MBC2 - One Direction لقاء حصري مع أعضاء فريق

(MBC2 exclusive interview with the members of One Direction)

ok no but listen fetus larry sometimes makes me so sad because they were so goddamn pure like they were so gentle and soft and innocent and they loved each other so much from the first fucking moment and maybe they werent sure about it but louis was harry’s first real crush and years after that louis basically said that harry is his deepest love and they were so couplish from the first moment like they had matching blankets and they wore mathing clothes and they couldn’t stop eahc other and louis was so fond that when he and harry high-fived he had to hide his face into the wall and still everyone knew how stupidly he was smiling and like they were so beautifully gone for each other and they would tweet stuff like miss you babycakes and miss you too sweetcheeks and harry was fucking 16 when they moved together and they were making it so very clear that they love each other and it just kinda happened and they would say things like ‘and i’d marry you harry, because it rhymes’ and harry would say that he would date louis and they tried to make him choose someone else by making two options day/night and he chose louis in both and oh my god when they let them do an interview together it was like the worst idea ever because the love was practically bursting through the air and they had whole conversation with their eyes without saying a word AND LOUIS SAID THAT HIS FAVOURITE THING ABOUT HARRY IS EITHER HIS CURLS OR HIS SMELL AND HARRY SAID THAT HIS FAVOURITE THING ABOUT LOUIS IS HIS EYELASHES LIKE WHO SAYS THAT AND LOUIS TWEETED ALWAYS IN MY HEART @HARRY_STYLES YOURS SINCERELY LOUIS AND IT IS THE SECOND MOST RETWEETED TWEET IN TWITTER’S HISTORY AND NOW THEY HAVE MATCHING TATTOOS AND ITS BEEN FIVE YEARS AND THEY STILL LOOK AT EACH OTHE THE SAME LOVELY WAY BYE

john’s belly is begging to be rubbed up all over sitting in his chair like that with his legs spread open and his chin to his chest why th e f uk ha ven’t they had sex why th efuck dindn’t they fucking blow eahc other oh my fucking god

look at this @toatupac

isnt this just great, me having to link each individual piece of stolen art because instagrams report system is trash?

i hope youre happy knowing your “favorite artist” hates you more than anyone else in this community right now.

I just realized:

In Keeping it Together we see the monstrous non-consensual fusion created by the Homeworld forcing gems to fuse:

Then I remembered we saw another large, multi-gem shard creature back in Giant Woman:

You can see in Big Bird that the gems are separate, in fact they seem bubbled which is more in common with a regular fusion where eahc gem is visible and distinct. But the principle seems the same, its a fusion of many shards and their monsters and they form smaller creatures around the separated shards:

We also know that the more harmonious the relationship between the fused parts the more humanoid the fusion is, Garnet and Stevonnie contrasted to Malachite being the obvious example.

So is Big Bird for all its mindless monstrosity actually the remnants of a consensual Crystal Gem fusion? Is it the gem shard equivalent of animals flocking together for mutual protection? What’s going? I’m sure someone has already asked these questions? Why I am writing about Steven Universe at three in the morning?