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Yutani Corporation Quiet Eye Dr. Elizabeth Shaw intercept April 8, 2079, Weyland Industries Project Genesis

I looked at the timeline of the Yutani Corporation Quiet Eye intercept and part of the below Alien: Engineers script to catalog some of the background leading up to the Prometheus expedition to LV-223.

I brought in images that matched up to the Alien: Engineers script descriptions of the meeting between Dr. Holloway and Dr. Shaw with Peter Weyland, Vickers, and David near the timing of the Yutani Corporation intercept. The furniture in the room is similar to what is shown in the hologram played on arrival to LV-223.

Alien: Engineers (Script by Jon Spaihts, beginning page 7, names reconciled to Prometheus)


A luxurious lobby. Tasteful lighting. Eames-era furniture in wood and chrome: the past’s vision of the future. David leads past models of planets, moons and asteroids. Holographic labels and data swirl around them.


These are all the planetary bodies on which Weyland Industries has mining claims.

The end of the hall is dominated by a huge globe of Mars.

Markings indicate widespread surface activity.

David (CONT’D)

And Mars. Weyland’s crown jewel.

Dr. Charlie Holloway

How is that going? The terraforming.

Dr. Elizabeth Shaw

They say you’re getting diminishing returns. It’s not working.


It’s the greatest engineering project ever attempted. Challenges are inevitable. Mr. Weyland’s a determined man.

Dr. Charlie Holloway
This is the writing of the Engineers. We’ve found it on every continent. And last year, we found our Rosetta Stone.

The display shows the Engineer obelisk under the sea.

Dr. Elizabeth Shaw
The writing is a formula giving the location of a single star in our sky.

Peter Weyland

Which star?

Dr. Charlie Holloway
We’re keeping that confidential for now. But that’s where we want to go.

Peter Weyland
You want me to pay for an interstellar research expedition!

Dr. Charlie Holloway
It’s a chance to be part of a revolution in scientific…

Dr. Charlie Holloway
Don’t sell me, professor. You’ve been turned down by every university and government agency under the sun. Nobody’s going to gamble that kind of money on your hunch.

Holloway deflates. Watts winces. This is a bloodbath.

Peter Weyland (CONT’D)

Nobody but me.

(he grins)
I’ve read your research.

Dr. Charlie Holloway
That’s impossible. Our research is-

Peter Weyland
Quantum encoded on secure servers, yeah. We have an A.I. division, you should know. Doing impressive things.

(he leans across the desk)
I know which star you’re wishing on.

The scientists stare at Weyland.

Dr. Elizabeth Shaw

You’re bluffing.

Peter Weyland

Zeta Two Reticuli.

He regards their shocked faces with satisfaction.

He swivels back to his desk. Rummages in a drawer.

Peter Weyland (CONT’D)
My people checked your science. They say it’s solid.
He pulls a thick contract out. Drops it in front of Holloway.

Peter Weyland (CONT’D)
I’ll give you your expedition. Ship and crew, supplies, support. One condition.

Holloway picks up the contract with the cautious joy of a man double-checking a lottery ticket.

His voice is husky:


What’s that?

Peter Weyland
You get the discovery. Control of the site. But any technology you find? Anything at all. That’s mine.

Holloway reaches out slowly and picks up the contract. Riffles the pages of small-print legalese.

Peter Weyland (CONT’D)
You take David with you. My eyes and ears. And Vickers…you’re going too.

Vickers stares at Weyland in shock.

Mr. Weyland was notified about the Yutani Corporation interest in Dr. Shaw in a series of memos and updated on the progress of Project Genesis.

The Yutani Corporation intercept was in Scotland, see below.

If Dr. Shaw was calling Peter Weyland from Scotland then it is most likely during her work with Dr. Holloway on the Isle of Skye shown in Prometheus.

Source: Inginero, Scified