So I found this really good angle, while rotating. And looks who’s in the middle, a guy… 

So I did this little story.

Levvy: Do you see what I’m seeing

Eamhain: Yes, I can see looks really good, makes me want to bite, rrrr yummm.

Levvy: Don’t he’s mine, I saw him first, first come first serve.

Eamhain: No way, it should me mine, you know how much I like them.

Levvy: No,no,no,no, I will not give the man to you?

Eamhain: Man? Who

Levvy: Don’t try to deceve me, the man I have my eye on, that man over there.

Eamhain: Man? Ok I don’t care about your man, but those tress are mine, they must’ve delicious offspring, fruits, yummy!

Levvy: Ahah! All you think about is food,food,food! Though it’s a good thing!, hehe! You’re mine!

XD, my little story! 


So, Eweca have arose, looking back at Mabi, after dinner, look what I saw, a lil’ friend had joined us. Nice to meet you!

And then, I rotated the game screen, look what we saw, well atleast what I saw, Levvy is AFk here, too bad she didn’t see it. A Fireworks!, My initial reactio was, “WHOA, Fireworks! Amazing!” Lol IK it’s exaggerated, but that’s really it. Well as I watch it, started fading, *sad*, we need more, dazzling light here at the the beach.


So the 3rd day, I am here at Connous Beach. I’ve done my very first Sculpture for the event. I won 10cm Jasper, I’ll sell it between 30-40K if anyone is interested, find me on game of PM/Note me. IGN is Eamhain.

I heard that Levvy will go to the beach,(we have a chat, lol) but she told me she will go ‘later’. I used the Connous Beach Teleporter, went to the beach. I talked to Caravan Joe, get my statue. Suddenly, (*nods*), yes you’re right, Levvy is there, stalking me, Lol.

That’s it for now, me and Levvy at Connous Beach.

After she went AFK, went to do Exploration Quests!