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I was happy to get this request because this is my favorite OUAT season and in my opinion the best written one as well. The season finale of that epic season was also the best episode that was aired and written for the show.

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anonymous asked:

I discovered your fic Take Me to Church this week and gobbled it up. In doing so I couldn't help but notice that you share a strong music theme as is in the story Waiting For the Spark from Heaven to Fall by hollyethecurious and was curious if you realized you had copied that theme? Otherwise I love your story!

Nonnie, I’m sure you didn’t mean to open this can of worms, but unfortunately, here we are.

Yes, there are prevalent themes of music in Take Me To Church and Let Go of the Life You’ve Planned. And the reason why? Because @hollyethecurious copied my story.

Back in February of this year, I was approached by Hollye here on Tumblr. She told me that she had been struggling with her writing, and to get back into gear, she’d used an old college technique. She took a story she liked and reworked it into her own version, which was Take Me To Church.

I was very flattered at first, because very little can make you feel better as a writer than having someone come to you and say, “Your words inspired me to put pen to paper!” However, she was telling me about this because she wanted my permission to submit the story to the Captain Swan Big Bang. She assured me that, if I granted that permission, she would give credit to me and my story as the inspiration when she posted.

I was really unsure because as many of you know, I have put so much effort into Take Me To Church. I have poured countless, frustrating hours into planning it, writing it, and revising it. So for someone to rework the story and submit it to a fandom project where someone else would make artwork for it made me uncomfortable.

However, I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt, so I told her that I would need to read the work before I could say yes. She said she would, and sent me a document on the same day. Instead of sending me the whole draft, she sent me a single scene, along with an outline with plot points. I was instantly uncomfortable with the similarities; not only was the plot extremely similar, but she had used an exact line from Take Me To Church.

The next day, I expressed my concerns and explained that if she wanted to revise it so that it was really an original fan work, I would be happy to help her. She declined my offer, saying that it would require that she rewrite too much of the story, and with the strict deadlines of the CSBB, she didn’t think she would be able to. She then asked me if she could send me the whole story to look over, because she didn’t want to give up hope of it ever being read.

The document she sent me was well over 60k words, not simply a few random scenes, which told me that she’d been working on this story long before she contacted me. As was the case with the first document she sent, with the single scene, the story was full of similarities. I told her as much, that it was too similar, and I was not okay with her submitting it to the CSBB. She accepted my decision and said she would think of something else to submit to the CSBB.

However, later that same day, she got back in touch to ask if she could post the story to various fic platforms (AO3, FFnet, Tumblr) once the fandom “died down.” I repeated myself: that I was not comfortable with the story as is, that it would need to be extensively reworked to be an original fanwork, and that I was more than happy to help her do that since I happen to be the expert on Take Me To Church. She did not reply and I mistakenly believed that was the end of things.

At the end of May, I was contacted by a third party about a post Hollye had made on Tumblr. The post explained that she was going to be publishing her story at the beginning of June. I immediately contacted her and asked if she was able to take out the similarities, and expressed my surprise that she had been reworking it, since she never replied to my last message. She told me she had worked with “other individuals” who were familiar with Take Me To Church to take out the similarities. Given that these other individuals were not myself or even my beta-reader (the two people who know Take Me To Church the best), I asked once again to read over the finished product to confirm that it had been sufficiently reworked. She refused and began posting the story shortly afterwards.

Since she began posting, I have received messages from multiple people pointing out the similarities between Take Me To Church and Let Go of the Life You’ve Planned. And, like this message, some of them have implied that I might have been copying her. I cannot begin to express how devastating this is, that I could pour my heart and soul into writing something, and have someone else rework it and then refuse to give me my right to protect my work. I have cried over this, and I am infuriated.

There are several reasons why I waited so long to speak up, and they’re fucking important, so listen up:

First off, we’ve had a lot of fandom drama over plagiarism. The fact is, there are lots of stories that are all based around similar ideas, so sometimes you get similar stories. It does happen, and there’s no avoiding it. 

