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It’s National Bird Day and for the USA that means the Bald Eagle. This majestic bird can have a wingspan that can reach over 7ft! One of the myths about our national bird is that Ben Franklin wanted it to be the turkey. In fact, his proposal for the national emblem didn’t have ANY birds. This myth was propagated in 1962 by an illustration on the cover of the New Yorker.

Overload of pictures coming your way (outfit: banana republic skirt, madewell belt, american eagle bralette top, gap cardigan, forever 21 bag, urban sunglasses, the chameli necklace) 🌼

submitted by Ian Gilson

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My 365 carry. Sometimes switch The Komandirski for an Amphibia..

Hetalia Sub Vs Dub, part 2

 *Germany and Prussia sneaked into America’s WW2 camp*


Narrator: Such a reckless request was given to the German brothers, and they ended up having to comply with it.

*Searching through the american’s supplies*

Germany: hm…Iron…iron…more iron….and steel! in a place like this?

Prussia: Whoa! So the bring in stuff like this?! Amazing! *Reading playboy*

Germany: Why are you looking at something like that?

Prussia: *Shows it it Germany* Feast your eyes on this!

Germany: Don’t do stuff that isn’t part of our mission!

Prussia: Someone’s coming! *Hides in crate* I’ll leave the rest to you!

Germany: Me!?

Prussia: With my looks they’ll figure me out right away, besides I’m not wearing a helmet. 

American Solider: *Opens tent* Someone in here? I thought I heard two voices.Are you by yourself?

Germany: Yeah I was talking to myself.

American Solider: I’ve never seen you before, you don’t look American either. Don’t tell me are you…

Germany: Haha! What are you talking about? I love hamburgers, I’m American!

American Solider: Okay I see, got it. It’s about time for diner so you should head over soon.

Germany: Thank you very much!


Narrator: Following orders might get Germany in trouble, but when hasn’t it, am I right?

*Searching through the Americans supplies*

Germany: Hm…I don’t see anything useful. It’s just a bunch of bald eagle belt buckles.  

Prussia: Wow, this is a lot tamer than our stuff. But I like it..*Reading playboy*

Germany: We’re not here to steal their porn!

Prussia: She float your boat? *Shows porn to Germany*

Germany: the buoyancy of my boat is none of your concern!

Prussia: GI Joe 3 o'clock! *Hides in a crate* Act American.

Germany: What’s that mean!

Prussia: I’m too awesome to be American, they’ll figure it out right away!

American Solider: *Opens tent* I need a belt buckle, i thought I heard two voices a moment ago. Were you talking to someone?

Germany: Ja, to za porn!

American Solider: I don’t know you. You sound weird when you talk…You a foreigner? 

Germany: Uh…hahah! vat kind of foreigner vould know about getting 5 deutsche marks, I mean dollar, meals at Arbys! 

American Solider: You’re so an American Dude! You should hit up the PX, all the guys are getting flag tattoos. 

Germany: Ja dude! Mom und apple pie! 

(No one makes fun of Americans like Americans)

(Arby’s doesn’t even have a 5 dollar menu…)