eamonn marra

Top 50 Tweets Curated by Eamonn Marra/MVH
by Eamonn Marra & MVH
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This is a double-ended zine – each story starting at either end, and contain a series of 50 tweets compiled by one author of the other’s Twitter feed.

I enjoyed the contents of this zine, some of my favourite tweets include: “I’ve never owned a flip phone and now I’m worried it might be too late”, and “Whoa check out this guy using a 50 to pay for the wine and L&P she’s going to mix together”.

Each cover features a portrait of an author, which is used throughout the zine next to their selected tweets. The production of this zine is a little rough – uneven pages and there is a bit of text that’s been cut off in the process of photocopying. That being said, I would still recommend this zine to others.


This review is also published in the New Zealand Zine Review Zine Annual Issue 2


Eamonn Marra: Friendship Is Magic. Wellington, April 2014. 

This is a doco I made about my flatmate, comedian Eamonn Marra.