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AOS FIC: From Your Fences

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The AOS crew goes camping.

This is Post-Beyond. Scroll to the bottom for Anna’s author’s notes. I have a ton.

Big ol’ thanks to @outside-the-government for her inspiration/support, even if it didn’t turn out like I planned. If you have not checked out her blog, go now. It’s fabulous. She is fabulous. 

This is part one of three, but can certainly be read as a standalone. Full of fandom cliches, ‘cause I’ve never had an original thought once in my life.

Also, McKirk. It’s always McKirk.

Somehow, Jim had convinced them all to go camping.

They’ve been transferred back to San Fran after Krall’s attack. Len’s been holed up in the lab for most of leave, has grudgingly accepted a part time mentorship position working with senior cadets.

“C’mon, Bones,” Jim whines. “The White River is gorgeous in the fall. Everyone’s going. Ben’s even taken sabbatical.”

Len had bitched and moaned and grumbled,Years stuck in space, and the first opportunity you get, you wanna sleep on the cold ground under the damn stars.”

He finds himself in Washington, anyway.

Len spends most of the first day on the river. He hasn’t gone fly fishing since David’s illness, and dammit, if it doesn’t feel good. The breeze is cool on his cheeks and the rush of the water over his boots is a comfort. Ben and Hikaru have Demora at the shoreline. Ben’s splashing her gently, and she’s squealing. 

It brings a lump to Len’s throat.

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What mazes there are in this world. The branches of trees, the filigree of roots, the matrix of crystals, the streets her father re-created in his models. Mazes in the nodules on murex shells and in the textures of sycamore bark and inside the hollow bones of eagles. None more complicated than the human brain, Etienne would say, what may be the most complex object in existence; one wet kilogram within which spin universes.
—  All the Light We Cannot See, Anthony Doerr 
My Fair Warrior: An ACOTAR Modern AU, Part 1

Setting: Russia, 2020

Summary:  Private Feyre Archeron is now a prisoner of war in the Ural Mountains along with her boyfriend, Captain Tamlin Springer (son of the U.S. Secretary of Defense); his best friend, First Lieutenant Lucien Fallbrook; and tech millionaire-turned-traitor Rhysand Knight. Facing death, she must put her life in the hands of those she barely trusts.

Ship: N/A

Rating: T

Word Count: 2,345

A/N: Part 1 of my Modern ACOTAR AU. Some lines come directly from ACOTAR and belong to Sarah J. Maas. 

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Mexico Experts: Passageway May Lead to Aztec Ruler's Tomb
By ABC News

A Mexican archaeologist said his team has found a tunnel-like passageway that apparently leads to two sealed chambers, the latest chapter in the search for the as-yet undiscovered tomb of an Aztec ruler.

The Aztecs are believed to have cremated the remains of their leaders during their 1325-1521 rule, but the final resting place of the cremains has never been found. Outside experts said Tuesday the find at Mexico City’s Templo Mayor ruin complex would be significant.

The National Institute of Anthropology and History said Monday that a team led by archaeologist Leonardo Lopez Lujan had discovered an 8.4-meter (27-foot) long tunnel leading into the center of a circular platform where dead rulers were believed to be cremated.

The mouth of the tunnel was sealed by a 3-ton slab of rock. When experts lifted it in 2013, they found a hollow space marked by offerings by both rich and grisly.

Gold ornaments and the bones of eagles and infants were found in an offering box. Two skulls of children between five and seven years old were found with the first three vertebrae, suggesting they may have been decapitated. The kind of stone knives used in human sacrifices were also found, as well as a hand and bones from two feet.

But one researcher detected signs that a passageway appeared to lead deeper into the ceremonial platform, known as the Cuauhxicalco (kwow-she-KAL-koh), where written accounts from after the 1521 Spanish conquest indicated that rulers’ remains were burned.

The passageway proved to be about 18 inches (45 centimeters) wide and 5 feet (1.5 meters) high.

“Once the rocks and dirt were dug out, we saw that it led directly into the heart of the Cuauhxicalco,” Lopez Lujan said. “At the end (of the passageway), there are what appear to be two old entrances that had been sealed up with masonry.”

