• Saeyoung: *pounces in Saeran who is still in bed* Saeran. Hey Saeran!!
  • Saeran: *groans* What?!
  • Saeyoung: *leans down and whispers in Saeran's ears* Do you wanna build a snowman?~
  • Saeran: *kicks Saeyoung off the bed* GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY ROOM!!!!!!!

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twitter*com/BriAshUpdates/status/815330216964984832 compare this to the beach ear. i'm not saying louis hired another baby to fuck with them but.. i think louis might have hired another baby to fuck with them




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Sonja!!! The earring??? Still had me SO fucked up like?? how do ppl explain that!!! It's so strange!!!

i legit had an anti reply to my post saying they were pretty sure it was ‘the button on his jacket

… the baby not only was not wearing a jacket in that picture but also THE COLLAR OF THE SHIRT WASN’T EVEN TOUCHING THE EAR

so basically they make shit up and try to pass it off as fact in the most patronizing way possible a la donald trump

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I mean, yikes, that's the most he's ever said before. Doesn't it make you think that it's real? Or at least it's signed up for this long term? He seems really happy and relaxed today, not bothered by the idea of that coming. I don't know. If he's happy being a dad, whatever the circumstances, I guess that's that. We can't change it.

nope. it means that, as of right now, this bullshit is still the official narrative and if the hosts keep pushing the topic during an interview louis is literally forced to respond. 

we don’t know if they blacklisted it and the hosts chose to ignore that or if it wasn’t blacklisted because they want to refresh everyone’s memory before there’s another development or if if it’s not blacklisted because they want to get through all the immediate jho promo before ending it because that’ll be a huge black cloud hanging over the interviews otherwise.

we just don’t know. what we do know is that louis has literally been phoning this shit in forever and that he was holding ANOTHER BABY IN THAT BEACH PICTURE.

how is he going to be happy being a dad whatever the circumstances if he has to borrow other people’s children for staged photo ops? like how on earth would that work in the longrun?

if you can still look at everything on this page and honestly think that a) he would sign up for something like this in the longterm willingly and b) that it’s even sustainable in the longterm then that’s your choice but it’s not something i can even begin to wrap my head around sorry.

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Hi! Thank you for doing the 'ear post' v interesting. They def look different to me. I'm terrible at technical stuff, but is it possible that the photos are flipped sometimes and not others, so in some of the photos we're actually seeing his other ear? Does that make sense? Sorry, that might be a v stupid question x

Nope, not a stupid question and totally makes sense. I thought about that possibility, too, but luckily, Louis has a bunch of tats. So if they did flip the photos, they’d have to be flipping only the baby when he’s with Louis. If they are doing that, that begs the question of why the fuck are they bothering to do that if there is a real baby?

The newborn chest photo shows the baby’s right ear as being rather wrinkled. Alright, so maybe it grew out the way it looks on the beach? But in that photo, it’s the baby’s left ear that is showing. Both the newborn chest photo and the beach photo have Louis’ tats in the right place. (I still think the chest one is Photoshopped, but we’re pretending it’s not right now.)

In the photos below, many of which have lettering (to show nothing was flipped), that baby doesn’t have the beach baby’s ear on either side.

Not on the baby’s left ear:

Not on the baby’s right ear:

Not on either ear.

Those pictures are all from October. So maybe the baby outgrew the wrinkle ear since July?

Alright, so then let’s look at the post Tammi made to celebrate Freddie’s 5 months. These would all be photos up through June. There is no ear that matches beach baby’s ear.


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