eah rebel

I think Maddy identifies as a rebel because the Mad Hatter destiny is pretty lonely. In Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter is cursed to spend eternity in his backyard drinking tea with the March Hare. Since there’s yet to be a March Hare character in Ever After, that means Maddy will have to sit there drinking tea forever with no one to talk to. Maddy hasn’t point blank said any of this but she LOVES her friends and makes a point to interact with everyone. Maybe it’s because deep down, she’s scared of being alone.


My first set of Rebel Has Talent photos!

I had to severely change the design of this at the last second. The collar that I had made was not working with my wig the morning of the convention, so I swapped it out for my Raven punk jacket. I also added some more punk rock accessories as well.

This was a challenge due to the fact that this version only appears for roughly 30 seconds of the series. So I felt like I had a lot of leeway with my rendition. But i made sure I still had the signature guitar! I made it out Eva foam and model magic.

The dress was sewn by me by heavily modifying a prom dress pattern. All of the fabric were scraps from previous projects.

The wig was the longest and most difficult aspect of the costume. It is two Arda Wigs styled together with three packs of different colored wefts added in. Plus several bird skull charms and chains. Shame it had issues at the con due to the shear weight of the dang thing. Fun fact: my fake eyelashes are feathers and I’m covered in purple highlighter!

All in all I am still very proud of my work and happy I wore this to NYCC this year. 10 more Raven costumes to go till I’ve done them all!

Special thanks to my friend for taking these pictures. I will be posting photos of my group soon as well.