eames office model


Eames Office Model - 901 Washington, Venice, CA | Artist: John Neuhart, USA, 2001-2010 | 51" w x 43" d x 8" h | Mixed Media

This scale model, constructed on a one-quarter inch to one-foot scale, is a replica of the Eames Office at the time of Charles Eames death in August of 1978. Painstakingly constructed over nearly a decade John Neuhart, with the assistance of Marilyn Neuhart, aimed to recreate the office with precision. With a demountable roof and cross beams the model reveals the 10,000 square foot interior equipped with appropriately-scaled furniture, the equipment and tools of the Eames Design Office, as well as the graphic displays decorating the walls at that time. Signed with applied studio label to corner.

Source: wright20.com