of her memories of med school, and the fact that all of those memories werebuulding up to this current moment. It all mattered now.

Alexander interrupted her train of thought, “Hey weirdo! Wake up!” The whole table giggled, and she covered her mouth in embarrassment. “So I just wanted to make a toast,” he stood up holding up his champagne glass, “to many years to come. I’ve been with this girl and this beautiful woman called my wife for eight years and this is our crossroads. We’re going to Ann Arbor and going to freeze our asses off and this girl’s going back to San Fran. Where she belongs,” he winked, and she stared blankly ahead.  “So to my dear friend Y/N, I love you and I’ll be seeing you.”

The entire table chorused, “Cheers!” Y/N wiped fresh tears from her cheeks and clinked glasses with Alexander and Leia then the rest of her family and friends.

Leia put her hands on either side of her mouth, “Speech! Speech!” The rest of the table chimed in and started to chant.

She rolled her eyes, “Okay, okay. My god.” She took a taste of her champagne, and placed the glass down pondering over what she was going to say. “Um, first of all thank you all for coming here to Baltimore to see me open a letter. And each and every single one of you has supported me on this journey in a big or small way. Thank you to my mom for paying for my school and being in debt with me. Big help. Thank you Alexander and Leia for helping me get through the tests and failing them with me. I’m sad to say goodbye to both of you, but I’m excited to come back home. I missed San Francisco. That’s where I belong.”


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etsy find of the day | CURATION REQUEST 4 | 1.27.14

requested by: clarinet13
looking for: zodiac necklaces and earrings

clarinet13, it’s been too long! :) finally, here is your curation of shops selling zodiac jewelry … i’ve featured YOUR sign in the images above <3 take a look at all the options below!

  • start with julienolanjewelry (featured). they have gorgeous jewelry options for all zodiac constellations in both gold and silver. they also have additional constellations available.
  • eriadesignsjewelry also has punched constellation jewelry pieces as well as options with the actual zodiac symbol stamped onto them.
  • soradesigns’ necklaces combine a constellation-stamped locket with various charms … super unique.
  • bethcyr also has a custom constellation pendant – you get to choose the star grouping you want featured. so pretty.
  • moncadeau
  • onelittlestar
  • kbjhandmade

as far as zodiac earrings go, i found these shops that you might enjoy:

  • circle studs at shabbytabbys or chubbycrab
  • elisabethspace’s punched zodiac constellation disc earrings
  • itty bitty silver zodiac symbol studs by catherinemarissa
  • custom constellation galaxy studs by bloomyjewelry

thoughts? i’d be happy to look up even more options for you, just let me know if you need more ideas :)

Mod Note: All items have been CLAIMED. 

hello! i am a cis woman with some clothing etc. to offer to any interested trans feminine people. my url is graceebooks and i am located in the united states. i will take care of shipping anywhere in the us, and will definitely ship to plenty of other places as well (just come check with me and we will work something out). i would be happy to send these items individually or in any combination. all clothing in used but good condition.

here is what i have:

1. white button up with ruched chest detailing from new york & company, size medium

2. yellow sleeveless top with cream lace and mesh detailing, size medium

3. gauzy knee-length white lace skirt, size medium

4. grey and white striped illusion minidress with ruffle detailing and black skirt, size medium

5. pink and cream striped linen skirt with metallic thread detailing, size 8

6. strawberry sweater from urban outfitters (missing one decorative button from sleeve), size medium

7. nautical motif top from urban outfitters, size medium

8. cream and gold foil butterfly sweatshirt (foil is faded in front butterfly and there are a couple small stains on the shoulder), size extra small

9. maroon skater miniskirt from h&m, size 8

10. chocolate strappy top/microdress, size medium

11. bold print dress (seams on each side of bodice are frayed), size medium

12. multicolor disc chandelier earrings

13. lancôme color design eyeshadow in ruby velvet (new, unopened)

etsyfindoftheday | 1.18.15

gold-and-brass earrings by deucefashion

  • ribbed gold disc earrings with sesame jasper stones
  • brass scalloped earrings with stick drop accents

happy sunday, followers!! today i just couldn’t decide which pair of deucefashion’s dangly gilded earrings to show off, so i picked two :) you’re welcome. each one is prettier than the last, with unique patterns and chains and the perfect accents.