THIS IS A FORMAL STATEMENT ABOUT MY DOLLZONE HAL,  EALDRED, any doubtful people please do note me if you have any questions.

Recently there’s been some mild drama going on about how I copied namiren’s doll and character Alex. This is a post explaining in explicit detail how and when Ealdred’s character was conceived and created and why I couldn’t have possibly copied her doll. I’m also going to post details to show how the two dolls and characters are grossly different, so please, do stay with me.

First things first I love namiren’s work and I love her dolls, we also happen to share a very similar taste in things. I started the hobby in early 2011 and my first doll was Nowe a white skin Doll Leaves’ Wish. I’m not sure if namiren got her Wish before or after me but either way I believe both look wonderful in their own way. We also both own a Doll Chateau Hugh, although hers is modded and we had once discussed about it if memory doesn’t fail me. 

And then we come to my boy, Ealdred. The sketch above is the first ever concept I have done of my boy although at the time he had no name or a definite character. It exists in my old agenda I used to drag back and forward with me to University and is dated January 7th, 2012. I don’t know when namiren created her Alex because I only found out about her around this time last year I believe but she has stated before that she’s had Alex for a year and a half which would make my drawing older than her doll. 

So, for those of you who know mori fashion, mori girls are supposed to look like they come from the forest, and in the fantasy setting all my dolls and my friend’s exist there actually exists a domain that is basically one huge forested world. Ealdred is from that place. But there is a catch; humans do not exist in Terra Orbis. Its main inhabitants are the tree folk (trees in the form of people) and more or less anthropomorphic animals or people with animalistic features in turn (for example felines are entirely anthropomorphic, with fur covering their entire bodies, paws, they purr when petted and so on so forth, whereas deer only bear their antlers as evidence of their kind and birds have winged arms.) That’s where Eal’s antlers come from (and the reason he has such dark lips). Being a fawn, he also has speckles on his cheeks and quite a lot more of them down his back.

So why is he a deer to begin with? First of all I love deer, them being one of my favorite animals and one of my most common themes in drawing (I’ve drawn deer people and human faced deer for the best part of my life, more than 14 years now) and secondly deer are a common motif in mori, so…

As for the clothing;

  1. I love mori fashion, I have liked it since I first read about it somewhere in 2011 and I want to implement it in my dolls, my MNF Shushu also dresses in a mixture of mori girl/natural kei and more casual clothing as does on of my Dollfie Dreams, Irie.
  2. almost none of Ealdred’s clothing is actually his. The only things he has to his name is the outfit he wears in his box opening and the pair of aztec print socks I bought off the Den of Angels marketplace. The rest of the clothing he’s shown in either belongs to my Kid Delf Summery ‘13 (the Luts Mory set that consists of knee-length pants, a shirt and a lace cardigan) or my girls… and then there’s a shirt that I made out of a pair of socks with nice fabric I picked up when I was downtown.
  3. I’ve usually drawn Ealdred wearing all sorts of items, such as assortments of shirts, dresses, skirts, leggings, legwarmers, pants, shirts, blouses, coats,any number of scarves and paraphernalia… all at the same time. This happens because Ealdred’s family comes from the mountains of the far north in the story and it’s very very cold there. But Ealdred is the second youngest child of seven and all his older siblings are female, so due to his family not being very well-off and living in such a remote location he has to receive their hand-me-downs and patch them to fit and keep warm in a place where the temperature might actually just kill you otherwise,

The wig is too similar: surprisingly yes. And that I’ll admit to, but it was in no way intentional. I had joined a Taobao group order back in early summer and wanted to pick a short blond wig to try on my dolls because it looked nice on the company’s page and was dirty cheap. On top of the wig being not very similar to the design shown on the page it was also a lot lighter in color but it ended up looking cute on Ealdred and so I kept it.

Other than that there are no crucial similarities however. The dolls are of a vastly different skintone, have entirely different bodyshapes, different sculpts, come from different companies and have a different overall feel about them. Whereas Eal is more cheerful and warm, Alex comes off as mysterious or mischievous in his pictures. 

The character: And there I draw the line because I was accused of even copying Alex’s aspects of character whereas I can’t really remember if I’ve talked about Eal openly at all even or posted anything to that effect. Here is a TLDR of his character so you don’t become too confused though. 

Ealdred comes from the frozen mountains of the north, is second youngest of seven siblings and only one of two boys. Once his family took care of a traveler that was lost in the mountains and he stayed with them for quite some time before he resumed his journey. The tales he would tell them sparked something within Ealdred so when he reached his age of maturity he decided to travel south. 

With barely anything but the clothes on his back and a big hardy bag storing his few belongings he had to learn all he could in order to survive and so always picked up books from whatever town he would pass, or would help others in order to have them teach him their trade a little bit. He also started creating maps so he would never lose his way home and later became quite known for his cartography among travelers.

On his journey he was once sent by Selvans, the Original God, on an errand to meet a human girl brought in Terra Orbis from Gaia, the world of man, and who despite having black hair and fair skin appeared to be exactly the same as him in everything else. From there they go on to join Visvaldis’ company that are on a journey to find what’s wrong with the core of the world and fix it with Ealdred acting as their tracker and pathfinder. 

As for Eal’s personality, an 'optimist’ is the best way to describe him. He prefers smiling over frowning even on the face of adversity and tackles his challenges head on. He is afraid of very few things, namely his loved ones being killed or dying and losing the ability to feel. He has very little experience in terms of intimate relationships and it’s probably the only thing that can cause him any embarrassment at all.

He also exists in conjunction with Orpheus, who although not related to him by blood or other means I tend to call his “dark twin”. If Ealdred represents warmth and the joy of living and all that is good then Orpheus is the bitter cold, a being of misery and there to always remind one of the finality of death. 


And that is all. Did I fail to tackle something here, do you still have more concerns? Before perpetuating a situation such as this please read into the facts and/ or contact me if you want more details on my doll and character. I have nothing at all to hide.


I found a seamstress that can actually work on Ealdred’s traveling clothes!!!!! 

*insert keyboard smash* aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I’m so excited about thiiiiiis. But I need to know what bringing Cecil over here will cost me first before I can buy anything!! >A< 

I also managed to find a nice scrap of actual thick canvas to make the boy a bag! But that’s completely unrelated…