But this is not like that. This isn’t like two people writing two different Priest Killian stories. I know this because I’ve read pretty much every Priest Killian story. I’m one of the people who runs the Priest Killian Network. And I can guarantee you that this isn’t just another Priest Killian story; it’s my Priest Killian story reworked and posted by someone else without my permission. The similarities go far past the basic plot. And this isn’t even me being paranoid, since Hollye told me that she reworked my story when she approached me.

The second reason I waited to speak up is because I think it’s important to be kind, understanding, and encouraging. I didn’t want to be an asshole about this, and so when Hollye continued to ask for permission, it was difficult for me to give her a hard no. I wanted it to be okay for her to revise it and post it, which is why I kept making my offer to help her with it instead of just telling her, “Sorry, no.” I regret it now because now I feel taken advantage of. 

Finally, I admit that I kind of hoped nothing would happen when she started posting, or that maybe I’d even get more readers, since she said she would give me credit. However, at no point has she even mentioned me or Take Me To Church. Not only does this feel like a deliberate move to hide the fact that she copied my story, it also means that people who notice similarities might think, like this nonnie, that I copied her story.

You didn’t ask for the whole story, nonnie, but you’re getting it so that you or anyone else who questions the validity of my work will know the truth. I don’t want to have to waste my time answering another question like this when I’m already upset over this whole situation. Meanwhile, you might want to check publication dates before you imply that someone is copying someone else. Take Me To Church was published August 24th, 2015, almost two years before Let Go of the Life You’ve Planned was first posted.

Anyway, I’m bloody pissed over this whole thing and honestly now I don’t even care who knows it.

Death Before Decaf

Summary: Peter is not a morning person. Like, at all. On the contrary, you love mornings, and one day you get an idea on how to make Peter love them too.

Word Count: 554

Warnings: Mild Language

You could hear Peter snoring from practically a mile away.

Your little huts weren’t even the slightest bit close to each other. In fact, they couldn’t be farther.

It was 7 o'clock in the morning, and your brain was buzzing with excitement thinking about the day ahead.

You couldn’t help it. You were just a morning person.

Peter, however, was definitely not.

That’s when a plan popped into your head, and you smiled to yourself, kicking off your sheets and springing onto your feet.

I bet I could make Peter love mornings.

Quietly, you crept across the campsite, trying your hardest not to step on any loud twigs and wake up the other Lost Boys.

The closer you got to Peter’s tent, the louder the snores got, and you had to cover your mouth to keep from laughing.

Peter will never be able to intimidate me ever again after this.

Slowly, you slipped into his tent, revealing Peter lying on his back in deep slumber. His disheveled brown hair was falling into his eyes, and his lips almost formed a perfect natural pout. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, and the upper half of his chest was exposed above the blanket.

He looked so beautiful, so angelic, so…peaceful. 

Too bad you were about to ruin that.

You tiptoed to his bed and then, yup, crawled on top of him. You straddled his stomach, and just as he began to wake, his tired eyes opening and his pouty facial expression slowly shifting to confusion, you started planting kisses across his chest and up his neck.

“Y/N, what are you-” He started to say, but then stopped himself as you continued up his jawline, and then to his cheek.

He smiled breathlessly, closing his eyes again as you made your way to the other side of his face, and then back down his neck.

He grabbed your face then, opening his eyes again and guiding your lips back up to his. He started laughing, and you gently pulled away, giving him a questioning look.

“Y/N…I cannot fucking believe you just woke me up to give me a bunch of hickeys.”

His voice was playful and soft, and you ruffled his hair with your hands. “You know it.”

Leaning in, you kissed him on the nose, and then the forehead, and then he was dragging you back down to his lips again.

“Y/N,” He started to speak gently again through the kiss, “I hope you know if anyone else did this to me, I’d have killed them.”

You grinned, sitting up on his torso and looking down at him. “Really? You and Felix do get pretty intimate sometimes…”

“Oh, is that so?” Peter asked, and you heard a mischievous edge in his voice. “But with Felix, would I do…THIS?”

Peter reached out with both hands and started tickling your sides, causing you to shriek and then collapse on his chest in a fit of giggles.

“Stop, stop!” You tried to yell through your chortling, but you couldn’t contain yourself.

