eagles' nest

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For the 1st time ever, San Diego Zoo Global researchers have an up-close, canopy view of a harpy eagle nest in Peru! Harpy eagles split parenting duties, so this clip features the male watching over his newborn chick. Called the “HarpyCam,” this new camera documents the daily behaviors of a monogamous pair—male Baawaja and female Kee Wai—and their newly hatched chick. Researchers from San Diego Zoo Global have been working with local partners at Rainforest Expeditions Lodges to manage the video feed as part of a larger citizen science project, AmazonCam Tambopata. Details: http://bit.ly/HarpyRE17


I had been trying to timelapse the milky way for a week. Everyday I went out, set up, and either fog popped up or to much cloud cover spoiled the evening squashing any attempts. On this day, the forecast called for clear skies until midnight, then partly cloudy until 4am. I jumped at the opportunity. The skies never really cleared up though, just small pockets of windows. This was my first attempt at a full holy grail timelapse from sunset to sunrise, with the milky way making it’s appearance in the middle. I ran out of juice with two batteries, and had to make a ninja battery change at 4:30am, but other than that, I only had a few hiccups during the ramping. I did collect quite a few bug and spider bites though, and I somehow managed to catch every new spider web in the face on the way out. lol Typical Ozarks. This was shot from what’s called the Eagle’s Nest.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: jake peralta is honestly one of the best male characters on television today because despite his ever-growing feelings towards amy, he knows that he's not entitled to her at any point in time and that ultimately, he has no control over her decisions. if she decides that she doesn't want to be with him, that's just the way things are; he won't try to change it. even if he's not ready to move on, he's very respectful of her choices and never does anything to try and influence them