Micheal Ealy talking about why he turned down starring in the ‘Irreplaceable’ music video but accepted a role in the ‘Halo video on ‘Live with Kelly’

Happy Valentines and Happy B-day Chris!

PS: Yurio and Chris def are in a very serious and intense Selfie competition, to prove who’s the better cat owner & cat duo. No matter the time or place, they always reply in minutes to each other’s pic.

PS2: yep, that’s Chris’ mystery man, Masumi, yep he is naked. I guess he was about to give him a birthday present *wink*


Albus’s as-yet-unnamed familiar from Heroes and Halfwits! (Ryan Haywood’s warlock character)

I have put in the forms it has had so far (the ferret, imp and the current sprite) and the forms it could have (quasit and psuedodragon), and also a hi res version of its current form as a sprite. Mostly because there’s a butt and he’s flipping off someone off screen. Most likely Bor Ealis.


My other Heroes & Halfwits art:

“I would like to rub my crotch on the teifling…”

More Ryan art:

Oh, Ryan (Orion’s Belt Dumb Art Pun)

Wraith Ryan being dorky in Dead By Daylight

Big, juicy ‘cots

Ryan’s Portrait or ALT Creepy Ryan and Creepy Ryan shirt!