That’s when one of the Lost Boys poked his head through Peter’s tent and yelled, “Will you two keep it down? Some of us are trying to sleep, and you’re too bloody loud!”

“Blame her!” Peter retorted, grabbing his pillow and whacking you with it.

“Hey, I’m not the one who brought tickling into the situation!” You fired back.

The Lost Boy just shook his head and sighed. “Y/N, with you here, I don’t think anyone’s ever gonna get a quiet morning of peace ever again.”


rebecca’s favourite ships: Captain Swan (Once Upon a Time)

“Emma, when we met there was just one thing that mattered to me, getting my revenge. And you did something that no one else ever could. You showed me a heart full of love was the most precious treasure of all, and one I don’t intend to lose. They captain’s heart belongs to his ship, but with this ring it now belongs to you.“ 

"Killian, I’ve spent so much my life on my own and then Henry found me and brought me to Storybrooke and help me find the rest of my family. Just because you learn that you come from true love, doesn’t mean you believe you’ll find it but thanks to you now I have.”

In which my Swanfire shipper is showing

I can’t help but think all of Henry’s efforts to make Emma believe in the season 6 finale could have been short-circuited if Henry had brought up Neal.

There’s no reason he could possibly have to know the truth about his father, since it all came to light months after the turnover incident and Fiona’s curse seems to have altered memories of everything that happened from that day forward. Nothing would rip through Emma’s cursed memories like bringing up Neal, her True Love, for better or for worse, but especially considering how painful it would still be for her at this point in her personal cursed timeline, with no interaction after his apparent betrayal, no reconciliation.

That’s right, you’re a working mom, with two little boys. They’re 3 and what?

Goodwin: Three and 1. And it’s hard. There’s no, like, balance. I’m mostly at the theater. I guess things will equalize in that inevitably there will be massive periods of time where I don’t work at all. This is such a bonkers career choice that I’ve made. But I have the best husband [Josh Dallas, who plays Prince Charming to her Snow White in “Once Upon a Time”] on the planet.

Leech: I’m jealous. I want Josh.

Allen, do you have kids?

Leech: No, not that I’m aware of. Stop! Don’t print that. I’d like to someday. I come from four so I’d like to have four. And if I could emulate what Ginny and Josh have done. They’re great parents. (x)

Wendy Darling Comes To Town

Summary: When Wendy Darling, Peter’s long-time best friend, arrives in Neverland, you’re thrilled to meet her. However, you soon start to suspect that seemingly sweet Wendy may have ulterior motives-and wants to be more than just friends with Peter.

Word Count: 1574

Warnings: Mild Language

You were sure something was up.

Something had to be.

You’d reached that conclusion whilst sitting in the tallest tree in Neverland with Wendy Darling on the branch below you.

She’d arrived a week ago, and Peter was thrilled for you to meet her. However, after a while, you couldn’t help but feel that something was…off.

Within two seconds of reuniting, they had each other bent over laughing hysterically and sharing stories of the adventures they’d had since the last time they met.

At first, you were unbelievably happy to finally be able to meet someone important from Peter’s past (since meeting any of his family was out of the question). When you heard that you would able to meet Wendy, Peter’s best friend since childhood, you were ecstatic.

You hadn’t thought you had anything to worry about. Peter had introduced you to Wendy as his “perfect other half”, which turned your face red as you shook Wendy’s hand.

Wendy was also incredibly nice, and you could tell why she was one of Peter’s only real, close friends. She’d listened to your stories about how rough it was getting to Neverland, and how when you first met Peter, you’d tried to decapitate him with the sword you’d stolen from the pirates on the Jolly Roger.

She just seemed so…perfect.

Until a few nights ago.

It was dinner time, and Peter and Wendy were out on a walk. Naturally, you were sent to go find them.

You were about to call out their names when you saw them through the trees, standing in the clearing talking.

It was clear the conversation they were having was a serious one, and for a second, you wondered if you should just leave them alone and give them a few more minutes.

That’s when Wendy’s hand had reached out, touching Peter’s arm and she said, “Pete, I have something to tell you.”

It felt like a slap in the face. You’d emerged then, staring at them both coldly.

