New Items in my etsy shop

My new items are coming to my shop soon! I learned how to wire wrap beads and have stars in the middle. I just learned how to do fairy (7 point) stars and I love how they came out! I've seen many a star bead pendant on etsy and not that many of them are in a price range that I would like to pay for. So with all my items and much price research across the board (ebay, etsy, and amazon) I have decided on prices of my items! I have hemp wrapped bead stars which will go for around $8. The wire wrapped pendants will go for $12. And I will also have bigger ones. 8 bead pendants will go for $10 and 14 bead pendants will go for $16. But the larger pendants will also be put onto beautiful thin chains that are absolutely gorgeous! And the pendants that become necklaces with my chains will be $20 cuz the chains I buy are expensive… If this gets 5 notes then I will post photos of the pendants :3 and I want asks in my inbox about whether this is a cool idea and if the prices are a-okay! (ahlii you can’t send me messages cuz i already know you like them ;D!