It would be a logical place for rulers remains to lie — the Templo Mayor site was the most significant temple complex in the Aztec capital, known as Tenochtitlan — but Mexican archaeologists have been searching in vain for the tombs for years.

In 2007, archaeologists using ground-penetrating radar detected underground chambers directly below a huge stone monolith carved with a representation of Tlaltecuhtli (tlahl-tay-KOO-tlee), the Aztec god of the earth. At the time, Lopez Lujan suspected that an emperor’s tomb might lie beneath. But none was found, despite the presence of rich offerings.

Any artifacts linked to an emperor would bring tremendous pride to Mexico. The country has sought unsuccessfully to recover Aztec artifacts like the feather-adorned “shield of Ahuizotl” and the “Montezuma headdress” from the Ethnology Museum in Vienna, Austria.

But Lopez Lujan is being cautious, saying the presence of graves at the end of the newly found passageway is simply a theory that could be wrong. The blocked-up entrances will be excavated starting in 2016.

“What we are speculating is that behind these sealed-up entrances there could be two small chambers with the incinerated remains of some rulers of Tenochtitlan, like Moctezuma I and his successors, Axayacatl and Tízoc, given the relative dating of the surrounding constructions,” Lopez Lujan said.

Moctezuma I, the second Aztec emperor, ruled from about 1440 to 1469. Moctezuma II was the emperor who first confronted — and succumbed to — Hernan Cortes.

Dr. Michael E. Smith, a professor of anthropology at Arizona State University who was not involved in the dig, said “Leonardo knows the archaeology and ethno-history better than anybody, and he is not one to grandstand or make fantastic claims to garner publicity. Thus I would think his prediction is reasonable.”

“The lack of any royal burials in Tenochtitlan is a long-standing mystery,” Smith said. “But the proof is in the pudding. What will they find when excavation continues?”

University of Florida archaeologist Susan Gillespie, who also was not involved in the project, wrote that the find “could be quite significant.”

“We have pictures from the 16th century documents of the wrapped corpses of kings. Their "cremains” should be somewhere in the Templo Mayor vicinity according to the documents, but one cannot expect a great tomb chamber as was the case of the earlier Maya kings,“ wrote Gillespie . Some Mayan leaders, like the Palenque ruler Pakal, were buried in sumptuous crypts or stone coffins.

While the tomb is unlikely to be anything as grand as Pakal’s elaborately carved stone sarcophagus — in which his skeletal remains were found — it’s hard to say what would be found in an Aztec royal tomb.

"It is not surprising that these cremains have not yet been found or identified,” wrote Gillespie. “Archaeologists don’t quite know what they’re looking for.”

Prestige Class Spotlight 2: Mystic Theurge

Magic occurs in many different forms, but can be divided into three general categories: Arcane, Divine, and most recently, Psychic.
However, while each one has a different source, in truth all forms of magic are one and the same, mystic, otherworldy energy changing reality. Some who understand this seek to master multiple disciplines at the same time, rather than just adapt one discipline to utilize the powers associated with another. These die-hard devotees to mixing magic are known as mystic theurges.
A mystic theurge can be any combination of arcane and divine caster, which can lead to some interesting combinations, such as bard-druids, or sorcerer-shamans, and so on, which is a fair shade more diverse than the classic wizard-cleric. No matter what their combination of classes is or how they arrived at it, these mages specialize in blurring the lines between the two.

As they blend their two disciplines, the learn to substitute the magical energy of one for the spells of the other, preparing or spontaneously casting magic in a slightly inefficient manner, but ensuring that they always have enough magic available to prepare and cast the spells they need each day.
Drawing upon a reservoir of extreme focus, masters of the dual path can cast two spells simultaneously, one from each discipline. This twin magic can overwhelm foes affected by both spells, unable to handle both at the same time.
For sheer number of spell slots and versatility, there’s no beating the mystic theurge. The number of possible builds that combine their arcane and divine casting is truly staggering. However, keep in mind that even with level selections slanted one way or the others, you’re unlikely to get more than a few spell slots at the highest levels you can cast, not to mention not mastering your non-spellcasting abilities of each class. If you have no interest in those, and only desire more spells, by all means consider taking this prestige class.