“Hey, you guys.” You managed to say in only a slightly cross manner. “Dinner’s ready.”

Since then, you realized it seemed Wendy was always trying to corner Peter by himself. To “talk” to him.

Now, Peter passed by below, and you watched as Wendy’s gaze followed him.

You weren’t one to be petty or jealous, but the whole thing made your blood boil.

“What were you saying, Y/N?” Wendy asked, her attention cutting back to you once Peter was gone.

“Oh, it wasn’t anything important.” You muttered, almost wanting her to detect the edge in your voice.

Wendy beamed up at you, placing a hand on your leg. “Of course it was important. Y/N, you have some of the wildest stories I’ve ever heard. You’ve been practically everywhere!”

She let her hand linger on your skin, and it only added to your anger.

Does she honestly think she can just try to make a pass at my boyfriend right in front of me and I won’t even notice?

It goes without saying that by the last night of her stay, you were pretty damn sick of Wendy Darling.

You didn’t have the heart to say anything to Peter. He was even more oblivious than Wendy (at least, you hoped Peter was oblivious). Plus, you were still the one who got to crawl into his bed at night, not Wendy Darling. (Again, you hoped).

Essentially, you were bursting to tell someone how much you hated Wendy Darling, preferably Wendy Darling.

After the meal was finished, one of the Lost Boys proposed a fun game to play with the entire group.

However, Wendy piped up, “Actually, Peter, care to take a stroll for one last time before we start any nightly festivities?”

Your brain exploded with expletives you wanted to scream.

You waited until they disappeared into the woods, and then you followed them.

Hiding in some shrubbery (yes, this was a new low for you), you watched them carefully as they stood beneath the stars in the same clearing as a few nights ago.

Wendy cleared her throat, turning to Peter. “P, there’s something I’ve really wanted to tell you. I’ve been keeping it from you for a while, actually. It’s just, you mean so much to me, and I didn’t want anything to change…”

In that moment, some god above did you a favor.

Felix appeared into the clearing, grabbing Peter’s arm and informing him, “Peter, one of the boys has become violently ill. He won’t stop vomiting. Will you come back and make him a potion?”

“Yes, of course!” Peter turned back to Wendy. “You don’t mind waiting a bit, do you Wen? I’ll be back in a hurry, I promise.”

With that, Peter left with Felix, leaving Wendy all alone.

That’s when something unexpected happened.

Wendy dropped to her knees on the ground and started crying.

Wow, I get you dig my boyfriend, but crying over missing your chance to hit on him? That’s a little much.

After a few minutes of sobbing, you decided it was time to intervene. You stepped out into the clearing, startling Wendy when you did.

When she saw you, she started wiping her tears instantly, springing to her feet. “Oh, Y/N, I’m sorry, I didn’t see you. I was, uh, I was just-”

“Wendy, what’s going on?” You asked. It was about time you found out the truth.

“Y/N, it’s just…” She took a deep breath.

You braced yourself. Here she was, about to confess to you that…

“Y/N, I’m gay!”

Your jaw dropped open.

That was not the confession you were expecting.

“Oh, um…” You started to say, but then Wendy collapsed again, weeping.

Jesus Christ.

You crouched down, rubbing Wendy’s back comfortingly.

In that moment, you were so, so, so incredibly thankful you hadn’t called her a bitch.

“I’ve been trying to tell Peter this whole time!” Wendy wailed. “But every time I try to, something gets in the way. And I’m just so god damn afraid that…”

She trailed off, swatting tears off of her cheek angrily. You tried to get her back on track.

“Afraid of what?” You asked softly.

Wendy looked up at you, her ocean eyes filled with tears. “Afraid that he wouldn’t think of me the same. That once I told him, everything he perceived me to be would change. Peter is…” A horrible sob released from her throat, and your heart sank to the very lowest of your chest.

You waited until she calmed down a bit to finish.

“…Peter is the only best friend I’ve ever had. Before I met him, I was just some boring girl living in a small, stuffy apartment in London. He helped show me the world, Y/N. And now I’m gonna ruin it.”

It was then that you couldn’t imagine how you could have ever hated Wendy Darling. Because, at the end of the day, you two both just endlessly loved Peter Pan, even if in two different ways.

