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Nee, did you know? (◕ᴥ◕し) | If you don’t know the cute that are Mameshiba with their gross facts, go watch this now (I REALLY LOVE MAMESHIBA BY THE WAY )


This charity is over and was a complete success!  Thanks everyone who was involved!

More than a year ago, Ean lived with an abusive father who was hurting him, his mother, and his littler sister.  We arranged for them to come live with me.

When he arrived as a tiny 4 year old, Ean was angry, mean, violent, and perpetually upset.  In just over a year he has become gentle, kind, vibrant, creative, and intelligent.  He loves everyone and feels like everyone is his friend.

His fifth birthday was incredibly underwhelming.  He’d only been here a few months, money was tight as we tried to find a bigger apartment for us to move into, his mom had only just gotten a job, and it was less than exciting for a budding five year old.

Fast forward to February, when we were settled into a new apartment.  His sister got a huge party with lots of guests, tons of presents, and attention from lots of fawning adults who hadn’t known either child when Ean’s birthday happened months before.

Ean did not throw a fit or get upset or act bratty, he was simply sad saying he wished his birthday party had been that good.

Now it’s coming back around and his mom is looking to move out now that things have gotten better.  They will likely move very far away.  So I have three goals:

1. To reward Ean for coming so far and doing so good and becoming such an amazing little boy from the sad, angry boy he had been.

2. To make up for such a lousy, dissatisfactory birthday last year.

3. To make sure he has a fun, memorable experience before he moves away and knows that the people around him love him and will miss him!

But because we are, once again, saving up to move into new places, money is tight again, but I am determined! 

First way to help!  I’ve set up a GoFundMe for the occasion!  Donate!  Donations can get you artwork as a reward so go for it!  See link for more info on rewards and how money will be spent!

Second way!  I’ve set up an Amazon Wishlist!  It includes toys, clothes, books and stimming jewelry, just give him a present directly!

Third!  SIGNAL BOOST.  More views means more donations means bigger, better party!

Thanks so much guys!

How do I even begin to explain Ahren Schreave?
  • Camille: Ahren Schreave is flawless.
  • Hale: He has two crowns AND a limousine.
  • Kile: I hear his hair's insured for $10,000.
  • Ean: I hear he does car commercials. In New Asia.
  • Henri: Favorite movie ees Notebook.
  • Fox: One time, he met Tessa Tamble on a plane.
  • Erik: And she told him he was hot.
  • Jack Ranger: One time he punched me in the face. It was awesome.