Being a mystic theurge causes one to occupy a unique role in society. To most laypersons, one’s magic is indistinguishable from whatever sort of magic user one presents oneself as. The learned, however, can tell the difference. Do they view you as a dabbler, a dangerous archmage, a heretic? Perhaps they assume you know every spell ever and can do anything.
What’s interesting about this prestige class is that it is so simple that only a change in the requirements is needed to open it up to combinations involving psychic casters. Perhaps these casters are called “Esoteric Theurges”, or “Spiritual Theurges”?

Elves are known for both their wizardry and their love of nature, so it comes as no surprise that one of their oldest traditions blends arcane magic and the divine power of druids. Called “Veil Parters” for mix of natural and arcane magic, these theurges are sought after for their wisdom and power.

Denar Spirit-Caller dutifully serves a dual role in his tribe, acting as both skald, recalling the victories of the fallen, and as shaman, calling them from beyond the grave to fight once more. Inspiring the living and calling the dead with his eagle bone flute, he would be the perfect one to rally his people against the coming invaders.

Blending arcanist creativity with occultist reverence, the esoteric theurges of the Runeclaw lizardfolk clan bend their spells and channel them through relics sacred to their people. However, they have come under fire from the nearby nation of Aluzon, which forbids both arcane and psychic magic. To them, the lizards are the worst of heretics, fit only to be purged in holy fire.

anonymous asked:

Do you know who the members of the hormones are? And if they are in any interviews? I'm curious


Ian Fowles

Taken from his wikipedia:

Ian Walton Fowles (born 1979) is an American musician, actor, and author, best known as the current guitarist for the Orange County rock band The Aquabats, in which he performs under the stage name and persona of Eagle “Bones” Falconhawk(alternately EagleBones Falconhawk). Prior to joining The Aquabats, Fowles was also one of the founding members of thehardcore punk band Death by Stereo

Fowles is left-handed, and currently plays a left-handed Fender Squier Vintage Modified Jazzmaster model guitar with The Aquabats and a left-handed Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar model with Gerard Way.Like fellow Aquabats bandmates Christian Jacobs and Chad Larson, Fowles is a practicing Latter-day Saint. He is also a doctoral student at Claremont Graduate University, where he studies at the School of Religion. In November 2010, Fowles published his first book, an extension of his master’s thesis entitled A Sound Salvation: Rock N’ Roll as a Religion, a thesis which argues that rock music and culture satisfy an influential definition of “religion” in contemporary religious studies. Fowles currently lives in Fullerton, California.

Its not an interview but heres a video of him talking about a guitar:

Jarrod Alexander

Taken from his wikipedia:

Jarrod Alexander is an American drummer, who has played with many hardcore bands. Alexander drummed for the bands The Suicide File, A Static Lullaby, Dead Country, and more recently, My Chemical Romance and Matt Skiba & The Sekrets.

In September 2011, Jarrod filled in as the drummer for My Chemical Romance on their “Honda Civic tour”, after drummer Michael Pedicone left the band in acrimonious circumstances. Alexander has continued to play with My Chemical Romance into 2012 including their appearances on the Australian Big Day Out tour dates and their final show at Bamboozle Festival. He’s also contributed to both Gerard Way, Ray Toro and Frank Iero’s respective solo projects, after the break-up of My Chemical Romance.

Heres an interview he did in 2014:

James Dewees

Taken from his wikipedia; 

James Dewees (born March 13, 1976) is an American musician who has been involved in many musical projects includingCoalesce, The Get Up Kids, Reggie and the Full Effect, New Found Glory, My Chemical Romance, Leathermouth, Death Spells, and is in Gerard Way’s backing band “Gerard Way and the Hormones”.

There are several interviews with him on youtube, but heres one about when he joined MCR:

And finally we have Matt Gorney who has no wikipedia page or interviews, but his twitter says: 

Muscian/Composer - The Aquabats Super Show - Yo Gabba Gabba - Gerard Way and The Hormones