“Wendy, you could never ruin you and Peter’s friendship. You don’t even know how excited he was when he first heard you were coming to visit! Wendy, he was absolutely elated. He kept telling me stories about the times you guys ran around London causing mayhem, or when you guys hopped on the backs of crocodiles to try and get across a lake but then Peter fell in and almost gotten eaten. And you know what else he tells me?”

Wendy gazed up at you, quietly sniffling while she waited for you to continue.

“He tells me how you’re his best friend, and how much he thinks the world of you. He loves you now, and he’ll still love you when you tell him this. Okay?”

She nodded, and you watched a smile finally appear on her face.

You stood up, reaching out a hand and helping Wendy Darling up. The two of you walked back to camp together, arms linked.

The next day, bright and early, you stood a few feet back while Wendy hugged Peter goodbye.

When the two of you had returned back to camp the night before, you let Wendy resume her talk with Peter, giving her an encouraging thumbs up as they’d walked away.

They came back laughing, and Wendy ran up and gave you an emotional hug before she went to bed, telling you that you were right, and thank you.

Now you felt a tiny pang in your heart, and you found yourself sad at Wendy leaving. You felt so stupid for being crazy the entire time and barely even getting to know her.

Wendy hugged all the Lost Boys goodbye and, at last, she turned to you. She wrapped her arms around you, digging her head into your shoulder. “Thank you, Y/N. For everything.”

Then, before she pulled away, she whispered, “I can see why Peter’s in love with you.” She winked.

As you watched her ship sail off into the horizon, Peter came up behind you, slipped an arm around you, and kissed you on the cheek.

You looked at him skeptically. “What was the for?”

Peter just smiled. “Wendy told me what you did for her. Thank you for being the best other half I could have asked for.”

Just like that, Wendy Darling was gone, almost as fast as she’d appeared.

And, although you’d never thought you’d say it, you couldn’t wait until the next time she visited.

Beauty and the Beast - Part Two


  1. (@aliaisreal​)  It is an older one, yeah. I spent two days reading every single one of your imagines. (Thanks for the list of your masterlist!) So for the part two, I think you stopped at the yellow dress bit. I don’t think waltzing is something Peter can do so… I think they should just have a walk down the beach of have him show her his favorite spot in neverland. Basically they are becoming closer and closer until she learnt about Peter’s hourglass or some sort. ©
  2. © she’d fall in love with him either way and that’s where she had this true love’s kiss stopping Peter’s curse…? 
  3. (@one-in-neverland) For the Beauty and the Beast request how about reader said something like “you remembered” cause he remembered it’s her favorite tale. Then they go dancing and he’s all like “why did you really help me that day?” And she’s all like “I didn’t realize it before but I have feelings for you. And I care and I get worried” or setting then they live happy ever after

Warnings: none

Notes: Final imagine for Pan. Also, you spent two days reading them? Wow, I’m flattered! Lol

Part One

“You remembered,” you breathed.

“Of course. How could I forget? You’re always talking about the tale,” Peter chuckled.

He grabbed your hand, you feeling a tingly sensation with his touch. Peter stared at you with a look he hadn’t really given you before. It made your heart beat faster.

“Sorry I can’t do the dancing part. I don’t like dancing, nor do I know how. So let us walk. I want to show you something.”

You nodded your head, smiling like a fool. Peter led you down the Neverland paths, taking you to a part of the island you had never seen before. You actually hadn’t explored much of Neverland to begin with. Seeing what beauties it held made the occasion more pleasant. 

“So… why did you really help me that day? You know, trade with Henry.”

“Oh…” You began thinking, still holding his hand and walking. “I couldn’t let Henry die. He’s a sweet kid who has such a life ahead of him. He’s so young, so innocent.”

Peter gave you a look. “I know that’s not entirely the truth.”

Blush appeared on your cheeks. You squeezed Peter’s hand, pressing into his side.

“I might have… feelings for you. I always denied them because… because…”

“I’m a villain? I’m evil and morbid?”

“Yeah…” You chuckled quietly. “But what can I say? The heart wants what it wants. And mine wants you. If you want mine to save this island and yourself, then by all means, do it.”

