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I honestly don't understand why people say Homestuck is so bad??? I mean, I finished it yesterday and I cried a lot... Idk man, I think it's an amazing story even though the fandom can sometimes be garbage. But I don't understand why some people hate this comic so much? If you don't like it just stop reading. You don't have to shout on the internet about how bad you think it is .-. (I'm not talking about you specifically in this ask)

guy fieri-

 i m ean -

lol we just say its bad for ironic purpose uvu its actually really good and addictive too

ovo so yeah

dont take it literally when people say they hate homestuck

i mean

sometimes they might actually mean it-

but its pretty dang great if you ask me 

Dean dressed as Cas (he even has a collar with plaid inside, I mean) except for the brown jacket hooks up with a girl in a brown jacket. But it doesn’t end here:

There is a picture of a boat and what looks like a dog with the sign LOST.

It’s almost like the people who make the show are trying to get a point across.

Also pay a little attention to this exchange:

He doesn’t want the healthy omelette, he wants pancakes, but the omelette is there, so… he’ll deal. Almost like he’s settling for something that is not what he really wants but is there. While semi-cosplaying Cas in Gus’ BS.

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After reading the latest reverse chapter, I really want someone to ask Gai on how strong he is or how he is the greatest taijutsu master or his training regimen because the person and their whole family is really into people who are incredibly strong even with handicaps. By the time Gai had finished answering, the person was all hot and bothered and blushing like a goddamn schoolgirl in love instead of a killing machine that people generally run away from. Who do you think would've do that?


Tbh I feel like Zabuza would be the perfect candidate, which is…not something I had thought to ship, gdit.


Attack On Titan Challenge (that i totally didn’t just make up)

1/8 Relationships: Reiner & Bertholdt

Aku Hidup Tidak Merdeka

Aku hidup tidak merdeka, dan tidak ada kenikmatan melebihi hidup tidak merdeka.

Aku hidup tidak merdeka, dan kusyukuri keadaan tidak merdeka ini di siang dan malam, di pagi dan sore, di semua menit detik, di setiap peluang yang sesempit apapun.

Aku bersyukur, aku bersyukur, aku bersyukur karena Allah tidak membiarkanku melangkah berjalan merdeka. Aku bersyukur, aku bersyukur, aku bersyukur karena Allah mengikatku, memelukku erat-erat dan tidak mengizinkanku keluar dari pelukanNya.