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Here Active Listening Review

Okay guys, so I finally got a new phone which means I was finally able to use my Here Active Listening device.

A quick disclaimer, I am autistic. This review is not from the point of view of a neurotypical person, so YMMV.

Just to start off, these things are amazing. I was absurdly giddy while testing them out.

There are so many neat settings, so not only can you block out/enhance sounds, you can use fun sound filters for some fantastic auditory stimming.

There is even a scale to adjust what level of Hertz you hear. It is so awesome. I wish I had more technical terms to give you, however I am but a simple autistic marveling at the wonders of modern technology.

It might sound odd, but it makes me feel safe inside my head. 

There are so many startling things in the world that make me flinch, and there are so many things that I miss because of my auditory processing disorder. This device really helps reduce those issues.
I know some autistic people, including myself, wear jackets even when it’s warm because it feels like we’re wearing armor, it feels safer. HAL is kind of like that.

Some important info:

  • It may take some time getting used to it. 
  • When you first put them on, it can be disorienting. I got kind of a “wibbly” feeling in my ears at first, but as I played around with the settings, the feeling dissipated. 
  • If you don’t like the feeling of ear buds, this product probably isn’t for you. 
  • Your phone needs to be updated to a certain point for it to work as well, my old phone had reached it’s update limit and could not accommodate the HAL technology.

These revolutionary digital ear bus just raised $250,000 on Kickstarter in 3 days 

A company called Doppler Labs just finished the prototype for an incredible new technology that has the potential to change live concerts and even the way we hear the world. It’s called Here Active Listening, and it’s a wireless earbud that, instead of playing music, lets you control the sound of the world around you.

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