Peter gripped your hand tighter. He became tense. You didn’t know it, but goosebumps formed on his skin and he felt something weird in his chest. He’d never felt this before.

“You’re willing to do that for me? Just like that? Give up your life?”

You only nodded. 

“I don’t think… I could do that to you.”

You looked at Peter with concern. You knew time was running out. He didn’t have much time left before the magic would run out and he would die. But before you could protest, he stopped in his tracks.

“Here’s what I wanted to show you.”

Right before your eyes, you saw a lovely beach scenery. The water was a healthy blue. It was so clear you could see the colorful fish and coral. Not only that, but the sand was white and soft. Usually you hated sand. The texture made you uncomfortable. But this sand was soft and pretty. The entire scene was pretty.

“Peter, this is so beautiful.”

“It’s my favorite place in Neverland. It’s a little hard to find, but it’s here.”

You grabbed Peter’s other hand, smiling the entire time. You stood in front of him, looking in his eyes. You were going to get him to dance. 

“I’m going to teach you how to dance. Right here, right now.” Your voice was hushed. 

Peter grimaced a little but went with it. You started to slowly move, helping him. He was dancing though. It was nice and slow. A little rocky at first, but he got the hang of it. You two were ballroom dancing, and you felt real magic. 

You gazed into Peter’s green eyes. They were so light when the sun hit them. They looked marvelous. You couldn’t help but stare. And his lips were so full. You wanted to kiss him badly, but weren’t sure if you should. Though Peter must’ve read your mind because next thing you knew he was leaning in.

Your lips touched his, pressing against them. You both kissed, feeling strange feelings erupt in your stomachs and chests. Neither of you had truly been in love before, and these feelings were proving that this was real love. You both felt magic.

“You’re a good dancer for a beginner,” you giggled, pressing your forehead against his.

“And you’re a good kisser.”

You bit your bottom lip, once again smiling like an idiot. 

What happened next, however, took you both by surprise. Across the way you could see Skull Rock. It was glowing from the inside, and Peter perked up. He stared intently at it, eyes going wide. Before he could respond t what was happening, actual magic spewed out of every crack in Skull Rock. It engulfed the island, and Peter.

You became worried, not knowing what was happening. You held onto him, scared to let go.

“What’s happening?” You asked anxiously. 

“I don’t know,” Peter responded, which made you worry even more.

The magic soon disappeared, almost as quickly as it came. The island looked fuller, and Peter looked brighter in a sense. Everything looked healthier than before. You thought Neverland looked beautiful then, but now it was fantastic looking. It was greener and brighter and healthier. Same with Peter.

“The curse… It’s gone. I’m going to live!” Peter picked you up and swirled your around. 

“What? How! I didn’t… The heart?”

“I thought it was impossible… but I maybe your kiss was enough.”

You breathed, smiling. You kissed Peter again, holding him so closely to you. You never wanted to let him go. And you knew you would never do so. He was going to live, and you were going to be his partner in crime. His lover, his princess. Things were going to turn out finer than expected, and that made you the happiest girl alive.

I’m rewatching Once Upon A Time and wow what Regina did to Graham was fucking gross she took his heart, kissed him against his will, called him her pet, and had him sent to her bed chamber and didn’t let him feel for 28 years and continued to sleep with him after taking away his memories and then just fucking murdered him right after he broke up with her

anonymous asked:

What do you hope to see of Regina, Henry and Lucy in the 7th season of Once?

I’m kind of trying to keep expectations low and an open mind going into this season so I don’t really have huge hopes aside from seeing Jared back in some form.

But unspecifically, I hope to see an actual storyline for Regina and Henry. Focus on them as characters, as well as on their relationship. And I want to see their history and bond heavily highlighted and a big part of this season. They’re the family left going into season 7 so I hope for that to be focal.

For Lucy, I want to see what her and Henry’s relationship is like. I’d love to see Henry as a father and how he interacts with his child and how that compares to his own relationship with his mother. I also really want to see Lucy with grandma Regina. ;) Regina seeing her own baby with a baby of his own now would be all kinds of emotional and I’m here for that.