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Rebelcaptain Celebrity Pretend Relationship AU || Poultry Edition, Part 1: Cockblocked

“This isn’t going to be a Hiddleswift situation,” Kay tells Cassian over the phone. It’s two weeks into the fake dating situation with him and Jyn Erso, and Kay is checking in to make sure his best client remains on his best behavior.

“A what?”


“Please stop speaking in binary code, Kay,” Cassian says, running a hand through his hair, “and explain.”

“How is it possible that you are as big of a star as you are and have no idea what is going on in this town?” Kay says, his exasperation unfiltered as per usual. “Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift. They dated, as you may recall.”

“I do not.”


“I am as big of a star as I am because I work very hard at what I do, and I don’t spend my time reading the gossip magazines. But continue.” Cassian presses the phone to shoulder and walks over to his closet, picking through his dress shirts, frowning at what Kay had indicated was a need for “Baja casual.” Tonight is to be the their first “for public consumption” date. Fish tacos on Venice Beach, followed by a walk on the Boardwalk, and Cassian isn’t exactly nervous about it. Uneasy might be a better word. But he’s also not opposed to it either-–it being a fake date with Jyn–because they had at least their first get-to-know each other dinner earlier, and she’s intriguing to say the least.

“I am simply informing you that this contract with Jyn Erso does not require the level of publicity and demonstrativeness of the Hiddleswift relationship, but you still must be seen together and act as appropriate as a romantic partnership. Just refrain from lifting her up into the air and dipping her while you kiss. Subtlety will be the most effective method.”

“You really sell this to me so well, Kay.”

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I was a month ago at Highclere castle trying to understand the real layout of the first floor and comparing it with what we see in the serie. Somebody was asking to describe it, Ok I’ll try to do it ( may be was it already done on Tumblr, I don’t know). Sorry for the terrible drawing I made, but it may help. This one is drawn from a plan posted a long time ago, I post it under, and I’ll also try to explain what is wrong on this official plan. All the rooms we see in the first serie are more or less what we can see during the visit. We know that after, they were shot at Ealing studios. Cora’s bedroom, Sybil’s, Edith’s, Pamuk’s are “real ones”. Sybil’s is just above the main entrance, behind the huge stone arms we can see when she sits at her table. But there is some differences. Mary’s room seems to be on the left side of Cora’s but we must leave a place to Robert’s who come in Cora’s room from the left side of the window and that is not possible. Robert’s room (number 1 on my drawing) has only one window, Mary’s ( number 2) at least, has two and at Highclere it’s just the contrary. During the visit we don’t see any room which can look like Mary’s or Robert’s rooms. So, or they were artificially created or they lay somewhere else than around the gallery ( the only rooms we don’t visit are the small dressing rooms on both side of Pamuk’s room and the rooms 4 and 5 on my drawing. In any way in the serie, Mary’s bedroom has three windows, one at right angle to another one and that is also impossible at Highclere due to the four corner towers. We also have the problem of the nursery which seems to lay further on the left side of Mary’s room, but the door with the nursery sign is the one of room 2. All the staircases are the real ones, even the red staircase ( 6 on the drawing) we can see in S2CS when Anna notices lord Hepworth and Shore going upstairs. This stairs is the only one to climb until the third floor and communicates to the first floor with a small corridor. These stairs give acces to the 4 and 5 rooms. Room number 3 may be the duke of Crowborough’ room entrance, but I’m not sure at all. On the official plan (second picture), there is some errors I don’t understand why : letters A ( the wall of the room is not drawn) B ( the gallery is continuous, there is no door), C (the same, there is no wall), D ( the same, there is no stairs and no wall behind).