Prayers Needed

I’m so upset right now that I can’t be silent anymore. You know the ouat fandom has gotten OOC when a CSer; one of tumblr’s own; my good friend; my family; is in the hospital. As @kdanna03′s said before behind these blogs are people. Those people have personal lives and histories. Publicly broadcasting that a consensual make-out session between Captain Swan looks like a sexual assault damages rape and sexual assault victims. This isn’t a ship war. This is a bonafide problem that has now had far-reaching consequences. 

According to RAINN, 1 in 6 women in the USA has been a victim of a completed rape. That’s an alarming statistic. My friend’s a rape victim. Seeing those posts; followed by the person’s blatant disregard for the pain she was causing; sent her into crisis. A crisis that led her into making an unfortunate choice and landing in the hospital. I’m thankful she’s not in the morgue.

The creator of above post wants to play this off as a difference of opinion. Isn’t she allowed to have a different opinion? Why are we silencing her? That’s oppression. I say baloney to it all. Is it a difference of opinion when a person uses a racial slur or a homophobic taunt? What about when men persistently cat call women? Are those just “differences of opinion?” Should those actions be permissible? No b/c they’re wrong. There are some things nobody should ever say. It’s having a conscience or empathy. It’s knowing right from wrong. 

Don’t tell a large group of mostly women that the male member of the couple they love looks like he’s sexually assaulting the female. Why? B/c as statistics show there’s a good chance you’re talking to a group with sexual assault and rape victims present. Telling a rape victim that’s triggering. It sets off a flood of emotions including PTSD like flashbacks, panic attacks, depression and suicidal thoughts or actions. For a group purported to be supportive of women being so blatantly offensive to female rape victims is remarkably puzzling. 

Before you say “it was on my blog I didn’t say it to CSers,” again I’m going to say baloney. Everyone knows every thing we post on social media is open to the public. You knew that post would circulate to CSers. Whether you addressed CSers directly or tagged them in that post or not is inconsequential. You knew they’d see it.

Before this gets blame-shifted to “but CSers do this….” That’s not the point. Don’t deflect. It doesn’t make this event less wrong. People don’t get to defend this event by bringing up past hurts.  All I care about is my friend’s in the hospital b/c of something said here. If this callous behavior’s normalized; then we’re all in trouble. A message needs to be sent that it’s not ok to say certain stuff. Boundaries needs to be set by this fandom. If we don’t and we just play it off as a “difference of opinion” we’re opening Pandora’s Box. People will be free to say anything; however inhumane; and couch it as “their opinion.” Don’t open that box or we’ll see more incidences like my friend except they’ll be worse.

I’m going to begin praying for my friend. I ask everyone to please do the same. I know there are people here who like @kdanna03 and call her a friend. She needs good thoughts and prayers directed her way.

I don’t really know how to tag this but I’d like for CSers to know what happened since she’s one of you. I’m not trying to bum anyone out or harsh anyone’s season premier vibe. It’s a simple prayer request.

One More Day!!!!

Only one more day left!  We almost survived this interminable hiatus! 

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One more day until Captain Swan graces our screens and gives us more swoon worthy moments! 

 More flirty lines:

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More hand holding:

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More hugs:

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More kisses:

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More ILYs:

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And maybe some stuff we haven’t gotten yet:

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Which will make us do this:

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So rest up, shipmates!  

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*SPOILERS* Another video for you guys! I can’t wait to see this tomorrow! :):)

People complaining about the fact that Emma is still wearing less make up than in the earlier seasons can piss the fuck off. For one, the girl just came back from the freaking underworld give her a damn break.

In my personal opinion I really like her more natural look because a lot of women on TV nowadays are are portrayed as unrealisticly beautiful at all times (for example when just coming out of the shower, waking up, not showering for days etc.) and the fact that I have literally seen multiple people say they think Emma looks ill while not wearing that much make up gives me a pretty clear image of how some people look at make up on women nowadays.