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The video outlines structure and function of the human ear; sound waves are briefly explained; animation reveals function of tympanic membrane and ossicles of ear bones and other parts of the ear. Shows the transmission of sound waves by the tympanic membrane and the ossicles to the oval window and illustrates pressure equalization in the middle ear by the eustachian tube.

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The scientific illustrations above depict the hearing and olfactory organs of various animals, including a thornback ray in Tab. I, a pike in Tab. II, a goose in Tab. III, a cuttlefish and freshwater crab in Tab. IV, and a leatherback sea turtle and salamander in Tab. V.

These plates are from Anton Scarpa’s anatomische Untersuchungen des Gehörs und Geruchs: aus dem Lateinischen, a German translation of Antonio Scarpa’s Anatomicae disquisitiones de auditu et olfactu,which was first published in 1789. This German translation was published in 1800 by Raspesche Buchhandlung in Nürnberg.

Newberry call number: ZP 747 .R34